10 heat protectants for hair

WITHsprays, oils, creams with UV filters – BeautyHack editors test new products and bestsellers.

Thermal protective primer Pillow Proof Blow, Redken

Tested by BeautyHack Editor-in-Chief Karina Andreeva

I wash my head almost every day. Exactly the same is the case with drying, so I can’t do without thermal protection. I liked Express Primer with a light two-phase formula in a convenient format: I shake the bottle so that all the components are mixed, quickly spray the spray on wet strands and arm myself with a hairdryer. The product not only protects the hair, but also prevents it from frizzing and prepares it for styling (just like a real primer, only not for the face, but for the hair). With it, the drying process has become much faster! And when I need to quickly redo the styling, I use it on dry hair too.

Price: 1 300 rub.

Thermal dry spray Neuro Protect HeatСTRL Iron Hairspray, Paul Mitchell

Tested by BeautyHack special correspondent Alexandra Grishina

I rarely do styling on my own, as I believe that only a professional can handle my hair. Now I have bleached ends, so when using the tongs I always apply thermal protection so that the hair does not become dry, lifeless and does not visually look “cheap”. The cosmetic bag contains a small spray (50 ml) from Paul Mitchell – Protect HeatCTRL Iron Hairspray. This baby is ideal for those who rarely do styling or travel often.

This light dry spray moisturizes, protects against temperature extremes and is suitable for all hair types. In addition, after styling, shine and “live” fixation appears. The spray lid closes with a simple clockwise movement, so you don’t have to worry about spilling the product in the cosmetic bag.

Price: 1 600 rub.

Thermal protective spray Heat protector spray, TIGI

Tested by BeautyHack editorial assistant Arina Zarudko

I often fall in love with the fragrances of products. This is what happened with the spray from TIGI: it smells like sweet liquorice, and this aromatic haze often saves my haggard hair. As a supporter of hot styling (hair tongs are best friends), I try to protect my hair as much as possible from negative effects and subsequently restore it with masks. TIGI Thermal Protection Spray performs several functions at once: detangles, moisturizes and protects hair from harmful effects. Contains organic coconut oil. The spray is truly multifunctional, and with consistent use, the hair becomes softer and more manageable. It can be sprayed on both dry and wet ones – after it, the strands are much easier to comb.

Price: 1 800 rub.

Hair spray 10 in 1 Vitamino Color Infinite Spray, L’Oreal Professionel

Tested by BeautyHack editorial assistant Anya Khobotova

My porous curly hair needs protection and care all year round – without oils, conditioners and sprays anywhere. L’Oreal Professionel’s “multi-channel” is good because, in addition to thermal protection, it enhances the shade of colored hair (I have a light ombre) and returns its shine. Contains coconut and olive oils.

I apply the spray after shampooing to slightly dried hair, and every time before using the iron (and I use it often). It is consumed economically: a 190 ml bottle is enough for six months with my length and density.

The spray has a pleasant smell, does not weigh down the hair, softens and smoothes it a little. Hair is no longer so tangled and styled very easily. And visually, after such styling, they look denser.

Price: 1 161 rub.

Hair oil without weighting Velvet Oil, Londa Professional

Tested by BeautyHack editor Sofia Vorobyova

There are many masks, shampoos, conditioners and hair creams on my shelf, but thermal protection products occupy an honorable place in this category of products. Velvet Oil negates all the effects of blow-dry and styling.

The oil restores the structure (without weighing it down!), Gives shine and as a bonus leaves on the hair a wonderful aroma of musk, sandalwood, peach and citrus. The product is liquid in texture, does not leave a sticky feeling on the hands. Contains argan oil, UV filter and silicones.

After washing, I dry my hair with a hairdryer, then comb it. I rub the oil in my palms and drive it into the strands (without touching the roots and paying more attention to the tips).

Price for 100 ml: 723 rubles.

Firming cream-oil with castor oil and almonds Botanic Therapy, Garnier

Tested by BeautyHack editor Sofia Vorobyova

A product with a light creamy texture that can eliminate dryness, give hair a healthy shine, while nourishing and moisturizing strands. I apply it after every shampoo (the main thing to remember about the basic rules for using oils, which we wrote about link). I distribute a small amount of the product along the length, starting from the roots and ending with the tips.

The product contains coconut, castor and almond oils: moisturize, nourish, restore softness and shine to hair, and fight brittleness.

The cream has a pronounced, sweet aroma (caramel-floral), which remains on the hair until the next wash.

Price: 280 rub.

Thermal spray AND 13 Heat Spray, Kemon

Tested by BeautyHack Senior Editor Anya Sherstneva

Like any girl with naturally curly hair, I have always dreamed of perfectly smooth strands. Therefore, hair dryers and straighteners are my frequent helpers in styling. One drawback: hot temperatures do not have the best effect on hair health. Add to this the vagaries of the weather, the sun, as well as the frequent lack of time for full-fledged care – as a result, the hair becomes dull, dry and begins to break.

The first thing that I immediately liked about this spray is its light refreshing scent – it reminds me of the smell of the sea. I apply it evenly on damp hair, and then proceed to styling. Hair with it becomes much more manageable, dries faster and lends itself better to styling. That is, now I can draw out the curls with a hairdryer and a round brush, so I completely abandoned the styler. I started using the spray right after cutting, and the ends still look healthy, and the hair lengthwise is shiny and well-groomed. And another plus of this spray is that it adds volume to the hair – as the owner of thin hair, I especially appreciated this!

Price on request

Seven Protection Leave-in Conditioner “7 Protections”, Greymy

Tested by BeautyHack editorial assistant Ana Lipartia

Sometimes I am sinful by procrastination (to read – lack of time), so I wash my head very quickly (often without using masks and conditioners). In this case, the “7 protections” leave-in conditioner from the Greymy brand comes to the rescue. It protects hair from UV rays and the aggressive effects of hair dryers and styling products. The conditioner replenishes the lost moisture and keratin in the hair structure, as a result, returns it shine and healthy look. The composition contains vitamins E and B, a complex of proteins and minerals, castor oil, as well as plant extracts. I dry my “bob” with a towel, apply cream conditioner to my damp hair and distribute along the length, after which I proceed to the usual styling with styling.

Price: 2 800 rub.

Thermal spray 3D Styling Therm Aktiv Protector, Nioxin

Tested by BeautyHack editor Julia Kozoliy

I have six Nioxin products in my bathroom right now, and not a single failure! I love the brand for its honesty and fulfillment of all promises. I have been using sos hair mask for a long time (I talked about it on link), and now I am not parting with a thermal spray. I apply it every time after shampooing before using the hair dryer. It’s great that the dispenser sprays the product evenly, creating a slight haze. Hair does not stick together, does not weigh down, does not look dirty after drying. From the outside, you will not notice the presence of an additional product on your hair at all, which is very cool if you are used to using styling as well. I also like that after Therm Aktiv Protector there is a noticeable shine – girls with fine frizzy hair know how difficult it is to achieve this effect.

Price: 1 426 rub.

Heat protective spray Heat Buffer, Matrix

Tested by BeautyHack project manager Anastasia Lyagushkina

I recently got a new haircut and now I have to devote more time to styling. In order not to overload the hair with styling, I chose a 2-in-1 product: fixation and thermal protection from Matrix. I spray the spray onto clean, damp hair, use a hair dryer and a comb to style it. The hair after the product is obedient, smooth, does not stick together, does not get dirty and is protected from thermal effects.

The dispenser is convenient, with a fine spray, and the consumption is economical.

Hair due to thermal protection does not dry out, does not frizz and retains a healthy look, despite the daily use of a hairdryer.

Price: 1 140 rub.