5 time-tested anti-age treatments

NSchemical peels, mesotherapy, fillers and two other procedures that will definitely work and will not disappoint you. Yana Khodnevich reports, dermatologist-cosmetologist, leading specialist of the clinic EMC “European Medical Center”

Yana Khodnevich

Yana Khodnevich

Dermatologist-cosmetologist, leading specialist of the EMC clinic “European Medical Center”

1) Chemical peels

The properties of chemical peels were known at the end of the 19th century, but they were widely used in cosmetology in the late 80s of the 20th century. Today it is one of the most effective time-tested anti-aging procedures. Fighting excess pigmentation, fine wrinkles, dull skin color, decreased skin tone, as well as rashes and acne – these are just some of the problems that chemical peels work well with.

What is this procedure? In essence, this is the use of chemical acids in a certain concentration. There are many types of chemical peels, as well as the types of acids on which they are made. And only an experienced doctor can choose the right drug and dosage that is suitable for your skin type. This is not to say that this acid works well, and the other does not. For example, peeling with salicylic acid works well on problem skin. It will not only renew the epidermis, but also relieve inflammation. Retinoic acid has proven to be the best for combating excess pigmentation.

Peels are also distinguished by their acid concentration. Deep peels have recently been rarely used in cosmetology, most often median or superficial peels are prescribed, since the recovery period after them is much easier.

For a stable and long-term effect, chemical peels are carried out in courses, on average, 5-10 procedures.

2) Mesotherapy

The procedure has been applied for the last 20 years and has no analogues. In fact, this is not even a procedure, but the name of a method for injecting various drugs into the dermis. There are many drugs – these are vitamins, peptides, and various amino acids. They are produced both in ready-made cocktails and in ampoules, which are then combined by a cosmetologist. These can be the same ingredients found in many serums and creams. Only unlike cosmetics for care, they do not remain on the surface of the skin, but are immediately delivered to the deep layers of the skin and are absorbed there by 100%.

In recent years, mesotherapy has gained wide popularity and has become available in literally every second beauty salon.

In fact, this is an absolutely medical procedure that can only be performed by a doctor with a higher medical education and within the walls of a professional medical institution, not a salon.

The slightest mistake can lead to serious complications. Only an experienced doctor knows how to correctly inject drugs into the skin, understands the correct combination of elements among themselves and knows which drugs are suitable for your skin type and the solution to a specific problem. The result is noticeable after the first procedure, but is usually carried out in a course of 3 to 12 procedures.

3) Fillers

Injections for filling deep wrinkles and folds are at least 25 years old. At the dawn of injectable cosmetology, some specialists used fillers based on silicones and polyacrylomide gel. Over time, these substances caused severe inflammatory processes, they did not dissolve and even migrated. But this period, thank God, is long gone, and fillers with silicone can only be found on the pages of textbooks.

To date, only time-tested and safe two groups of drugs are used in cosmetology: based on stabilized hyaluronic acid and based on calcium hydroxyapatite. They are approved all over the world, their safety has been confirmed by numerous studies.

Modern fillers retain their effect for about 10-12 months and then gradually dissolve naturally.

Nasolabial folds, lacrimal grooves, buccal grooves, wrinkles in the forehead, temples, chin – almost all areas of the face, neck and décolleté can be corrected.

The level of medical cosmetology has grown so much that some specialists are able to do even 3-D non-surgical face lifting with the help of fillers. The procedure is recommended for the prevention of the first age-related changes, for example, at the initial stage of ptosis, loss of volume in the cheekbones and correction of the facial contours. Non-surgical lifting with fillers will help to delay a visit to a plastic surgeon for several years.

4) Botox injections

In fact, in medicine, it is known as “botulinum toxin”, and the familiar word “Botox” is just the name of a brand that was one of the first to appear on the market. In addition to Botox, similar preparations from other brands – Dysport and Xeomin – are actively used in cosmetology.

Botulinum toxin has been used to correct mimic wrinkles for over 25 years. Contrary to rumors that have arisen at different times, it has no side effects, is well tolerated and gives long lasting results. It is prescribed individually according to indications, and age does not play a decisive role here. If you have mobile facial expressions, as a result of which static folds and wrinkles are formed, botulinum toxin injections can be done from the age of 18.

Horror stories that under the influence of this drug the person becomes “stone” – you should not believe. Previously, large doses of botulinum toxin were actually used, and as a result, the forehead remained completely motionless. Now, in order to preserve the patient’s natural facial expressions, the doctor uses a smaller dose of the drug. You can smile and even frown in the same way. The duration of the effect depends on the number of administered units of the drug and the individual characteristics of the organism, but, as a rule, it lasts from 4-6 months.

5) Laser rejuvenation

There are many good hardware procedures, but lasers hold a special place among them. Their effectiveness has long been recognized by cosmetologists all over the world. Of course, new models appear, lasers are improved, but the principle of their operation remains unchanged.

Depending on the selected device and its settings, you can correct age-related skin changes.

For example, Fraxel fractional laser works without damaging the skin surface, its effect is directed to the middle layers of the dermis, where fibroblasts are stimulated and hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin are synthesized. And the C02 laser is indispensable for a deeper skin lifting: it removes the upper layer of the epidermis, leveling the skin relief and smoothing out wrinkles. The laser rejuvenation procedure is selected individually, based on specific aesthetic problems and skin type.

Laser rejuvenation is used not only for the face, but also for the body. With the help of lasers, stretch marks, scars can be corrected, the quality of the skin on the buttocks, abdomen and other problem areas is improved.