7 important rules and tools

ZNoisy sun and sea breeze can cause discomfort to the skin, and especially harm to the lips. The absence of the stratum corneum and the small number of pigment cells makes their skin more vulnerable on hot days.

What should be lip care in summer to avoid dryness and cracking? BeautyHack tells you how to properly care for your lips and about products that will help protect their delicate skin from negative factors in the warm season.


You may not know, but not only the skin of the face and body needs exfoliation, but also the skin of the lips (which body peels you need to try, you will find out here). The peeling procedure will help remove flaking, leaving the skin soft and smooth. Peeling also renews the top layer of the skin, so the active components of the care products penetrate deep into the cells and heal the skin from the inside.

To cleanse your lips from dead cells, you can use special scrubs or prepare such products yourself from candied honey and a drop of olive oil. And if you don’t have them at hand, just massage your lips with a clean, soft-bristled toothbrush.


In summer, it is customary to protect the skin with sunscreens with SPF, but they are not suitable for lip care (how to choose the right sunscreen, you will learn here). Lip skin is delicate and sensitive, and the texture of sunscreens is too thick and heavy for her.

Today, many brands have SPF lip balms that you need to apply every time you go out in the summer. Such balms can be colorless or tinted – at sea, where makeup is inappropriate, the latter will be simply irreplaceable.


You need to moisturize your lips not only in winter, but also in summer. Ultraviolet radiation and dry air conditioner provokes flaking and dryness. To avoid these problems, moisturize your lips as often as possible.

Choose lip balms based on hyaluronic acid – it will replenish the water balance and activate the skin’s regeneration processes.


Lip cracks can occur due to general dehydration, but this problem is more common in summer. Therefore, do not forget to drink clean water throughout the day and always monitor its amount – sweet juices and soda will not relieve you of dehydration (which drinks will quench your thirst in the heat, you will learn from this material).

Don’t lick your lips

You always want to lick dry lips in order to somehow moisturize them, but this will only cause even more harm to delicate skin. To prevent this from happening, use a moisturizing balm or thermal water to moisturize your lips.

Makeup remover

In the summer, we still spend a lot of time in the office and in the city, so we have to use decorative cosmetics every day. It is necessary to wash off makeup after a working day so as not to injure the skin. Pay attention to the packaging of the product – it should be written on it that it is suitable for removing makeup from both eyes and lips. Oil-based lotions can help wash off long-lasting lipstick or mascara here).

Exclude certain foods

When cracks appear on the lips, it is worth giving up sour fruits, pickled vegetables and hot sauces – such foods can provoke and aggravate skin problems.

But if, after following all the rules, the cracks on the lips still do not heal, this is a sign that it is time to see a doctor – problems with the skin of the lips can be symptoms of an allergy or signal problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Today you can find a remedy that is right for you. Take a look at these lip balms, for example:

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Lip Balm, Pivoine Sublime, SPF 25, L’Occitane

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Text: Diana Snetkova