9 important rules for hair care in the heat

Tconsultant richologist Anna Portkova told why you can’t leave a salt spray on your hair overnight, why it is important to pay special attention to moisturizing, and what styling is best done during this period.

Rule # 1: Buy SPF

Hair needs protection as well as skin. Under the influence of UV rays, they quickly lose color, become dull and brittle due to overdrying. During the period of solar activity, it is better to use special sprays and oils – almost every brand has in the assortment.

Rule # 2: Don’t Overuse Saline Sprays

Salt spray is an excellent texturing agent. With its help, you can not only create, but also fix the styling. The main ingredient of the product is sea salt.

Sprays are quite aggressive, so girls with porous, moisture-free hair should avoid this type of styling. The sharp edges of the crystalline salt, which settles on the strands, lift the cuticle even more.

Expect your hair to appear matt after using the saline sprays. In addition, salt sprays wash out the pigment – this applies to cold shades.

Spray onto damp hair after using shampoo and conditioner. The more protective layers you have on your hair, the better: Any leave-in treatment (such as oil for the ends) that you are used to using on a daily basis will not be superfluous.

Rule # 3: Pay extra attention to hydration

In summer, hair needs moisture more than ever. Under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, water, salt, they become brittle and brittle. Sign up for a moisturizing procedure or regularly do masks (we wrote about the best hair cares and the best masks here). Wrap masks have proven to be excellent.

My choice is Ikoo Infusions. This is not a conventional hair restoration product in the classic sense. Opening the package, you will find a beanie soaked in extracts of seaweed, lavender oil, pine nut, sunflower seeds and basil. It creates a thermal effect, promoting deep penetration of nutrients. The product is suitable for all hair types. Try it! The result is as after a beauty salon procedure.

Privilege # 4: Collect your hair in high styling

Firstly, this way they are less exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Secondly, less dust, dirt and heavy metal salts settle on them – they can be completely eliminated only with the help of deep cleaning shampoos. Make it a rule to use it once a month. Thirdly, you will not be so hot, and this is already an argument when it is +30 outside.

Rule # 5: Eat More Seasonal Vegetables and Fruits

Spring and summer is the best time to stock up on vitamins for the autumn-winter period. Most of them are found in seasonal vegetables and fruits. Eat “straight from the garden” – you will find them in any market. Cherries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, dill, basil, lettuce are a real “storehouse” of vitamins, valuable micro- and macroelements.

Rule # 6: Choose a Good Comb

When leaving, many underestimate the combs. In vain! A lot depends on them: whether the hair will fluff, break, electrify. Give preference to combs with natural bristles, or with wooden teeth. They are good for home use. On the beach, go for one that is easy to clean. My choice is Pocket Classic White, Ikoo. (We wrote about the best combs here).

Rule # 7: use a scalp scrub

I recommend scrubs, not peels. Scrubs have a softer effect on the skin (peels are more of a salon story), providing deep cleansing, removing styling residues, excess sebum, and heavy metal salts. With regular use, metabolic processes are accelerated, blood circulation is stimulated. The active ingredients from serums and masks are absorbed much better after the scrub.

Rule # 8: Don’t Dry Hair That Is Too Wet

Never dry your hair just outside the shower. Blot them with a towel and let them dry naturally a little (at least 5 minutes). Just get wet, not wipe – wet hair can be easily damaged by mechanical stress.

During the drying process, it is important to choose the correct temperature and air direction: the streams must be directed at an angle in the direction of the cuticle.

Rule # 9: Wash your hair as it gets dirty

Dust, dirt, styling residues mixed with excess sebum are an ideal breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria. Hair gets dirty faster in summer! You do not need to carry all this on yourself. From a properly selected shampoo, there will be no harm to the scalp. Give preference to products with mild surfactants, without aggressive components in the composition.