Can’t forget to buy? Top 11 new products of this week that will surprise you

Cveta and fruits in new summer fragrances for him and her, caring novelties for perfect face skin and express slimming remedy – all this and much more is already waiting for you in the new beauty collection.

Booster L’Authentique, Payot

The new Payot product is ideal when you have neither the time nor the energy to do makeup. But I don’t want to go out into the street sleepy and with a gray complexion either. “I apply this wonderful booster with massage movements on cleansed skin and see how the face transforms before my eyes: the skin is smoothed, the color is evened out, a natural radiance appears,” says Karina Andreeva, editor-in-chief of BeautyHack. -Contains stem cells of the Saponaria plant and particles of pure gold. The product is able to work in the deep layers of the skin and enhances its ability to regenerate. And I really like how soft, hydrated and healthy it became after the first week of use! On sale from June! ”

Price for 50 ml .: 9,000 rubles.

Eau de parfum Sundazed, Byredo

“The novelty of Byredo is a fragrance that will definitely be associated with summer at any time of the year,” says BeautyHack Editor-in-Chief Karina Andreeva, inhaling the brand new Sundazed (for how to choose a niche fragrance, read here). -I listen to him and seem to be transported to the ocean. Notes of mandarin, lemon are successfully complemented by neroli, jasmine and diluted with caramel, cotton and body musk. Sunny, inviting and warm – summer begins right here and now! ”.

Price for 100 ml: 19 950 rubles.

Captain Shower Gel & Deo Spray, Old Spice

Old Spice is a classic among men’s cosmetic brands. The slogan of the classic shower gel: “Original. If your grandfather did not use it, you would not exist. “

“One association has forever settled in my mind with Old Spice products,” admits BeautyHack editorial assistant Arina Zarudko, “a muscular black man in an advertisement for a deodorant calls everyone to masculinity.” The brand has existed on the market since the 30s of the 20th century, and during this time has gained not only incredible popularity, but also loyal fans – many representatives of the stronger sex actively use legendary products and follow new products. Recently, the brand introduced a new line of Captain products, which includes shower gel shampoo, deo spray and deo stick. “For my boyfriend, I chose a spray gel and deodorant. – says Arina. – Men love 2-in-1 products because the simpler the better! Shower gel and shampoo in one bottle is a handy thing, especially if the product cleanses the skin and hair well, and also refreshes and smells good. Deodorant is also a real legend! And it has an interesting and convenient format: there is no lid to close the product, but the top of the deodorant scrolls and blocks it. And the aroma, like all Old Spice products, is masculine and unobtrusive. These two products are indispensable for any man, because it is something like a rarity, only in a new wrapper – you can be absolutely sure of their quality. “

Price for shampoo gel: 209 rubles.

Price for deo-spray: 227 rubles.

Dressing water Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 pour Elle French Panache, Lacoste

“For me, Lacoste fragrances are the embodiment of freshness, like a breath of coolness after an exhausting heat,” says BeautyHack editorial assistant Arina Zarudko. “These scents are suitable for every day – you never get tired of them.”

The new Lacoste Eau de Toilette is perfect for the summer season. Despite the rather rich composition, its aroma is light and not at all cloying. On the skin, eau de toilette reveals a berry bouquet due to black currant in the top notes, and rose, jasmine and champagne add sweets to the perfume. The freshness of the fragrance is given by a note of invigorating bergamot, and in the heart of the composition are light woods, patchouli and musk. Perfumer Sophie Labbé has created exactly the scent that fits perfectly into any summer look. And women who love calm flower bouquets will especially like it. Do not forget to put a bottle of this eau de toilette in your suitcase when you are going on a summer cruise!

And the best part is that you can delight not only yourself, but also your loved one with the new fragrance – along with the women’s eau de toilette, the Lacoste brand also presented a pair perfume for it L.12.12 French Panache Pour Lui. Its fresh oriental scent opens with notes of mandarin, cardamom and lemon peel, followed by a hearty accord with apple and lavender notes. Elegant and modern̆, this scent will appeal to men who prefer an active lifestyle.

Price on request

Multi-correcting night mask NCEF-NIGHT MASK, Filorga

Feeling tired after an active day? Believe me, in the evenings your skin experiences it too! Just for such cases, the French brand Filorga has created a night face mask – a powerful blow to hydration and rejuvenation due to the revitalizing complex NCEF, which combines 50 active ingredients. While you sleep, active complexes, boosters and detox ingredients conjure over the beauty of your skin. For example, such a component as Melatonin’CX erases all traces of fatigue overnight, and a booster based on hyaluronic acid and collagen fills and smoothes the skin.

What is NCEF? This is an abbreviation of (New Cellular Encapsulated Factors) for the name of a unique active complex, which contains all 50 active ingredients, as well as hyaluronic acid in a concentration that is used only in injectable preparations.

“Night masks are a great option for lazy skin care,” admits BeautyHack special correspondent Alexandra Grishina. here). But we all know that good skin hydration is the key to the perfect complexion for the whole day. I use the mask 2 times a week, and keep the jar in the refrigerator for a more tonic effect. “

Price: 4 100 rubles.

An intense moisturizing serum Serum Hydratant Intensif 4D, Academie

If the skin is dehydrated, it looks gray dull, and its elasticity and firmness leave much to be desired. Serum Hydratant Intensif 4D moisturizing serum is able to solve all these problems – it contains 4 types of hyaluronic acid, thanks to which the product intensively moisturizes all layers of the skin and also retains moisture inside the cells. As a result, the skin becomes firmer, and superficial and even deep wrinkles are smoothed out.

“Due to frequent lack of sleep, my skin does not look its best – the complexion becomes gray, wrinkles and peeling appear,” says Anya Sherstneva, senior editor of BeautyHack, “that’s why Serum Hydratant Intensif 4D serum has become my real salvation. I apply the product in the morning and before going to bed with light massaging movements and instantly feel the skin filling with moisture. The serum has a fairly dense creamy texture, but it is ideal for dry and dehydrated skin. The product is easy to apply and absorbs quickly, leaving the skin soft and velvety. A greasy and combination serum may not work – it is thick enough and can leave a slight sheen. Also, the product has a specific aroma, but it does not bother me – after applying the serum, the smell disappears quite quickly, but the face continues to delight with its well-groomed throughout the day.

Price: 6500 rub.

Belly mask “Slim silhouette” Tightening Mask For Abdomen, L’Etoile

Who among us does not dream of a slim figure? But it is not always possible to control nutrition, and there is not enough time for sports. The L’Etoile brand took into account all the wishes of the fair sex and created a unique mask for the abdomen, which will contribute to the process of creating the perfect silhouette.

What is the secret of this mask? It contains active ingredients such as grape leaf extract and coffee extract, which activate blood circulation in problem areas and thereby accelerate the breakdown of fat cells.

The mask is very easy to use. It is enough to remove the protective layer and apply the patch to the abdominal area for 15-20 minutes, then massage the remaining serum over the skin with massage movements. You will immediately notice that the skin in the problem area has tightened and become more elastic. And 5 simple rules that will help you lose weight, look in the material of the editor-in-chief of BeautyHack Karina Andreeva

Price on request

Pearl Body Butter No Fake Shine, Mixit

“In the fight against dry skin, creams and body lotions always help me,” says Ana Lipartia, editorial assistant at BeautyHack, “but when I saw the new Mixit body butter, I decided to change my usual means. The texture of the butter is really similar to oil, but after application, the product does not leave any greasy or sticky marks. In addition, the composition contains a regenerating complex, so it nourishes and moisturizes the skin. A bonus to the product is simply a magical aroma and pearl shine. “

The No Fake Shine Butter is enriched with argan and walnut oils – they nourish the skin with nutrients and vitamins, and also make it soft and silky, eliminating even the slightest flaking. The oil complex Geroderm in the composition of the product restores the normal structure of cell membranes, therefore, the butter restores the skin softness and elasticity, and the antioxidant complex OLEOX based on olive oil helps to remove toxins and accelerate the regeneration processes. The butter also contains rice bran wax to eliminate signs of premature aging, as well as chamomile and lemon balm extracts to normalize metabolic and energy processes in the skin, which also have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Price: 395 rub.

Dressing water Sweet Dream You Only Live Once, Shakira

The new Sweet Dream You Only Live Once fragrance is a continuation of the “Dream from Shakira” line, which was born in 2018. The perfume bottle has practically not changed – in its shape it also resembles a microphone, only now its crystal edges shimmer with all shades of pink. “As soon as I put the scent on my skin,” says BeautyHack editorial assistant Ana Lipartia, “I immediately feel the notes of black currant, which continue with a delicate accord of bergamot and raspberry. After a while, berry-citrus freshness is replaced by the tenderness of jasmine combined with notes of rose and sweet caramel. And at the end there is a trail of cedar, patchouli, musk and benzoin. “

The Sweet Dream You Only Live Once scent is sweet enough, so it is more suitable for a summer evening – in the light coolness, its sensual notes will unfold gently and delicately. “

Price on request

Rejuvenating shampoo, mask and mist spray System Professional

In the System Professional line of hair products, you will find everything to restore silkiness and healthy shine to curls.

Start your treatment with a shampoo that is free of parabens, sulfates and silicones, but contains acai cell extract that restores youthfulness and elasticity to hair. Then apply an intensively nourishing and moisturizing mask to the strands – it will take only 5 minutes to soften each hair and saturate it with nutrients. And if you sprinkle clean curls with a mist-spray, then the hair will be protected from negative environmental factors and UV radiation throughout the day. Isn’t it a handy scheme for creating perfect curls? And all System Professional products are 96% natural.

Price on request

Cologne for men Gucci Guilty Cologne, Gucci

The new fragrance for men from Gucci is an interpretation of the classic cologne, created according to an old Italian formula. The traditional scent was invented in the 17th century by the Italian perfumer Jean-Paul Femini according to the original recipe of the Florentine monks, which he supplemented with the essential oils of neroli, bergamot and orange.

Today Alessandro Michele presented the world a new version of the traditional perfume – the famous perfumer Alberto Morillas gave the classic scent freshness with notes of Calabrian bergamot, rosemary and juniper berry extracts. The heart of the cologne sounded with Spanish cypress essential oil combined with floral notes of heliotropin and violet. Warm woody notes, patchouli leaves, cedar and white musk set off the scent of the scent.

This cologne will be a beautiful addition to a man’s look in an expensive classic suit and will definitely appeal to everyone who appreciates elegance and classics.

Price on request

Text: Anya Sherstneva