Can’t forget to buy? Top 12 hottest summer novelties this week

DMild and evening fragrances for yourself and your loved one, body and sensitive skin care products, as well as other interesting novelties of this week are already waiting for you in our new selection!

Eau de Toilette Rising Sun, Shiseido

Many BeautyHack editors want to change scents like gloves in the summer. It’s great that a lot of great perfume novelties came out this summer. BeautyHack Editor-in-Chief Karina Andreeva tested Shiseido’s Rising Sun Eau de Toilette and shared her impressions:

“When creating the novelty, perfumer Jean Jacques was inspired by the story of romantic encounters at sunrise. It has a rather light aroma, with citrus and fresh notes. Quivering ylang-ylang, beautiful roses and captivating jasmine – all these scents have merged together in the new perfume. They are successfully complemented by notes of coconut, musk and cashmeran. By the way, eau de toilette has aromacological properties and can energize you for the whole day – which is why I like to apply it in the morning. Fun fact: Shiseido was the first to use neuroscience in aromachology, in collaboration with the Takasago perfume group. And 109 people who took part in the consumer test confirmed and demonstrated the effect of awakening vitality after applying the scent. “

Price: 4 650 rub.

Mascara for eyelashes Extended Play Me Up, MAC

Looking for a great mascara? Then we go to you! “I am very picky when choosing mascara,” says Karina Andreeva, editor-in-chief of BeautyHack. – I have several that have been proven over the years, and I look closely at new products. Extended Play Me Up, MAC liked the curved and comfortable brush that you can use to paint over every lash. The product holds its shape steadily all day, so you definitely don’t have to tint every couple of hours. Gives excellent volume, carefully separates and lengthens. And now the main advantage for such beauty lazy people as me: can be washed off even with warm water! And it is also suitable for those who wear contact lenses – my case. “

Price: 1 790 rub.

Renewing peeling gommage for the face Renewing Facial Peeling Gommage, Lunden Ilona

If the skin is problematic and sensitive, you should not get carried away with strong exfoliating agents – once a week will be enough for such a procedure. “I use only mild exfoliants in my beauty routine,” shares BeautyHack editorial assistant Arina Zarudko. – Such products gently cleanse the skin from dead cells and impurities without injuring it. Recently I discovered a peeling gommage from Lunden Ilona, ​​which turned out to be probably the most delicate exfoliant in my arsenal. “

Renewing Facial Peeling Gommage contains 16 natural extracts, essential and vegetable oils, as well as a vitamin complex that have a beneficial effect on skin condition. Lemon extract in the composition of the product is responsible for cleansing, rosemary essential oil soothes and rejuvenates the skin, and green tea extract reduces redness – and these are only three components out of 16! The product is also enriched with special natural ingredients that even out the micro-relief of the skin and start the processes of its renewal.

Peeling should be used as a mask: apply in a thin layer on cleansed skin and after 5-7 minutes rinse off with massage movements. The advantage of the means is that it does not have any fragrances at all, and also does not dry out and does not irritate.

Price: 1 499 rub.

Eau de parfum Liu Jo Milano, Liu Jo

The bottle of the new Liu Jo Milano fragrance is reminiscent of a starry summer night – it is made of glass in dark blue and covered with golden sparkles. And the fragrance itself evokes thoughts of an imminent vacation (you will find perfumes that are worth choosing for the summer season here).

The perfume from Liu Jo belongs to the oriental group. “Immediately after application, I hear notes of mandarin, red orange and almond,” says Sofia Vorobyova, BeautyHack editor. – A little later, the perfume is revealed with hints of hazelnut, cocoa and orange blossom, and the composition of Liu Jo Milano is completed by notes of patchouli, vetiver, vanilla and tonka bean. The fragrance is quite persistent and will remind of itself throughout the day. I love to wear it in the evenings – it is at this time that it sounds especially sophisticated. Such a mysterious and light, Liu Jo Milano perfume will attract the attention of those around you. ”

Price: 2 580 rub.

Anti-cellulite microneedle body scrub No Fake Shine Cellulite Break Body Scrub, Mixit

“I like to use body scrubs with large particles exclusively on the thighs,” says BeautyHack special correspondent Daria Mironova, “because I am worried that such products can injure more delicate skin. In the composition of the new scrub from Mixit, such components as natural coffee, pearl powder, sea salt and special soluble microneedles are responsible for exfoliation. But the particles of the product are small – they spread easily on damp skin and polish it delicately. “

The scrub contains macadamia oil and coconut oil, as well as extracts of cocoa beans, lotus and vanilla, so the product does not dry out. In addition, it smells good – the skin after a shower is soft, elastic and aromatic. “I was also pleased with the fact that the scrub was perfect for the more delicate areas of the body – it did not leave red marks and irritation.”

Price: 895 rub.

Dental paste Cavity Fighter, Pepsodent

Sometimes you can be lazy and not apply the cream to your body or arrange a day without makeup, but dental hygiene twice a day is a rule that cannot be violated. “The Pepsodent paste suited me in all respects,” says BeautyHack project manager Anastasia Lyagushkina. – Firstly, the product effectively removes plaque, secondly, it freshens the breath, and thirdly, the pasta tastes good – mint, but not scalding.

I want to put a separate plus on a miniature tube, which is so convenient to take on a trip. “

Price: 47 rub.

Perfumery water BOSS BOTTLED Infinite, Hugo Boss

What is the image of a modern man? Active, dynamic, self-confident, whose style is thought out to the smallest detail. All of this can be found in the new BOSS BOTTLED Infinite. Courageous and refined, he combined drive, enthusiasm, loyalty to principles and a desire to get better every day.

The perfume opens with invigorating notes of mandarin and apple, seasoned with cinnamon and sage. And in his heart, the warm notes of patchouli, rosemary and lavender are revealed. Intense, yet fresh, the perfume unfolds beautifully and harmoniously on the skin. The fragrance is suitable for both daytime and evening looks – your man will appreciate it!

Price: 7 234 rub.

Lip scrub “Fruit Nectar”, Tangerine flavor, L ‘Occitane

“I believe love at first sight, because that is what happened to me with a lip scrub from my favorite brand L’Occitane,” says Sofia Vorobyova, editor of BeautyHack. “This remedy is similar to tangerine jam, which I love very much since childhood.”

The “Fruit Nectar” scrub contains ground walnut shells, so it exfoliates well, restoring softness and tenderness to the skin. “I put a scrub on my lips and massage them in a circular motion,” continues Sofia, “and then wash off the product with warm water and apply lip balm“ Fruit Nectar. Volume and color awakening “from the same collection (I talked about it in this article) “.

The composition of the “Fruit Nectar” scrub is enriched with natural fruit extracts that care for the skin of the lips and delight with a wonderful aroma.

Price: 1 390 rub.

Dressing water Eternity Summer, Calvin Klein

“Summer has come, so I want to surround myself with bright colors and fresh aromas,” says Anastasia Lyagushkina, BeautyHack project manager. “The new perfume from Calvin Klein, named after the warmest season, has done a great job.”

The top notes of the fragrance contain notes of mandarin, sweet pear and fresh watermelon, while water lily and delicate peony are intertwined in its heart.

“I put a couple of drops of perfume on my neck and wrists, and my mood immediately rises,” continues Nastya. “The bottle and packaging of the fragrance is also a small piece of art – they are decorated in the colors of a summer sunset on the ocean.”

Price: 6 358 RUB.

And if you want to please your loved one with a new summer scent, pay attention to the Eternity Summer for Men pair perfume.

In its composition, notes of cilantro, lime and bergamot are harmoniously combined with a fresh salty accord and the warmth of musk and cedar. Lightweight and energetic, it will beautifully complement a masculine summer look.

Price: 5 472 rub.

Redness Relief Essence, Dermalogica

Finding the right care for sensitive skin is not always easy. If stress, unhealthy diet, environmental pollution and allergies leave redness and other unpleasant marks on your face, then Redness Relief Essence will be your salvation.

“I have dry and dehydrated skin that reacts to literally everything,” says Anya Sherstneva, senior editor at BeautyHack. – This remedy saved me from redness and from the constant feeling of tightness and dryness. The essence contains a lot of useful components, such as licorice root extract, sage extract, aloe vera leaf juice. The product instantly removes all irritations, restores the protective barrier of the skin and reduces its sensitivity. You can use the essence in the morning and in the evening – shake the bottle and apply a little lotion on cleansed skin of the face, neck and décolleté. “

Price: 3 237 rub.

Perfumery water Sensual Instinct, Montale

Perfume house Montale has released a new fragrance Sensual Instinct, which has become a prominent representative of the 2019 line. Eau de Parfum contains a sensual intertwining of vibrant notes such as patchouli, cocoa, coffee, white musk, whiskey, Bulgarian rose and vanilla.

“Attraction, a surge of feelings and the power of imagination are fused into a single energy of masculine and feminine principles, – this is how the editor of BeautyHack, Sofia Vorobyova, describes the novelty. “The fragrance awakens new desires and boundless fantasies, and its name – Sensual Instinct, recalls the motion picture” Basic Instinct “, in which the seductive Sharon Stone exudes sexuality and passion.”

Price on request.

Text: Anya Sherstneva