Foundation for the summer: 6 best options

RBeautyHack editors told which tonal creams do not clog pores, matte well and protect the skin from harmful UV radiation.

Victoria Britko

Victoria Britko


“The first rule of choosing a foundation for the summer is the presence of the SPF factor. As a rule, in decorative cosmetics, it varies from 15 to 20. But there are options with SPF-30. Remember that the foundation, like a regular one, needs to be renewed in the sun every two to three hours. SPF of foundation and day cream is not cumulative. The second rule is non-comedogenicity. This information should be on the packaging. In the summer, it is better to give preference to CC and BB creams – they have less coloring pigment that clogs pores, and more care components. Look for creams with the most natural composition without mineral oils, petroleum jelly and other petroleum products in the composition. Foundation creams for the summer must be antibacterial components in the composition. When it’s +30 outside, sweat mixes with dust, dirt, excess sebum and clogs in the pores – these are ideal conditions for the reproduction of pathogens. Tea tree extract, calendula, aloe, salicylic acid will help to avoid inflammation. Niaciamide, silicon and caffeine is also great at shrinking pores. “

CC-cream CC Cream Correcting Complete Super Active SPF 50, Chanel

Editor-in-chief Karina Andreeva’s choice

This tool has appeared in the Skincare Chanel line relatively recently, but it has an impressive army of fans. CC Cream Correcting Complete Super Active SPF 50 complex cream is a godsend for hot summer days and a beach holiday. And the word “complex” in the title fully meets expectations.

First, the product works as part of the care. It nourishes, moisturizes and smooths the skin – all thanks to the optical pigments in the composition, which visually smooth pores and reflect light, even out tone.

Secondly, the cream works in the deep layers of the epidermis, strengthening the “frame” and promoting the production of collagen and elastin. The composition contains a special ingredient – cockatoo plum extract – an active substance that, in combination with hyaluronic acid, smoothes mimic wrinkles.

Price: about 5000 rubles.

BB-cream Dis-a-Pore Beauty Balm SPF30 PA ++, Dr. Jart +

Choice senior editor BeautyHack Ani Sherstneva

BB Cream by Dr. Jart is more than just a foundation, but a comprehensive skin care product. It contains plant extracts that are designed to isolate the sebaceous glands and even tighten pores. I have combination sensitive skin, in the T-zone the pores are more enlarged. After applying Dis-a-Pore Beauty Balm, I do not observe their reduction, but the oily sheen in this area no longer appears during the day.

The cream is only available in one shade, and at first glance it seems very light. But after application, the product adjusts to your natural one. I apply it with a damp sponge – this is how the tone is distributed in a thin and almost imperceptible layer. The skin is instantly transformed, looks fresh, matte and smooth. The effect lasts all day long even without dusting. And one more important fact – Dr. Jart + is fragrance-free, so it is suitable even for sensitive skin.

Price: 3 300 rub

CC-cream Color Control 3en1, Soskin

Editor’s Choice BeautyHack Natalia Kapitsa

I am the most ardent cosmetic skeptic. I believed that the cream cannot both moisturize and tone at the same time: either it does one thing, or it does nothing. If I saw such an inscription on the packaging, I passed by without looking back. But deep down, I always knew: sooner or later the moment will come when my peremptoryness will fail.

With the appearance on the shelf of the CC-cream from Soskin, skepticism has significantly diminished. The product of the French brand is really a “multi-tool”: it evens out the tone, and masks redness, and moisturizes, and tightens. The cream has the most delicate texture of a banana soufflé – it melts on the skin. After application, it seems that I used a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid in the composition, and not a makeup product.

Color Control does not clog pores – owners of oily skin will understand me. The composition contains SPF – a filter that protects against UVA and UVB rays: you can safely apply before going to the beach (although I prefer to go there with a “naked” face).

The line-up deserves a separate standing ovation. Among the ingredients I found vitamin E, algae extract, essential oil, mineral pigments, silicon, polysaccharides – an excellent nutritious cocktail for the summer!

Price: 2 600 rub.

BB-cream Nude, Erborian

Editor-in-chief’s choice BeautyHack Karina Andreeva

For a long time I was in search of the best foundation. I like some of them, but then they start to get bored – I changed them to something new almost every month. But after trying this BB cream, which I heard about more than once from many makeup gurus, I fell in love once and for all. Why?

Firstly, the shade is a godsend for girls with very fair skin. Does not turn yellow, does not give the effect of a “pale face”, but in the first ten minutes it adjusts to your natural tone. Secondly, the product is ideal for those who, like me, suffer from dryness (how I take care of dry skin – you can read here): BB cream does not accentuate the flaking, but rather works like a day cream and moisturizes the skin. Contains six-year-old Korean ginseng root that stimulates microcirculation and activates natural collagen production; ginger, which cleanses and tones the skin; liquorice that relieves redness and works as an antioxidant. Thirdly, there is no need for a primer before this tool – the cream is evenly distributed with fingertips or a beauty blender in a matter of seconds and really lasts up to the promised 12 hours, after which it can be easily removed with a cleansing gel. Fourth, the cream is very convenient for flights. It gives a “second skin” effect and allows it to breathe, refreshing the face. Fifth, the SPF factor is 25: just what you need in your holiday cosmetic bag (especially if you are going to the sea!). And paired with the brand’s Glow Crème (I’m talking about here) you can get the desired Photoshop effect.

Price: 3 500 rub.

Tonal cream Everlasting Foundation + SPF 15, Clarins

Selecting an editorial assistant BeautyHack Arina Zarudko

The same tone that does not need to be corrected throughout the day. The bamboo powder absorbs excess sebum and mattifies the skin, while the Light-Optimizing Complex scatters light, leaving a natural glow instead of an oily sheen.

There are eight shades in the palette – even “snow white” will like it. The same remedy in combination with the Eclat Minute corrector and Multi-Eclat powder in Clarins advise for strobing: tone, highlighter, and then fixation with powder.

I personally do not adhere to this particular scheme, but this foundation works on its own: by the end of the day it masks not only imperfections, but also a tired look. And SPF 15 is what matters regardless of the season.

Price: about 2,000 rubles.

CC-cream “Perfect Radiance”, Erborian

Tested by BeautyHack Editor Natalia Kapitsa

I like thick enough coatings with good concealment. Erborian has revolutionized my BB cream experience and made it irrevocable. A product with a velvety texture and a beautiful golden tint – white. It takes on color only after application. It masks and moisturizes well – it coped well with redness and age spots from post-acne. The product wears well, laying down with a weightless veil, rather than a dense mask, creating the effect of healthy, radiant skin.

Price: 3950 rub. (45 ml)