hair frizz and nothing helps

Hand BeautyHack launches a new column in which experts honestly answer questions of concern to many girls: from personal care and beauty routine to physical and mental health. The first topic is how to style porous frizzy hair. Expert – stylist Alex Nagorskiy.

If your hair is naturally curly?

It doesn’t matter if your hair is curly or straight, but frizzy in heat or high humidity. In both cases, 100% hit will be smoothing agents based on keratin and oils (I talked about how to use the latter correctly on link). The L’Oreal Professionnel Liss Unlimited range with pro-keratin and evening primrose oil is just right. It contains shampoo, mask, oil, fluid and other products. All of them will work to smooth out the scales, simplify combing – any tool will glide more easily through the hair. As a result, they will push less.

If the hair is frizzy at the ends?

If the hair is dyed straight and frizzy at the ends (this is the most common case), the ends are most likely damaged or severely dehydrated. This can happen if the girl does, for example, coloring the shatush. At the roots and along the length, the hair is healthy and the discolored ends are very weak. They are puffy due to a lack of lipids. I strongly advise you to consult a trichologist and have your hair diagnosed.

If you choose your own care, I recommend the Absolut Repair Lipidium mask and a two-phase serum from the same range.

If I don’t lighten my hair and it still frizz at the ends?

If your hair is not dyed and frizzy at the ends, it is most likely dehydrated. In this case, careful grooming is also important. Consider the Nutrifier range. Your product is a nourishing brushing cream with thermal protection up to 230 ° C. With it, you can style your hair without fear of overheating. Glycerin and coconut oil in the composition will nourish the strands, but not weigh them down. For frizzy ends, oils and loose creams are good to smooth out the scales.

If care is not enough and you need high-quality styling, what to use?

Liss Control cream will help. It is very lightweight, does not feel on the hair. When styling, it smoothes hair and removes frizz. It also contains a UV filter. You can pull your hair for brushing, or you can simply dry it with a hairdryer (for how to do this correctly, read on link) – this will preserve the natural curl, but carelessness in styling will go away.

Another styling option is Transformer paste. Visually, the product resembles a lotion, but when applied, it works like a paste. Can be used as a base before styling or, conversely, at the final stage on dry hair. It removes frizz and additionally thickens the hair.