How to fix an unsuccessful female haircut? 7 ways

V in pursuit of a new image, girls change their haircut, but the result does not always meet expectations. Choosing an inexperienced specialist, you can lose long hair or become the owner of too short bangs.

If an unpleasant experience does happen, do not rush to get upset. First, the hair will grow back. And, secondly, BeautyHack will tell you how to fix an unsuccessful female haircut.


If you wanted to refresh the look by removing a couple of centimeters from the bangs, but the hairdresser made it too short, there is only one way out – to wait until the hair grows back. But I am glad that the strands of the face grow quickly enough. In a couple of weeks, the haircut will be transformed and you will like it. To avoid a similar situation, show the tried and tested master the options for bangs (fashionable bangs 2019, which are worth repeating – here) you want to do.


You can fix an unsuccessful haircut with the help of accessories – they will complement your style and hide flaws in your hairstyle. You can wear a straw hat in summer (how to care for your hair in summer, read here), and a baseball cap goes well with a sporty style.

Use handkerchiefs instead of an elastic band, or fix your hairstyle with invisible hairpins and hairpins that are relevant this year. Fashionable hairstyles with decorations here

False hair

The easiest option to fix an unsuccessful haircut is false hair or extensions (everything you need to know about extensions is here). For the second option, you will need a professional, time and money, and overhead strands can be bought and attached by yourself.


Even short hair can be fixed by braiding. Forget that your hair should grow back (how and how to grow your hair, read here) – braids will help. There are now many weaving options that you can experiment with. Find the right braids to match your look. 10 ways to create a trendy braid here

Stylers and curlers

Correct a damaged haircut with an iron or curler. Add waves to your hair or, conversely, straighten them. Blow dry to add volume to your hair. Create a slight carelessness or curls.

Change the shape of your hairstyle by practicing with stylers, for example, using a flute curling iron – it will help to diversify your style. Find out about the best corrugated hairstyles here


To make your new haircut look more attractive, try changing the parting – it will add volume to the hair and hide the uneven strands, if there is such a problem. Parting can be done straight or on one side.


Coloring can also correct mistakes of the master and give a haircut a second chance. It is even possible that the hairstyle will become brighter and more interesting if you add color accents (than to do color coloring at home, read here) or try a fashionable dyeing technique: shatush or coloring.

Text: Diana Snetkova