How to get rid of dandruff: trichologists advise

TOHow to choose shampoo and use it correctly, what is the connection between dandruff and unhealthy diet, and how will peels help you? Three experts recommend proven remedies and methods to get rid of dandruff for good.

The most important part of treatment, and the surest way to beat dandruff, is lifestyle and nutritional adjustments. Dandruff can occur due to a disturbance in the microflora in the gastrointestinal tract, as well as due to an increased intake of trans fats and carbohydrates.

People who switch to low-carb diets, removing all simple carbohydrates and adding large amounts of greens, vegetables and salads, and healthy fats, notice a significant improvement in their scalp!

Anti-dandruff drugs can only be used in short courses strictly in accordance with the instructions. Not permanently at all. Otherwise, the fungi can get used to it, and the flora will become more aggressive. So, getting rid of dandruff will be more difficult.

All anti-dandruff shampoos should be applied gently to the scalp, without spreading the shampoo along the length. The components strongly dry the hair, so during this period it is important to actively care for the length.

Shampoos with fungicides: Nizoral, Keto Plus, Sebozol

They work, but they can only be used in a course strictly according to the instructions. And only in the period of exacerbation – these are medications.

Med Planta

Another good drug to use during an exacerbation of dandruff. The composition includes climbazole, zinc, herbal ingredients. Use it as a course. Not always!

Skin-Cap and Friederm zinc shampoos

The main component of these shampoos is zinc. It does not kill the fungus, but it slows down its reproduction. They are also good for use during an exacerbation. They are not as addictive as the fungicides I mentioned above.

Time to Grow Trichological Scalp Peeling Cream

This category of funds works great for seborrhea. Time to Grow is one of my favorite peels (read about others on link), sos-way of dealing with dandruff and getting rid of it quickly at home. It is used as a course, and then you can apply the “Deep Cleansing” pre-shampoo, also from Time to Grow.

Shampoo-peeling MicroPeel Dercos 3-in-1, Vichy

The composition contains salicylic acid – also a good remedy. By the way, Vichy has quite working and regular anti-dandruff shampoos. But remember that without systemic therapy, the effect will be short-lived. Seborrhea is a reflection of the internal state of your body, so do not forget about the main reasons for its appearance: make up for the lack of trace elements and vitamins, adjust the nutrition system. Without this, it is pointless to wait for a lasting effect from any external remedy. But in combination, each method gives its own result – dandruff can really be cured!

Tamara Berechikidze

Tamara Berechikidze

trichologist, specialist of the Romanov Beauty and Health Center

Anti-seborrheic shampoo Dixidox De Luxe No. 1.1, Divination Simone DeLuxe

Collagen-based shampoo with plant extracts, vitamins and active sebum-regulating ingredients removes and prevents excess sebum production. The composition contains nucleic acid hydrolysates (vasodilating components), which prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Algae extract, collagen, panthenol give the hair shine and volume.

The remedy will also help those who have increased sebum production accompanied by itching, inflammation and dandruff. For medicinal purposes, the shampoo can be used daily, for prophylactic purposes – as needed.

A good effect is obtained by using shampoo in combination with peeling Dixidox De Luxe No. 1.3. Apply it for 10-15 minutes, massaging the scalp and rinse. Use 2 times a week.

Shampoo Anti Dandruff + Sebum Control, American Crew

This shampoo is designed for men, but I recommend it for girls too. Deeply cleanses, absorbing excess sebum, normalizes the sebaceous glands, eliminates itching and cools (due to mint in the composition). Among the ingredients are anti-inflammatory components – zinc miriton and sage leaf extract.

Anna Portkova

Anna Portkova

stylist, trichologist-consultant

When washing and then drying hair, apply no more than three products. You do not need to use shampoo, conditioner, mask, oil, and leave-in spray – the combination of these products will only harm your hair, making it dry, thin and brittle (read separately about this problem and its solution on link).

Be more careful about how much shampoo and conditioner you use in one wash. It is recommended to apply the shampoo no more than two times, otherwise surfactants can disrupt the lipid balance of the scalp and cause dandruff and flaking. And the excess of the second will not be absorbed and will make the strands heavier: the conditioner is applied in a strictly small amount and only on the lower third of the hair.

Detox shampoo for colored hair Maxi.Wash, Kevin Murphy

This shampoo removes toxins, styling residues from the hair and scalp. It contains ANA fruit acids, which remove excess sebum, cleansing the oily scalp – the remedy will help if you have dandruff. In general, rely on your own feelings when choosing shampoos. Rating is not that important here. In most cases, complex treatment is necessary, because the problem is hidden inside the body.

Concentrate against hair loss Hair Tonic, O’right

Concentrate is more intense than lotion. Use it 3-5 months. Hair Tonic contains extracts of ginseng, goji berries, burdock, plant apigenin, biotin, vitamin B, amino acids. As a bonus – the elimination of dandruff and itching. Use daily.