The 5 best romantic wedding comedies. Get inspired!

WITHwadba is one of the most important and reverent events in the life of lovers. But how can you avoid the excitement and relax on the eve of the holiday? Spend the evening watching a romantic movie with comedic moments set during such a special occasion.

BeautyHack shares a list of the best wedding movies – stock up on healthy treats and watch soon.

Crazy wedding

The main characters of the film are a French married couple, parents of four daughters, whom it is time to marry. But the girls have already found husbands for themselves, and their choice did not appeal to the older generation at all. The fact is that each of the daughters chose a guy of different nationalities: from Chinese to Arab, and the youngest daughter decided to marry a black man. Will parents accept this choice?

Groom for two

Not the best situation when a mistress organizes your own wedding, do you agree? Such a story happened to the main character of the film “Groom for Two” – Matthias. His bride found a wedding agent’s business card in her pocket – delighted, the girl immediately agreed to marry him. But here’s the bad luck – Matthias was not going to propose, and the number on the business card was his mistress. You will find out who the groom will choose by watching a comedy.

Best man for rent

Doug is the main character of the film, who will have a wedding very soon, and the bride is the girl of his dreams (you can learn about trends in wedding makeup that will be relevant in 2019 here). Preparations for the celebration are in full swing, but it turned out that the groom has no friends at all, so he did not call the best man. Then the hero gets an insight, and he decides, secretly from his loved ones, to rent a best man, and along with him a couple of fake friends. Is it a good idea to invite strangers to your own wedding?

Big wedding

The starring role in this film is played by the charming Robert De Niro – and this is one of the compelling reasons to watch the comedy “The Big Wedding”.

The plot revolves around a young guy named Alejandro, the adopted son of Don and Ellie, who divorced many years ago. Alejandro has a wedding soon, but the guy does not suspect that his biological mother will also want to come to the celebration. The woman is extremely religious, so foster parents will have to pretend to be a happy married couple. Will they succeed?

Trap for the bride

A British romantic comedy that will not only cheer you up, but also make you think about whether to let strangers into your personal life?

Lara is a socialite who is tired of being in sight, so together with her fiancé James she leaves from annoying journalists to celebrate a wedding on an island called Hagg (you can find out what hairstyle was at the wedding of Brigitte Bardot and other stars, you can visit this material).

Unfortunately, the paparazzi tracked down the couple and there, then Lara gets the idea to find a fake bride in order to divert the attention of journalists. It would seem, what else can happen? But the most interesting lies ahead – when the groom meets the fake bride, a “spark” flares up between them. Who do you think James will choose in the midst of the wedding?

Text: Diana Snetkova