What to take with you on vacation?

Bikini, beautiful sunsets and azure smooth surface – soon in all Instagram countries. It’s time for vacations. And that means it’s time to think about what to put in your suitcase. Not uniform swimsuits! Dermatocosmetologist Viktoria Britko and the editors of BeautyHack told what to take with you on vacation.

Editor-in-chief Karina Andreeva’s choice

Thermal water

It seems to me that this is the best invention of mankind! I always carry a thermal bottle with me. Before going outside, I always put it in the freezer for a few minutes. Thermal water refreshes well – this is firstly, and secondly – it contains many minerals, micro- and macroelements that improve metabolic processes in cells.

White teeth are the best complement to a chocolate complexion and a rested face. I won’t stop singing praises to the genius who invented the electric toothbrush, because it does all the work for me, and at the same time handles plaque better than a hand brush. Brushing has never been so comfortable: you just need to slowly move the brush along the dentition, even with your eyes closed. In a minute, the bristles make 31,000 so-called “sweeping” movements “from red to white” – many dentists recommend brushing your teeth this way. What could be more pleasant than perfectly clean and smooth teeth? The manufacturer claims that the brush is also suitable for those who have fillings, braces, or have hypersensitivity. This model provides light travel case – perfect for a suitcase!

Choice of cosmetologist Victoria Britko

Cream with SPF-filter

SPF cream should always be used! Even if it’s cloudy outside, about 40% of harmful UV radiation reaches the ground. For people with light skin phototype, this is enough to burn.

Important! Protective factor creams need to be renewed regularly. Especially after contact with water. Choose products with chemical and physical filters and remember that SPF cannot be summed up. And if you applied a day cream with a factor of 15, and then powder with a factor of 20, the protection will be 20, not 35.

Epilator Philips

Everyone tries to do epilation before going to the sea. But if you are resting for more than a week, take your epilator with you to feel comfortable. Philips recently launched seven new models – (BRE285 / 00; BRE275 / 00; BRE265 / 00; BRE255 / 00; BRE245 / 00; BRE235 / 00; BRE225 / 00) – allowing you to solve the problem of unwanted hair once or twice and enjoy the smoothness of the skin for up to 4 weeks. In the Philips model range, you will find an option for every budget – from the basic epilator to the epilator with seven attachments in a set, which solve several problems at once. Some models have a built-in light to help you see even the finest hairs for more effective epilation. The legs will thank you for the smoothness, and you will thank Philips for the excellent gadget.

Moisturizing cream

A moisturizer should be in your suitcase, no matter your skin type! Under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, it quickly loses moisture. To avoid dehydration, look for hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and vitamin E.

Hand antiseptic

If you are traveling with children, he simply must be with you everywhere: on a walk, in the pool and on the beach, all the more so. Always wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly before meals, shower more often, drink only bottled water, and remember to use antiseptics. Just don’t overdo it. Not only do the bad guys live on the skin, but also the good bacteria that make up the microbiome and have a protective function.

Editor’s Choice BeautyHack Natalia Kapitsa

Protective hair spray

Hair, like skin, needs UV protection.
On vacation, they become brittle and brittle, losing moisture and shine. Do not forget to spray them with SPF, and if you don’t have one at hand, use ordinary oil (argan, coconut, almond) – any of them have a natural protection factor of 7. In addition, oils perfectly save from sea water salt, crystals which raise the scales and damage the rod.

Even if in ordinary life you have absolutely straight hair, at sea they can make a “riot” and begin to flicker from moisture. Take your Philips straightening comb with you to save time on styling or ruining your hair with an iron. It will take you no more than five minutes to create even, shiny strands. For those who are afraid of thermal effects: calm, everything is under control! The brush has two temperature conditions and a tourmaline coating of the teeth. It is easy to use: even a layman like me can create the perfect styling with almost no effort.

Burn remedy

The pharmacy now has a huge selection of drugs that enhance tissue regeneration. In addition to regeneration, such creams should have a soothing effect. Aloe extract, chamomile, green tea, panthenol: if these ingredients are in the composition, feel free to buy.

Editor’s Choice BeautyHack Yulia Kozoliy

First aid kit

I’m a five-year mom, and the first thing I put in my suitcase is a first aid kit. There is always hydrogen peroxide, septomyrin, an antihistamine (and a friend is allergic?), An antipyretic and a drug that helps with gastrointestinal disorders. When traveling with a child, something from this list will definitely come in handy.

I have naturally fluffy, slightly curly hair, which is very difficult to style without certain skills, or gadgets that even a child can cope with. An automatic hair curler is just one of this category. For me personally, beach curls are the best styling under a linen sundress and sandals. With a Philips gadget, I make them in 10 minutes – to do this, I simply place a strand of hair in the device, and it does everything by itself. The model is absolutely safe – thanks to the special design, the hair has no chance of tangling. When the curls are ready, I parse them with my fingers, lowering my head down, and sprinkle with dry varnish of medium hold. Ready for coastal walks!