Which perfume novelty to choose for the summer?

ARomats are your own “I”, a reflection of the soul. He is judged as closely as his appearance. You should always choose a perfume according to your mood, look for the very “happy” scent that will accompany you throughout the day. Hot summer, you want lightness, carelessness and feminine playfulness, so BeautyHack offers a selection of perfume novelties that are worth trying this season.

Perfumery water I Am, EISENBERG

A minimalist bottle with a whole bouquet of sweet combinations will give you a great mood. You want to apply this scent every day: it is suitable for both workdays and romantic meetings. It opens with raspberry and bergamot notes combined with ripe orange. After a few minutes, aromatic accords of magnolia, black pepper and vetiver begin to sound. Sandalwood, amber and musk complete the composition. Impossible to pass by I Am eau de parfum: The bright and daring packaging will appeal to you at first sight, and the bottle itself can be carried in a bag and taken out whenever possible (read – to show off).

Price for 50 ml: 6 050 rubles.

Eau de parfum Bana Banana, LArtisan Parfumeur

The scent inspires pranks and banana detox. The history of the L’Artisan Parfumeur brand began in 1976: even then the founder of the brand, Jean-Francois Laporte, in his laboratory created unusual fragrance compositions and found that the shades of jasmine flowers remind him of the taste of ripe bananas. In 2019, thanks to perfumer Celine Ellena, the brand is reimagining the composition that started the story. She presented the fragrance Bana Banana – a rich baroque composition, a combination of jasmine flowers and candied bananas.

The composition opens with sweet pepper, nutmeg and violet leaves. At the heart of the fragrance, notes of jasmine, iris and banana blossom are revealed. A rich and textured accord of iris and tonka bean leaves an unforgettable trail. Unwittingly, with Bana Banana, you can attract a lot of fans!

Price on request.

Fragrance line Ivory, Franck Boclet

Franck Boclet, a French niche brand, has released fragrances for lovers in honor of their own wedding.

The line with the tender name Ivory is 3 single fragrances and a set of couples. The inspiration for the creator was his own wedding: Frank and his wife Solenne became the faces of the new collection.

Each of the fragrances tells about its own stage of the romance – from the marriage proposal to the honeymoon and the entry into family harmony. Ivory Collection is distinguished by a whole range of emotions: spark, tenderness, passion, delicacy and sensuality.

Be my wife is a summer and fresh scent that combines citrus, bergamot, mint and rosemary. The heart of the bouquet is a classic rose with hints of lilac and violet, which gently confirm the seriousness of intentions. Aftertaste – green apple, raspberry and pineapple, promising a sweet continuation.

Just Married is a pair perfume for those who do not want to part, even at the level of aromas. For men, this is the aristocratic east, which is symbolized by musk, sandalwood, cedar and vanilla. It is intertwined with fresh citrus notes: bergamot, lime, basil, delicate rose, lilac and violet – perfect for a girl! Read about other fragrances to give a man. here

The single fragrances Bluemoon and Velvet complete the Ivory story. Both perfumes are conveyed by noble sweet notes of peony and cloves, figs, prunes, peaches and neroli. The aromas are set off by calm and soft combinations of cedar, mint and bergamot.

Price on request.

Eau de parfum Sensuelle, Aura Mugler

Aura Mugler amulet flacon gives strength and energy, helps to find inner harmony. A sensual composition wants to reveal all the senses of the owner of the fragrance. Its composition reveals the most charming aspects of femininity: passion and tenderness. The three accords in the fragrance (floral-vegetal, sensual, animalistic) are like an interweaving of three storylines. The composition opens with notes of brown wood with hints of greenery and spices. After that, the iconic Aura Mugler tiger liana accord is revealed, created especially for the perfume House Mugler. Rich, ambiguous, thick, bitter and smoky, this ingredient is striking with a hint of candied almonds. The trail of white musk with a fruity hue blends harmoniously with sandalwood from Sri Lanka. The bottle is like a gem with iridescent edges, daring and seductive, which you want to keep like the apple of your eye on the beauty shelf. Read about another Mugler fragrance that our editorial team tested. here

Price for 30 ml: 4 840 rubles.

Eau de Toilette Dans Ma Bulle EDT, Carven

Dans Ma Bulle EDT is able to win the hearts of fans of light, fresh and weightless aromas. To create it, three women unite: perfumers Veronica Nibert, Violen Kolya, Patricia Shu. They created a bestseller in April 2018. While working on the novelty, they retained the basic structure of the perfume version pyramid: to the notes of mandarin, candied almond and sandalwood, the weightless lightness of pear, iris, peony and musk was added. Such a juicy and slightly tart harmony of a fruity bouquet will surprise any girl. With Dans Ma Bulle EDT, you want to put on a chiffon dress and go to conquer the city. Read about fragrances that inspire travel in the selection of perfume critic Ksenia Golovana link

Price for 50 ml: 5 500 rubles.

Text: Sofia Vorobyova