15 best eyebrow treatments for summer

TOWith lead arandas just for your brows, mascaras with the perfect blending brush, wax textures and waterproof formulas, BeautyHack editors have chosen the best products that will stand the test of heat, sea breeze and survive a pool party.

Pencil for eyebrows Brow Beater Microfine Brow Pencil and Brush, Warm Brown, Urban Decay

Tested by a special correspondent BeautyHack Asya Zabavskaya

If nature has not rewarded you with lush and thick eyebrows, do not be discouraged – the Urban Decay pencil will do it for her. The product is ideal for girls who need to fill in the “gaps” – a thin lead will draw individual hairs so that they look natural.

The good news is that your new brows won’t go home before you, and there is a great brush on the other end of the product. I draw the eyebrows with a pencil and blend the pigment in the direction of hair growth – a very natural effect is obtained.

Price: 1 600 rub.

Eyebrow pencil Goof Proof, Benefit

Tested editor BeautyHack Daria Sizova

I fell in love with this pencil from the first application – I have not yet been able to dye my eyebrows so easily. The pencil lead seems to have been created especially for them – it can draw both thin, missing hairs and emphasize the shape with wide strokes.

The product has a waxy texture that does not “drain” during the day and is perfectly shaded. After application, the hairs become visually more voluminous – this is especially noticeable on thin eyebrows.

Price: 2,000 rubles.

Brow Sculptor pencil, shade Espresso, Tom Ford

Tested by BeautyHack special correspondent Moore Soboleva

The brand’s bestseller became such because of its successful shape and shades: Ford was one of the first in a large suite to make thin flat leads, which are so convenient for drawing hairs, and added a cold undertone to the shade. As a result, Espresso remains one of the most popular pencils among brunettes.

Price: about 5000 rubles.

Persistent pencil for eyebrows Long-Lasting Brow Liner Alchem, Rouge Bunny Rouge

Tested SMM-manager BeautyHack Alexandra Grishina

In eyebrow makeup, I prefer products with a dry texture. Yes, they are more difficult to apply (requires “jewelry” and painstaking work with a brush), and for vacation you have to collect a separate cosmetic bag with eyebrow products. But this pencil has replaced my whole beauty arsenal.

The product has a thin automatic lead – this means that it does not need to be sharpened and you can create a line of any thickness (according to your mood). A lightweight wax-based texture that glides over your brows, blending in no time. The pigment is bright, but not too dark – a matte finish and a natural effect is guaranteed! But the main thing is water resistance: the pencil passed the rain and sea spray test.

Price: 2 080 rub.

Pencil for eyebrows Brow Shaping Pencil, G3, Inglot

Tested by a special correspondent BeautyHack Anastasia Lyagushkina

The pencil has a dense, waxy texture – they can not only draw thick eyebrows, but also fix the hairs in the right direction. I apply the product with light movements, without pressing on the pencil (it has a very rich pigment). I accentuate the outline and brush through to distribute the waxy texture over the entire length of the brow. A real find for blonde girls – the shade looks very natural.

Price: 800 rub.

Powdery Brow Liner Brow Thickener, 03, Sephora

Tested by a special correspondent BeautyHack Asya Zabavskaya

The liner is very convenient to use – a few movements, and you will get wide natural eyebrows. The product has a bright pigment, but do not be afraid to apply more product than necessary – imperfections can be easily corrected with a brush on the back of the liner. She perfectly distributes the product, blending it in parallel. I was also pleased with the resistance – during the day it did not roll on my oily skin.

Price: 650 rub.

Mascara Sexy Eyebrow Mascara, shade Taupe, Romanovamakeup

Tested by BeautyHack special correspondent Moore Soboleva

Another novelty of the work of Olga Romanova is now mascara for eyebrows. It comes in two shades – light Blonde and reddish Taupe. This color gel turned out to be bright enough to do without a pencil, and fix hairs well – a cool thing when you are in a hurry and cannot draw an eyebrow for a long time.

Price: about 1,000 rubles.

Eyebrow pencil Eyebrow Pencil Crayon Sourcil512, Inglot

Tested by a special correspondent BeautyHack Asya Zabavskaya

The tool will appeal to girls with thick eyebrows – it will help to emphasize the shape and finish the missing hairs. Suitable for those who are just starting to master eyebrow makeup – the pencil has a translucent pigment that can be layered to achieve the desired color intensity.

Resilience is beyond praise – in hot weather, it does not “flow away” into the area of ​​the eyelid fold. The tool will also make friends with dry skin – the soft lead does not scratch or irritate the eyebrow area. The set includes a convenient brush that combes the hairs well, laying them in the desired shape and gently blending the pencil.

Price: on request

Brow Kit Gray / Mink and Waterproof Brow Shaper Clear Bobbi Brown

Tested by BeautyHack special correspondent Moore Soboleva

A beautiful palette with grayish shades, which are so lacking in the industry – very often eyebrow products turn out to be reddish. Aside from the lucky brush (this is an honest mini version of the original eyebrow brush), the palette also includes a good pair of tweezers. Separately, we tried a waterproof eyebrow styling gel – it fixes the hairs well without sticking them together.

Eyebrow pomade Paradise Pomade Extatic, LOréal

Tested editor BeautyHack Daria Sizova

Eyebrow lipstick from the acclaimed Paradise collection from L’Oréal immediately attracts with its packaging – a pink gold tube resembles an inverted oriental vase or lamp in which the Genie sits. In fact, it is home to the perfect eyebrow shaper and a handy brush.

The product has a very unusual texture – it doesn’t look like regular eyebrow pomade or gel. The consistency is very plastic (somewhat reminiscent of jelly) and soft, so it is very convenient to draw individual hairs. I have quite thick eyebrows, all I need is to enhance the color and fix them. The shade “Warm Blond” came up perfectly, and here girls with blond hair will understand me – it can be very difficult to find a suitable product. Bonus – the lipstick does an excellent job with fixation, you don’t need to apply additional eyebrow gel. Universal products always take pride of place in my cosmetic bag – I will definitely take lipstick with me on vacation.

Price: 740 rub

Beveled pencil for eyebrows Brow Pencil No Make Up Hard Formula, Gray Brown, Vprove

Tested SMM-manager BeautyHack Alexandra Grishina

If you are always fighting for the perfect shape of your eyebrows, do not worry – in this struggle you have a reliable ally. The product has a beveled edge with a thin lead that will draw the missing hairs so that they look natural even at the tip of the eyebrow (the most “dangerous” place in the minefield of natural makeup).

I draw the tip and base of the eyebrow with light strokes, blend it with a brush on the other side of the product and fix it with a gel (in this case, I need help to give the hairs the desired shape). But the tool stays on the eyebrows all day and does not crumble. The pleasant gray color accentuates the eyebrows very organically – people around will not notice the “change”, and you will forget that you dyed your eyebrows immediately after makeup.

Price: 250 rub.

Eyebrow pencil Medium Brown, Ardell

Tested by a special correspondent BeautyHack Asya Zabavskaya

The product has a beveled lead – it is convenient for them to draw hairs at the base of the eyebrow so that they look natural. I also liked the shade of the product, which does not go “reddish”, but is shaded into brown shades – a godsend for brunettes and brown-haired women.

The pencil is waterproof, which is the best fit for summer: in hot weather, you can not do makeup, but without eyebrows – nowhere. The texture of the product is very soft, but not plasticine: it is easy to apply and softly shaded.

Price: 500 Rkill

Automatic eyebrow contour pencil Automatic Eyebrow Pencil, Taupe, Artistry

Tested SMM-manager BeautyHack Alexandra Grishina

The tool usually looks like: a pencil on one side, an eyebrow brush on the other. But I want to pay special attention to the latter – I have not yet met such a convenient brush with an ideal degree of rigidity (those who constantly dye their eyebrows know how important it is that the brush does not scratch the skin, but thoroughly blends the product). Only because of her, the product “settled” tightly in my cosmetic bag: I style her eyebrows even when I use the gel alone.

But the pencil itself is very good, at least with replaceable blocks – you do not need to buy a new tool – you just need to replace the lead. When I dye my hair, I also don’t rush to get a new pencil to the store, but change the blocks in an already favorite tool. The shade of Taupe with a warm undertone went well with my balayage coloring (you can choose your version here).

Price: 710 rub

Marker for eyebrows Micro-fill Marker Medium Brown, Ardell

Tested by editorial assistant BeautyHack Anna Hobotova

My favorites in eyebrow makeup are mascara. By nature, my eyebrows are dark and thick, so the main thing is to create a neat shape. But a marker fell into my hands, and I did not regret it at all. The product has a split applicator that draws two very fine lines and instantly fills the brows. The tool can actually make them visually thicker, even if by nature you are very thin – a minimum of effort, and your thick, wide eyebrows are ready!

Price: about 1,000 rubles.