15 best makeup from the Cannes Film Festival

EIf you think the star looks at the Oscars were dazzling, then you just haven’t seen the Cannes Film Festival photos yet!

For a whole week, the famous beauties were vacationing in the South of France, walking the red carpet and showing us their stunning outfits, hairstyles and, of course, virtuoso makeup.

BeautyHack has collected 15 of the best makeup options for you, as well as sorted out the main beauty trends this year.

Hollywood chic

This year, the famous divas clearly fell under the charm of old Hollywood – red lipstick and classic arrows complemented the images of many actresses and models.

Model Alessandra Ambrosio showed everyone a gorgeous red dress, supporting the outfit with lipstick to match and neat arrows on the upper eyelid.

Selena Gomez as if she came out of the era of Golden Hollywood – the singer appeared in front of the cameras in a snow-white satin dress with classic make-up of the 40s: rich red lipstick was ideally combined with the charcoal black cat arrows along the upper and lower eyelids.

Model and actress Natasha Bunprachom highlighted her graceful appearance and delicate facial features with lipstick of bright coral color. The actress chose the ultra-thin arrows, extending the natural shape of the eye. Also, the makeup was complemented by light shimmery shadows, fluffy eyelashes and a natural blush.

Model Blanca Padilla also chose to appear on the red carpet with a win-win combination of high hair with scarlet lips and fluffy eyelashes.

And the image Elle Fanning something reminded the heroine of the novel “The Great Gatsby” – the actress shone in a dress of baked milk with well-defined purple lips and a gentle combination of sparkling shadows and classic arrows on the eyelids (how quickly and easily draw arrows the makeup artist tells here).

Expressive look

Other Hollywood divas decided to emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes, leaving the lips natural.

Eva Longoria made a bet on smoky eye makeup in chocolate tones. For brightness, the actress additionally summed up the mucous membrane of the eyelid with a dark pencil and used false eyelashes. She preferred to touch her lips a little with a shine of an ash-pink hue.

Brazilian supermodel Isabelle Goulard also relied on color. For smoky eye makeup, the beauty chose a palette of lilac shades – they beautifully emphasized the brightness and beauty of the model’s dark brown eyes. Isabelle’s lips were shaded with soft plum lipstick.

Actress Amber Heard also appeared on the red carpet with an expressive look and soft peach lips. But unlike Eve and Isabelle, she preferred a silvery-gray shade of eyes – such a palette was beautifully combined with her outfit and blonde hair.

Diana Penti admired everyone with her 40s hairstyle and sparkling smoky makeup. The actress focused on the upper eyelid, highlighting it with silvery shadows, an arrow along the growth line of the upper eyelashes and fluffy eyelashes. For the lips, the star chose a deep pink lipstick.

Indian beauty Priyanka Chopra did not limit herself to a silvery haze on the eyelids – the actress additionally drew graphic black arrows and shaded her lips with plum lipstick. This color combination perfectly matched her dark hair shade.

Russian top model Daria Strokous chose minimalist makeup, while also focusing on the eyes. The beauty’s eyelids sparkled with silvery shadows, and the lash line was shaded by wide black arrows.

Natural radiance

The fashion for natural make-up did not pass by the path of the Cannes Festival. Most of the models chose to showcase flawlessly smooth skin, highlighting the cheekbones with a highlighter and choosing the most natural shades for the eyes and lips.

Romy Straidshe seemed to be completely without makeup, but the model’s skin glowed with a healthy glow, and her eyes seemed more expressive in the frame of long eyelashes.

Model Eliza Hosk chose an unusual hairstyle, but also preferred a neutral make-up – the girl shaded her eyes a little with shades of beige and brown tones, and applied creamy lipstick of a natural color to her lips.

Makeup Nadine Leopold amazed with its freshness and impeccability. The model gave the skin a radiance with a shimmering bronzer – she applied the product under the cheekbones, a little on the forehead and chin (look for the 7 best bronzers here). Nadine’s eyes became more expressive in the frame of fluffy eyelashes, and for the lips the beauty chose a shine of a natural color.

Model Bella Hadid decided to keep up with her colleagues and also tried on makeup in natural colors. But unlike other girls, Bella accentuated her eyes with neat arrows and sharpened her lips with a creamy lipstick.

Text: Anya Sherstneva