16 trendiest hairstyles of spring

From haircuts of Natasha Lyonne in the TV series “Matryoshka” to the elastic bands from the 90s!


The main trend this spring is crazy curls! Ideal if you have bangs that can be curled in different directions without fear of overdoing it with volume. The trend was set by the singer Zendaya and Natasha Lyonne – at the beginning of the year the series “Matryoshka” was released, where the actress does not part with the red super-voluminous curls (if you haven’t watched yet, here here we wrote about why it’s time to fill this gap).

After Natasha and other stellar examples of bangs, even girls with the most unruly hair thought about bangs – those around them will not notice the annoying fluffiness, and you will not think in which direction to comb the bangs so that it looks decent. Another plus of the hairstyle: it is good for hair of absolutely any length (and the shorter, the more fashionable).

Deliberately sloppy bob

It seems to be nothing new, but every year stylists and stars give this hairstyle a second, third, fifth life. Masters, as one say, that clients ask shorter and bolder. This is how the most stylish hairstyle of the season turned out – a sloppy bob that looks great even without styling (Jenna Duan even became more popular thanks to her new image)! The point is the correct haircut, making which the hairdresser takes into account the quality of the hair, volume, texture. Therefore, the main advice is to go to a specialist for a new hairstyle (look for a list of the best Moscow hairdressers here)

French chic

The photo shows a real combo of this spring’s trends: bangs, accessories and bob and bob haircuts. The trend is good for girls with both straight and curly hair. In the first case, you can always curl them with a styler, making a light wave.

Colorful hair

Bright shades return and move from the catwalks to real life. Show stylists Marc Jacobs and Giambattista Valli suggests experimenting with pink and peach hair colors. The former choose a glamorous vintage look, while the latter choose an absolutely magical “mermaid” story with glitter. Both are perfect for summer festivals!

Rubber bands

Bulky elastic bands from the 90s, neon or classic black, with which you casually grabbed a couple of strands for convenience or gathered your hair in a ponytail on the way to the gym – all this is suggested to be worn in everyday life!