5 beauty brands that hit Instagram

From New York Glossier to the Russian brand Mixit. Projects that, thanks to activity on the Internet, have become popular in just a couple of years!



Now for the news of the Glossier brand being watched two million followers on Instagram. The creator of the project, Emily Weiss, has tremendous experience in working with digital projects: it was she who launched the popular beauty blog Into the Gloss, which in the West confidently competes with the digital giants. Glossier became even more successful for Emily. This is both an example of successful branding, work with influencers (the brand is supported by bloggers, gloss editors and stars like the actress and daughter of Diana Ross Tracy and Ellis Ross) and a modern approach to the beauty business. With the help of her Instagram profile, Emily was able to create a huge community of girls who support the philosophy of Glossier: “Skin care first, then makeup.” Skillfully “seasoning” all this with modern design (from packaging to store decoration), the team received a super-demanded brand. In 2018 about him wrote Forbes, and in 2019 The Wall Street Journal published information that Glossier was valued at $ 1.2 billion.

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The founder of the brand is blogger and influencer Negin Mirsalehi, at personal account which has five million Instagram followers. In 2018, Negin was included in the Forbes list of “30 Under 30”, and two years earlier she invested $ 800,000 in her own brand of hair products, Gisou, betting on family continuity: the basis of all Gisou products is honey, which has been extracted for six generations of her family. …

The brand took off thanks to the name Negin and the right marketing. In the official Instagram account, the girl openly talks about her family, uploads not the most ideal photos from the backstage (including family ones) and, of course, supports Gisou fans with reposts!

The brand’s office is located in Amsterdam, where Negin lives. Funds are delivered to Europe and the USA.



The creator of the brand is Jen Atkin, a stylist who is responsible for styling the entire Kardashian family, Hayley Bieber, Bella Hadid and a good half of Hollywood stars. Ouai are all kinds of hair products, from dry shampoos to sunscreen sprays for blondes. Everything is packaged in bottles with a very discreet design and smells incredible. Celebrity support is great, but Ouai is loved by girls around the world for its quality: Jen and her team made sure that all means, without exception, did their job. And correct brand positioning is a nice bonus. Please note that the official Ouai account contains a lot of realistic pictures that seem to have been taken in your bathroom – one of the favorite techniques of the most modern beauty brands.

Herbivore Botanicals


An American skincare brand with clearly defined principles: Vegan, Animal Free, Paraben and Mineral Oil Free. With half a million Instagram users following the brand’s success, which in 2011 was a small kitchen facility in Seattle and an Etsy store, Herbivore Botanicals can now be found on Sephora and Revolve. The brand also became famous thanks to the quartz rollers, which are now produced by every self-respecting beauty brand. At Herbivore Botanicals, they are really very instagramable.



Mixit, unlike previous brands, was invented in Russia. The company is five years old, and now, under the Mixit brand, products for the face, body, hair and decorative cosmetics are produced. The brand has a very large audience on Instagram – three million subscribers! The company is actively working with influencers and produces many photogenic products: mask-films with glitter, drainage brushes and other accessories that just ask for your Instagram feed.

The company recently set a world record for the largest body cream jar in the world, weighing 2,622 kilograms (or 2,856 liters). The record was recorded by a Guinness World Record judge. Mixit even surpassed Nivea: the weight of their cream in 2001 was 1,124 kilograms. The new product smells like cream and sweet pastries at the same time – its release is timed to coincide with the company’s fifth anniversary!