5 life hacks from BeautyHack experts: how to get rid of acne

AKne is one of the most common and unpleasant problems that can instill uncertainty and greatly affect self-esteem. How to get rid of acne and stop worrying about the views of strangers? Similar questions are asked by many women who are struggling with unwanted rashes.

There are situations when a treacherous pimple appeared on the face at the wrong time and you need to get rid of it quickly, reduce redness or make it less noticeable. But if cosmetics and proper care do not work, then it’s time to seek help from a specialist.

The BeautyHack selection contains life hacks from experts that will help get rid of acne on your face.


Editor Natalia Kapitsa claims that getting rid of acne only with the help of cosmetics is impossible. If you want to have beautiful skin without acne and the consequences in the form of marks and scars, you need to completely rethink your diet.

If oily shine on your face is your faithful companion, stick to a special diet that excludes foods that provoke hypersecretion of the sebaceous glands, for example, salty and oily.

Also, to cure acne, add foods containing B vitamins, omega-3s (nuts, vegetable oils, fish) and zinc to your diet. But Natalia advises to refuse dairy products, because they contain proteins that stimulate the production of steroid hormones – they, in turn, can cause hormonal imbalance, which quickly manifests itself on the skin. For more on how editor Natalia got rid of acne, read here

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How to get rid of or reduce the appearance of acne on your face? A few life hacks were shared by the assistant of the editorial office of BeautyHack Arina Zarudko, who learned from her own experience how to deal with such problems.

After analyzing the possible causes of the appearance of rashes, Arina has developed several rules that will help improve the condition of the skin. The most important of them is to drink as much water as possible – it removes toxins and toxins from the body, due to which the body is cleansed both from the inside and outside.

Also, do not forget to regularly change bed linen and towels – most often the skin of the face comes into contact with them, so they should be perfectly clean. With makeup brushes (you will find out which makeup brushes you need here) we encounter at least once a week, so Arina recommends washing your brushes at least once a week.


If you have combination skin, dermatologist Viktoria Honcharuk recommends not forgetting about peeling and using it once a week. It will eliminate dead skin cells and normalize the sebaceous glands, which in turn will lead to a reduction in acne and inflammation.

Peeling will also smoothen the skin, remove scars and acne scars. Of course, to see a noticeable result, you will need to be patient and take care of your skin regularly. Try also adding a rolling peeling to your usual care (you will find the best options for such a peeling here).


Getting rid of the problem of rashes on your own can cause more damage to the skin. Even the standard acne treatment should be tailored individually and only by a specialist.

Doctor-dermatovenerologist Dobrogorskaya Elena claims that antibiotics cannot be considered an effective remedy for acne, and if they are canceled, acne can only get bigger. Therefore, treatment with medications should be prescribed only by a specialist – he will calculate the required dose and duration of admission.


In the fight against uneven tone and traces of acne, a serum with vitamin C will become your assistant – this is a life hack shared by BeautyHack editor Anya Sherstneva. Apply a few drops of the serum in the evening before your regular night cream.

You can treat acne with vitamin C not only with serums, but also by taking vitamin supplements or diversifying your diet with the right foods. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, or ascorbic acid daily as a food supplement.

Text: Diana Snetkova