6 beauty novelties you will need this summer

Ba ronzer of the correct shade, a serum to increase the volume of lips, a bright semi-matte lipstick with a balm texture and other novelties that you should go to the store right now – in the material of the editor-in-chief of BeautyHack Karina Andreeva

Powder Soleil de la Mer, La Mer

Finding the right shade of bronzer is halfway to the perfect makeup for summer. It is important for me that it gives the effect of a light tan and delicate shine and does not redden. I liked the novelty La Mer very much with a light application in a couple of movements and a very beautiful shimmer. I apply it to the protruding parts of the face – cheekbones, T-zone, chin. Sometimes I add it to the neckline. The composition of the product contains the legendary elixir of the Miracle Broth brand. Therefore, the make-up novelty performs not only a decorative function, but also cares for the skin. The product can be easily layered – it gives a delicate effect. And on tanned skin, it looks just perfect and emphasizes a beautiful tan!

Price: 6 500 rub.

Lipstick Crushed Lip Color, The Loulou, Bobbi Brown

In the summer, more often than usual, you can see me with bright lipstick / gloss on the lips. At the same time, this is my secret of express make-up: a light tone, concealer, a little bronzer and bright lipstick. I paint my eyes, as a rule, only for the evening out, because during the day I spend a lot of time in sunglasses. The new Crushed Lip Color collection with a matte finish is just what you need. By the way, this is the result of the brand’s collaboration with the New York designer Ulla Johnson, during which not only lipsticks appeared, but also shining shadows, translucent blush, cream highlighter, lip balm. The limited collection is delicate and airy – perfect for summer! I love lipsticks with a balm texture. Crushed Lip Color is easy to apply in just a couple of strokes, without a pencil and even on the run. It contains vitamins C and E, so the product also cares for delicate skin. Available in four vibrant shades, The Loulou red is my favorite. The tool can be safely layered and updated throughout the day!

Price: 1 900 rub.

Serum SuperSerum, Glamglow

I am always looking forward to new items from the Californian brand (I recently talked about the cool InstaMud mask – you can read link). The serum in my care (I’m 23 years old) is not the most necessary element, but nevertheless it is already becoming necessary. I want the cream to work better, its components penetrate deeper, and the properties are enhanced. Serum SuperSerum consists of six acids (lactic, almond, glycolic, tartaric, salicylic, pyruvic), which can improve skin relief and reduce expression lines. The formula also contains hyaluronic acid, eucalyptus leaves and activated carbon powder. The texture is a light purple gel in a stylish white package with a convenient dispenser: a couple of taps, and the right amount of the product is in your palms. I apply it all over my face in the morning and in the evening. For a week and a half of use, I noticed that the skin became smoother and more radiant, the tone evened out. A healthy complexion, tight pores and healthy skin: what else do you need for a perfect summer look?

Price: 5 990 rub.

Mousse Micro Mousse Treatment Absolute Silk, Sensai

One of the main rules of my care is skin cleansing and subsequent hydration. First, I always wash off my makeup, no matter how tired I come home. Secondly, be sure to apply lotion or mousse. I decided to try the novelty of the Japanese brand Sensai, which is made on the basis of the exclusive Koisbimaru Royal Silk complex. It stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid in the dermis and epidermis. In fact, it is an airy mousse with microbubbles saturated with carbon dioxide. I love that the product thoroughly moisturizes the skin. After application, there is no feeling of tightness – only the softness of the skin, like silk. After a couple of weeks of use, I noticed that the complexion became smoother, and the skin became softer. The product is used sparingly – a couple of peas are enough for the whole face. The packaging is large, so I am sure that I use the tube completely in a few months.

Price: 11 600 rub.

Serum for lips The Lip Volumizer, La Mer

As I wrote above, lip glosses are on my list of top products for summer. An important addition is not always with a color pigment. Light, pale pink or even transparent are my choices. The new La Mer lip serum fulfills the main request – to make lips visually more voluminous. When applied, it gives a slight cooling and even tingling effect, like from menthol. The product is made on the basis of the legendary elixir of the Miracle Broth brand. Perfectly moisturizes and softens delicate skin – in addition to the beautiful visual effect of sensual lips, you receive thorough care. I often use it alongside The Lip Balm with Lime Tea Extract and Miracle Broth Elixir to enhance my skin care effect. By the way, the balm helped me out more than once when my lips were chapped: it soothed delicate skin and promoted rapid healing.

Price for serum: 5 300 rubles.
Price for the balm: 4,700 rubles.

Eye contour cream Prodigy Cellglow, Helena Rubinstein

Alas, patches alone in the care of the skin around the eyes are no longer enough for me. One night with not enough sleep hours – and dark circles are right there. I have been looking for a cream for this zone for a long time, which is suitable for the summer period: it will be as light as possible, but at the same time effective. Prodigy Cellglow from Helena Rubinstein liked the texture of the balm, which is quickly absorbed (you can do makeup right away). Immediately after application, the rose-colored radiance treatment refreshes delicate skin and gives it a healthy look. In the composition – five plant extracts (help relieve puffiness), luminous optical particles and a complex based on natural edelweiss cells (a flower native to the Swiss Alps) Cellular Supreme of Edelweiss (gives a regenerating effect). I have been testing the product for more than two weeks now, I noticed that the puffiness has disappeared, mimic wrinkles have begun to smooth out (yes, I have active lively facial expressions), and the skin around my eyes has regained a healthy glow. At this rate, I will soon forget about concealer!

Price: 12 718 rub.