8 beauty products I fell in love with this spring

MAsuka for successful selfies on Instagram, an updated version of the Candy fragrance from Prada, shampoo for wow-volume and other finds of the outgoing spring – in a new material by the editor-in-chief of BeautyHack Karina Andreeva.

Cream for eye Advanced Night Repair, Estée Lauder

As I already said, the problem of dark circles under the eyes lets me go only for a while. Yes, there are hundreds of cool patches to be found, but the effect is usually temporary. That is why an eye cream has appeared in my beauty menu. Advanced Night Repair is a gel-textured product, but quite rich and dense, I use it as a night mask for the skin around the eyes. This is a triple action cream that perfectly moisturizes and nourishes delicate skin, and most importantly – helps it cope with negative environmental factors and smoothes expression lines. After three weeks of use, I noticed that the dark circles under the eyes became less pronounced, and the skin was hydrated and nourished. It contains yeast extract, thanks to which the cream is able to fight dark circles, an extract of three algae and a complex based on hyaluronic acid for moisturizing for 24 hours and an antioxidant complex (vitamin E) for protection in the city.

Price on request

Face mask InstaMud, GlamGlow

All my wishes have merged in this mask. Wow-effect, the fastest possible use (60 seconds, what more!), Easy application and the result (i.e. purity of the skin), as they say, on the face. Now let’s talk about everything in order. Using a handy dispenser, I generously squeeze the purple gel into my palm and spread it in a thick layer on the face, avoiding the eye area. I catch 60 seconds, on the 15th I hear a hissing sound, on the 20th – I see how the mask begins to foam, on the 25th – I feel a pleasant tingling, which lasts until the mask is removed. Honestly, I really love it when the product somehow reacts on the skin and makes itself felt, so tingling for me means that the mask really works. I wash it off with warm water, additionally go through with a damp towel. Immediately I notice how fresher the skin is, a delicate blush has appeared, in the mirror I see a face with a healthy glow and natural shine. The mask thoroughly cleanses and tightens pores without feeling tight. It contains bentonite and kaolin clay, extracts of witch hazel, aloe vera, licorice root, apple, allantoin and niacinamide. I’m ready for a selfie with the hashtag #nomakeup and go out without makeup!

Price: 3 550 rub.

Eau de parfum Candy Night, Prada

I love the Candy collection since school: sweetish, bright, rich aromas drove me crazy at 16 and today, at 23, they still return to the carefree life of a teenager, where the biggest problem is what dress and perfume to choose for a party. The novelty came in handy – it feels like the perfume has “matured” with me. Bitter orange, iris, patchouli, musk, tonka beans are diluted here with the sound of notes of cocoa. The aroma is deep, sweetish, but not sugary, but still quite persistent: it will withstand a morning work meeting, and lunch, and will remain a pleasant trail by an evening date. But I would still use it for evening outings – it’s not for nothing that it is “Night”, mysterious, sensual and seductive. The novelty will be on sale in May!

Price for 30 ml: 5 450 rubles.

Hair ties Tutti Frutti, invisibobble

I have these rubber bands everywhere! On the hair, on the arm, at home, in the office on the desktop (what else I keep on it – you can spy on here). Since I tried them many years ago, I have not changed: these are, by right, the most comfortable hair clips. Leave without creases and tangles, hold the hairstyles securely and are not torn yet. Made of synthetic resin. And the Tutti Frutti collection with pineapple, cherry, watermelon or lime figurines creates a summer mood.

Price for a set of three elastic bands: 450 rubles.

Eau de parfum Alien Flora Futura, Mugler

But I would wear this truly feminine and spring scent for every day. The perfume combines three characters at once: fresh – with crisp vegetable notes of clover, delicate – with accords of white amber and plum notes of sandalwood, floral – with the flower of the future (epiphyllum). The femininity of the novelty is further emphasized by a beautiful orange-pink bottle with sculptural forms – an additional aesthetic pleasure!

Price for 90 ml .: 8 800 rubles.

Shampoo and conditioner Glutonny, Evo

Another favorite duo for express styling (wrote about others here). Shampoo with an unobtrusive sweetish aroma and consistency that resembles honey, lathers well and cleanses the scalp. Then I distribute the conditioner from the same line for a couple of minutes and rinse it off with warm water. Hair is soft, silky, easy to comb. After them, I personally do not need an additional spray / mousse for volume: I dry my hair with a hairdryer and a skeletal comb. I especially recommend it to those with thin hair: it will work with a bang (several of my friends checked it and were satisfied!). It contains hydrolyzed protein and starch. The products do not contain sulfates and parabens.

Price for shampoo: 1 800 rubles.
Price for air conditioner: 1 800 rubles.

Body Cream, 3LAB

March and April is the time to actively engage your body and prepare it for the summer beach season. And here both nutrition and sports are important, as well as competent and thoughtful skin care. This cream has become my eternal companion to the gym. After a workout, shower and sauna, I apply it on my stomach, buttocks and breeches. It has a texture reminiscent of raspberry yogurt and pleasantly cools the skin when applied. The aroma is spicy, very pleasant, but unobtrusive. According to the results of March, I can say that for a month of use, the skin has become more taut, elastic and at the same time perfectly moisturized. In the composition – orange and coriander (promote the breakdown of body fat), stem cells of the Swiss apple (work as an anti-aging ingredient), sunflower seed oil (to nourish the skin), oat polysaccharides (provide a firming and firming effect). And when I am impatient, I dance with happiness, because the product is absorbed once or twice! The package is large (200 ml) – I’m sure it will last for another month of test drive.

Price: 21 935 rub.

Text: Karina Andreeva