9 trendy haircuts that make you thin

VWe select the best haircuts for each face shape with the stylist of the Main Point beauty salon Tatiana Vasina.

“Hide flaws and emphasize advantages” – an eternal girlish story! About the same and the choice of haircuts for each face shape.

An oval shape is considered ideal – with it a girl can choose any fashionable haircut for her image. The main thing is that it is in harmony with the style and wardrobe.

Round face shape

Avoid short haircuts that are chin-length as they can round out the silhouette even more. The right contrast is important – or undercut with open back and temples or shoulder length, which will visually stretch the rounded shape of the face, thereby bringing it closer to the ideal (options for fashionable haircuts for medium length boos can be found here).

Win-win options – lengthened square to the face and the classics – long hair with a lightweight line… In addition, an airy elongated bangs, which disintegrates along a straight parting, will help to correct a round face. Excessive volume with this type of face will add age.

Rectangular face shape

But for girls with a rectangular face shape volume in the back of the head will come in handy. If this is a haircut for long hair, do not highlight the parting.

Do not style your hair so that your forehead is completely exposed. Thick bangs with rounded corners visually soften the shape of such a face.

It is very fashionable to have a haircut now. “Pixie” – for girls with a rectangular face shape, this haircut is perfect. The bangs in it should be textured and fall on the face.

Triangular face shape

With a triangular face, the forehead should be left open. In short haircuts, it is better to style the hair from the face, and in harmony with this shape will be even the shortest haircuts

If the hair is below the shoulder length, it is worth creating volume in the styling at the jawline. Also, a triangular face shape is suitable haircut in one length with tight lines just above the shoulders

Not only haircuts, but also coloring can correct the shape of the face (according to the trichologist, we wrote about the best conditioners for colored hair here). You can visually expand the face by adding light highlights, and narrow it using darkening.