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LThe younger sun is the best stylist, because it dyes hair so beautifully in lighter shades and places spectacular accents on the curls in the form of burnt-out strands.

But BeautyHack knows how to achieve the effect of sun glare on hair at any time of the year without drying out the curls in the sun.

California highlights – a fashionable technology for gentle hair dyeing, in which the color of the curls smoothly transitions from a darker shade at the roots to a lighter color at the ends – the strands are lightened in several shades at once along the entire length.

Learn about the features of California highlights BeautyHack helped by stylist and founder ON HAIR SALON Ekaterina Konoreva.

How does Californian highlighting differ from the classic one?

Unlike classic highlighting, Californian highlighting is performed without the use of foil – the foil greatly enhances the effect of the clarifying agents, therefore, it severely damages the hair structure. Hair is dyed outdoors with special, more gentle formulations and lightening agents. The result is a natural shade of hair and subtle sun glare, as if you have just returned from a holiday on the sunny coast.

Unfortunately, it cannot be said that California highlighting is an absolutely harmless hair lightening, after all, the strands are exposed to lightening agents. But this is definitely a more gentle way to become blonde when compared to lightening the entire mass of hair (14 facts about hair that you did not know for sure, look here).

Who is California highlighting suitable for?

California highlighting beautifully emphasizes any hair structure, adds movement and volume to the curls, so it will look advantageous on hair of any length. Including on short ones – for example, on haircuts with elongated bangs, in which you can add light highlights just with the help of Californian highlighting.

If we talk about hair color, then the Californian highlighting will definitely like light brown. Often women with this color complain about the dullness and dullness of the natural shade, and such a staining technique will visually make the monochromatic color more voluminous and lively. And the most pleasant thing about California highlighting is that the coloring does not need to be repeated monthly and the overgrown roots are painted over – the hair will grow back completely imperceptibly.

How to care for colored hair to maintain the effect?

For the first two weeks after the California highlight, I recommend using shampoo and other products for colored hair – this way the shade will remain saturated and radiant longer. After two to three weeks, you can add hair restoration products to the treatment and use them already before the next coloring procedure. Be sure to apply a moisturizing or nourishing mask to your hair once a week. Also, do not forget about special lines for the care of bleached hair – purple shampoo or a mask will help get rid of possible yellow pigment and return brightness to blond hair (you will find the rules for caring for dyed hair here).

California highlighting is a complex type of coloring with many nuances and subtleties. If you want to get a really luxurious and natural shade, as well as keep your hair healthy, you should not experiment at home: it is better to entrust your curls to a professional colorist stylist.

Text: Anya Sherstneva