Hair lifting: all pros and cons

EDaily use of a hair dryer or styling products is bad for your hair. Also, due to stress and negative environmental factors, the strands lose their natural shine and become brittle. How to return an attractive look to curls?

A lifting procedure using keratin is a salvation for dry and brittle hair. BeautyHack is about how long the lifting effect will last and how to care for your hair after the procedure.

When do you need a lifting?

The procedure using keratin relieves hair simultaneously from several disadvantages: hair loss, brittleness and dryness. But lifting will be ineffective if the cause of the weakened strands is a lack of vitamins or staining with aggressive paints. How to dye your hair so as not to spoil it, read here

Thanks to a special moisturizing complex, hair lifting will help restore the structure of the curls, also relieve them of dullness and brittleness. And if the hair begins to fall out or the growth of the strands has slowed down, then keratin activates the natural processes of hair growth.

Try lifting after staining. It will also come in handy if you use stylers a lot. How to safely straighten your hair without using a styler, read here

How is the procedure going?

Hair lifting with the help of lifting takes place in several stages: cleansing, applying a keratin mixture, fixing and processing with a special apparatus.

The procedure begins with cleansing the scalp and hair with a special peeling, which reveals the hair scales, after which they are filled with keratin and the process is fixed with a fixative – the hair becomes smooth and obedient.

After applying all the cosmetics, a device resembling an iron is used, but, unlike a conventional styler, it does not heat up. The device has two plates: one produces ultrasound and the other produces infrared radiation. Under the influence of the device, keratin penetrates deep into the hair structure, filling in damaged areas and sealing split ends. After the lifting procedure, the strands become strong and shiny.

Disadvantages of keratin lifting

The disadvantages of the procedure include the following: intolerance to the agent used (the composition may include formaldehyde – a harmful substance), loss of hair volume and a short-term effect if you are used to washing your hair daily (a trichologist told us about how to wash your hair correctly. this material). For some diseases and during pregnancy, hair lifting is contraindicated, therefore, consult a specialist before the procedure.

How to take care of your hair after the procedure?

To prolong the effect after lifting, it is necessary to properly care for the strands. Remember that for the first three days you cannot wash your hair and expose the curls to heat.

Do not wash your hair too often, otherwise the nutrients will quickly wash out.

Use special professional products that contain keratin: then the effect will last up to two times longer. And we wrote about the best keratin shampoos here

Text: Diana Snetkova