how I made a fashionable coloring at Roman Moiseenko

AThe editorial assistant at BeautyHack Arina Zarudko went to the hairdressers club Workshop 42 in order to revive her hair and find out about the main trends in coloring from a top stylist Roman Moiseenko

With the first truly warm rays of the sun, inspiration begins to actively visit me – I want to create and move creative mountains! My inner impulses are often projected onto my exterior. Surely, and at times you are tormented by a condemning voice, repeating that you look boring, you urgently need to change something and so on from this opera. I always listen: after all, the inner awakening simply has to be accompanied by the outer. As the great Coco Chanel said: “If a woman has changed her hair, then she will soon change her life.” I believe in this rule and prove its inviolability in practice.

For two years I was endlessly pursued by the maniacal idea of ​​being a blonde: “Make more light strands, please!” – every now and then my masters heard. Now I looked at myself from a different angle. I have a beautiful golden blonde hair color: maybe it should just be freshened up a little? A fashionable haircut would also not hurt, how long can you wear a straight cut length? For advice on my transformation, I turned to a master in my field – top stylist Roman Moiseenko. We agreed to give my natural color a more golden, warm hue through toning. While Roman was applying paint, I managed to ask him about the key trends in styling and coloring.

“The current trend is naturalness. All beauty brands recommend sticking to the plus / minus natural hair color and creating the most natural look possible. Hypervolume is no longer fashionable, volume is permissible only in those areas where it adjusts the proportion. “

“Bundles, hair ornaments, all kinds of accessories are relevant – there may be too many of them. The main thing is that they do not resemble strange jewelry from the 90s, a la velor elastic band with rhinestones. If they are invisible, they can be concentrated on one side or arranged symmetrically (look for inspiration here) “.

“Pastel shades, transitions, a gradient from a deep color to a lighter one are relevant. All color dyes are in fashion, but not as obvious as ultramarine or fuchsia. As for the shape, this is a short bob, like Irina Shayk’s. Long hair is not in fashion at all, the maximum length is up to the shoulder blades, but not longer. Hair extensions are also not in vogue, but if you do, it should look as natural as possible. “

I asked Roma some important questions about hair care.

Probably the most pressing question for all owners of colored hair: how to care for your hair so that the color does not lose its saturation?

Of course, care should be appropriate – for colored hair. If it is blond, then it is important to use care products for bleached hair (read about the best shampoos for blondes on link).

Blond as a white T-shirt – if you wash it incorrectly, it turns yellow.

It absorbs everything: oils, styling, so it always changes color quickly enough, turns from bright to dull and yellow. Various factors are important – even water, for example. In Moscow, water contains a huge amount of chlorine, and chlorine dries and turns yellow hair. The two main rules for preserving color are proper care and regular lightening. Porous hair does not hold dye very well because the hair scales are exposed. Therefore, before dyeing, I apply a special structure Equalizer from Goldwell: it helps to prepare the hair for dyeing.

We use the Colorance dye from Goldwell: it does not give a lightening background, but allows you to keep the natural color intact, just tint it and neutralize nuances such as yellowness. After staining, the color will grow back very softly, you will not see a transition. That is, there will be no band that requires regular correction.

What about those girls who are afraid to do staining out of prejudice about the harmfulness of dyes?

Dyes improve the structure of the hair, making it smoother and shinier. Leaving, of course, is also of great importance. As long as there is no gray hair, you can afford a huge number of stains that do not require monthly correction, including balayage.

Do not be afraid to dye your hair: you have to go and do it!

An interesting fact is that there is seasonality in the choice of coloring. By the summer you always want something lighter. Even the most inveterate brunettes think of highlighted strands. In autumn and winter, I prefer to do deeper, juicy colors: honey, brown, red. In summer, of course, I recommend blond. By the way, in winter women have more desire to cut their hair, the reason is the eternal mess on their heads from hats. But a haircut does not solve the problem, and it needs to be dealt with anyway.

When it came to haircuts, I was tormented by a dilemma: leave my boring straight cut or try light graduation. She did not torture me for long. In everyday styling, I strive for one thing – for volume, and this is a story about graduation. In the case when the hair is heavy, like mine, and of the same length, there can be no question of any natural volume. And if the strands are graduated, they “take” the entire volume onto themselves. In addition, such a haircut looks insanely stylish, even if you just fluff your hair with your hands and add a little styling.

Here’s what Roman thinks about this:

“You have a lot of hair, you can afford both a cascade and a graduation. Girls who do not have a lot of hair dream of an even cut so that their hair looks thick and voluminous. It is necessary to take into account both the shape and the coloring. If we are talking about one-color coloring, it does not matter if it is a blonde or a brunette, then it is better to do haircuts with a dense perimeter: bob, long bob, haircuts with one length. If we talk about balayazh, shatush and everything else that implies glare and strands, then in this case it is better to do a graduation. It is in the graduation that these strands look more advantageous, flow from one to another. If you mainly wear curls, then the graduation is necessary because if the hair is cut to the same length, there will be no volume. In any case, don’t forget about texturizing spray or powder. “

At the end of my visit, Roman conjured me an incredible styling with a cosmic volume that looked natural! He did this with hairspray, ironing and texturing spray (here Roman talks about how to avoid common styling mistakes). Before making a curl, he sprayed a little varnish on the lock – a life hack that I took note of. I can’t overlook the fact that my hair looks healthier and shinier – a result that I will strive to fix with all my efforts.

All my expectations were justified headlong, I flew out of the salon refreshed and happy. The styling, by the way, lasted two days, and I still have a great mood (is this not the best confirmation of the axiom – “Happiness is in the little things”). Still, Mademoiselle Chanel’s golden rule works – I am sure that very soon amazing changes await me, because the beginning has already been made!

Text: Arina Zarudko