how photo epilation changes my life

Hthe second month of my testing has begun photoepilator Lumea BRI956 (and at the same time the smoothness of my arms, legs and upper lip area!). I wrote about my first acquaintance with this magical device and the principle of operation here

Let me remind you of my situation: I have dark and rather coarse hairs and fair skin. I remove the hairs with a razor before the procedure so that the flash goes to the root of the hair and actively affects the melanin, and does not dissipate into the hair itself.

It’s great that the photoepilator can be used wirelessly! It is very convenient and there is no need to be “tied” to an outlet. But when I work with large areas of the body, I use a wired one: it increases the speed of flash generation (watch the video for yourself!), The process is faster and more efficient. On average, photoepilation of both legs takes about nine minutes, each arm takes about five minutes, and the area above the upper lip takes about two minutes. And I am glad that no pain-relieving gels or dark glasses are needed – the procedure is painless and safe.

I repeated the procedures every two weeks – this is exactly what is recommended according to the instructions. During the period of starting to work with the device, experts recommend returning to it regularly every 14 days. I have already had two sessions of photoepilation, I will be doing the third soon!

Probably, about fifty percent of the hair on the arms and legs has already stopped growing, and the remaining half grows much more slowly – the effect is obvious.

Philips Lumea app, which I talked about in detail here, constantly reminds of the planned procedures (I set a reminder for the day BEFORE). It is very convenient and important (considering the cyclical nature of hair growth) – you will not forget and will not miss the next session of home photoepilation.

I have already noticed the effect – the hair, in principle, began to grow slower than usual (it used to grow back in 3-4 days, but now the process takes more than ten days).

Another story with the upper lip – there are fewer hairs, in my opinion, another 1-2 sessions of photoepilation, and I will forget about this problem for at least 6 months (the device provides an effect up to six months).

I am delighted with the attachments (there are 4 of them) – they repeat the curves of the body, they are very comfortable to use. And it’s great that there are separate attachments for delicate skin areas – by the way, they come with a built-in additional filter for protection.

After choosing the attachment, I turn on the device, press the magnifying glass button (this is the Smart Skin sensor) and bring it to the area I plan to work with. The device itself selects the desired intensity – I have 4 (there are 5 of them). Then I press the button with the “Confirm” checkbox, hold the device at an angle of 90 degrees to the skin surface, press it firmly and as soon as the “ready” indicator comes on from behind (this, in principle, only happens if the device is correctly pressed against skin), I press the flash.

I remember the first time I pressed this button with a sinking heart, expecting it to hurt! But in reality – pleasant warmth from the device even at intensity 4. And it’s great that random flashes are simply impossible: everything is thought out to the smallest detail!

There is also a very important psychological point (I know that many girls will understand me!). A long time ago, before I started epilation in salons, I was insanely embarrassed to undress in front of a stranger, especially when it comes to delicate areas. As a result, I got used to it, I found my master, but it also happens that he goes on vacation, and you urgently need a procedure. It is psychologically difficult to go to a new person (but you have to!). In my opinion, home hair removal is an excellent and effective solution to this problem as well. With it, you yourself control the process, so you can relax and take everything into your own hands. Detailed expert answers to common questions about hair removal can be found here

I still can’t get enough of it: there are no ingrown hairs, no pain, no inflammation, no irritation. No need to sign up for salons, guess the time, spend money.

I don’t believe I finally found a painless, effective and safe way to epilate! A month of testing exceeded my expectations, and then more and better. I’m sure I’ll be sporting perfectly smooth skin on the beach this summer!

Text: Karina Andreeva

Thank you hotel Swissotel Red Hills for help in organizing the shooting!