How to apply the concealer? 10 main life hacks

TOHow to choose shades of correctors and concealers, how to apply products, and which is better: dry correctors or cream sticks – make-up artists and BeautyHack experts answer.

Ernest Muntaniol, Chanel’s leading makeup artist in Russia

Apply the concealer and foundation after you have done your eye makeup.

Dry shadows (both loose and compact) when applied to the eyelids crumble – this is especially noticeable when working with dark shades. They fix very quickly on the damp surface of the foundation or concealer – it is almost impossible to remove them. I advise you to first create a dark and expressive eye makeup, not paying attention to the shadow particles on the skin. Then remove these pigments with a damp cotton pad. Apply a moisturizing serum and start distributing your foundation and concealer. This sequence will create the perfect and fresh tone.

The corrector for the area around the eyes should have a pink undertone

There is an opinion that the corrector for the area around the eyes should be one or two shades lighter than the main tone: it will hide fatigue and refresh the look. As a result, the skin around the eyes becomes light and pale – we pay attention only to this. The pink corrector with fine, subtle shining particles that reflect and refract the light falling on them is able to refresh the face and give it a rested look.

Work on eyelids with concealer before applying eyeshadow

Before the eyeshadow, apply a small amount to your eyelids using a natural bristle blending brush. Using the concealer, we not only even out the tone, but also create a light, slightly damp base so that the color pigment and texture are better fixed.

Nati Lambant, makeup artist and columnist at BeautyHack

Do not apply a thick layer of concealer under the eyes, otherwise it will roll off into wrinkles

The coating should be very thin and delicate. To do this, I use my fingers or a fluffy brush – choose the tool that is convenient for you personally and allows you to blend the product as discreetly as possible, while hiding the bruises.

If it seems to you that one layer is not enough, wait for it to fix and apply a second layer on top. It is clear that not all products can be easily layered, so I use the High Precision Retouch by Giorgio Armani. It is very light, comes in four shades and is completely invisible on the skin when applied successively.

Julia Petkevich-Sochnova, author of the blog BeButterfly and columnist at BeautyHack

Choose the color of the corrector based on the problem

I’ll tell you about the Smashbox Color Correcting Stick as an example. Smashbox Color Correcting Stick cream concealers are available in pencil format, and in Russia they are available in three shades: lavender, peach and green. This option is more convenient than the usual palettes, because do not stain hands and / or hands, because they can be applied directly to the problem area immediately with the stick. Peach color is aimed at hiding dark circles under the eyes, green fights redness, and lavender fights painful yellowish tinge.

Alisa Ostrovskaya, founder of the Youarewow makeup school

Concealers do not need to be smeared on the skin with a brush

Therefore, transfer the product to the skin with a brush, and then “hammer” it in with your fingertips (especially if the composition contains reflective particles). Do not apply powder on top. If the skin under the eyes is sensitive and thin, apply the minimum of the corrector almost to the mucous membrane.

For anti-age makeup, apply concealer to the tear duct

With age, it goes down, age-related changes are more noticeable. They can be masked with a corrector by gently driving in the product with your finger.

Ekaterina Ponomareva, leading makeup artist at MAC in Russia and the CIS

Wash your brushes after applying concealer

I apply the concealer with the MAC 224 Tapered Blending Brush: the dense texture is distributed in an even layer, the movements are light and fast. Natural fine bristles absorb the right amount of the product and are easy to clean. Do not forget to wash the brush after each application – the cured concealer sticks together the hairs and harms the condition of the brush.

Elena Krygina, star makeup artist, blogger

Dry concealers vs cream sticks

I make light corrections with the Smashbox Contour Kit three-color palette. Of course, sometimes you can indulge in cream sticks, but I still go back to dry products – they do not mix with the foundation, they are easier to shade, their shades are always colder.

Tip: Buy a normal brush for correction. The one that comes with the palette can be thrown away immediately – it is too soft.

Daria Iodel, top make-up artist, champion in the nomination “Creative Makeup WBF 2016”

Choose corrective products in cool shades

To correct cheekbones, many girls choose dark and at the same time warm colors. But for the cold color type of Slavs, they play against. For us, undertones without red shading are relevant.