how to get rid of stretch marks on the body?

MIs it possible to get rid of stretch marks on the body? How (and should you) do it at home? Which is more effective: injection methods or laser resurfacing? Explains dermatologist and cosmetologist Valentina Murga.

Why do stretch marks appear?

Stretch marks (or stretch marks) are atrophic scars that appear as a result of sharp fluctuations in weight, stretching of the skin during pregnancy and lactation, active growth during adolescence, hormonal diseases. The reason for their blue-red color is paresis (weakening of work) of the blood vessels. Therefore, all procedures aimed at reducing stretch marks are based on stimulating blood circulation.

Stretch marks often appear in girls in position and in nursing mothers. But during pregnancy and lactation, it is not so easy to deal with them, because not everything is allowed. For example, mesotherapy is fraught with allergies in mothers and children. During this period, physiotherapy methods such as laser resurfacing will be the safest.

There is an opinion that in the presence of a predisposition to stretch marks during pregnancy can not be avoided. But even if your mom is unlucky, you shouldn’t give up. Wear bandages and do not neglect stretch marks cosmetics that contain hyaluronic acid and vitamins. They stimulate blood circulation in the abdomen and chest – places that feel the greatest stress during this period. Apply the product with light massaging movements using a glove.

To avoid allergies, use proven creams and lotions from Mustela, Thalion, Lierac, Weleda, Clarins or natural oils that do not cause you allergic reactions (coconut oil and cocoa butter perfectly moisturize the skin).

How to get rid of stretch marks using hardware technology?

There are several methods for reducing stretch marks: injection, physiotherapy (laser resurfacing), as well as therapeutic massages using creams and peels. It should be understood that it will not be possible to achieve complete elimination of stretch marks. The maximum result is to reduce them by 70%.

Laser resurfacing is good for reducing fresh reddish stretch marks. The advantages of the technique are the absence of side effects (do not go to the solarium or the beach after sanding to protect yourself from the appearance of pigmentation) and the rare frequency of procedures (once every one and a half months).

Laser resurfacing can also reduce old stretch marks on the body. It is sometimes combined with plasma therapy. Native (liquid) plasma is taken from the patient and injected under the stretch marks, which are then polished with a laser. The risk of allergies is also very low here, since its own plasma is used. This means that the method can be used during lactation. Even if the patient has done just one procedure, the stretch marks will not develop further.

Removal of stretch marks on the body with peels: yes or no?

Creams and peels stimulate protein formation, but due to their modest effectiveness, they have not gained wide popularity. Alas, when the cream is applied, only 5-10% of the substance gets into the dermis.

Injection treatments

Injection methods involve the introduction of meso-cocktails (with a needle or roller), collagen-based preparations (such as collost) or hyaluronic acid under the skin. They stimulate neocollagenesis (the ability of protein to self-form in tissues). For example, collost contains collagen extracted from the dermis of cattle and improves the quality of the skin. Before such a procedure, an intradermal allergy test must be performed, and after two weeks the doctor will assess the effect. If the sample is negative, injections can be given.

If you have chosen mesotherapy, consider the possibility of allergic reactions to multicomponent meso cocktails. All of them contain vitamin complexes and drugs that stimulate blood circulation. Usually, before carrying out such procedures, the doctor collects an anamnesis, clarifies whether you are allergic to vitamins of group B, C and niacin. The likelihood of allergies is higher here than with the introduction of, for example, only hyaluronic acid.

Mesotherapy reduces both fresh and old scars. Before the procedure, an anesthetic is applied to the skin, and then injections are injected 1-2 mm under it (lasts about 30 minutes). During the day, refrain from taking a bath, going to the pool and sauna, playing sports, do not wipe the injection sites with chlorhexidine.

Another way to improve the condition of the skin in the abdomen is to install mesothreads. The threads are designed to strengthen and thicken the tissues and are good when excess skin forms on the abdomen after childbirth. In this case, the result of the procedure can be assessed only three weeks after the procedure.

When compiling an individual program of procedures, I always take into account the person’s lifestyle, his hobbies, pain threshold. For example, if a girl has just finished breastfeeding and wants to reduce stretch marks, then she will need to come for mesotherapy injections once a week. Will she be able to leave her child so often? Often, patients do not make it to the second session – and the result is not the same.

How to get rid of stretch marks on the body using mesothreads: a real review

Young mother Olga Drobysh tells: “During pregnancy, I gained 33 kg, and ten months after giving birth I dropped 38 kg, so I was happy with my new weight. But not the quality of the skin: there is too much of it on the stomach. After unsuccessful trips to beauty salons, where I was advised only procedures using creams for stretch marks, I finally got to the medical center. Now I understand that only a professional doctor can solve this problem. For example, in the salon I was told that I needed to do the procedures right after giving birth so as not to start the situation. In fact, it was necessary, on the contrary, to wait two years: all this time the body is recovering. You can help him by playing sports. In the clinic BALT MED (St. Petersburg) I was offered three procedures: mesothreads in the abdomen to eliminate folds, collost injections from stretch marks and to strengthen skin tone and plasma therapy. I refused the latter: the very process of donating blood, and then introducing it to other places is not for me.

I decided on the procedure six months after the consultation and two years after giving birth. At the second examination, the doctor noticed that in six months the folds became less and the stretch marks got tanned during the holidays – this is a good sign. Mesothreads became the first session. They put me on a chair, applied anesthesia (cream) and began to inject needles. Out of 30 needles, six I did not feel at all (this happens in places of accumulation of fat), the other six were very painful (these are the areas of muscles, thin skin and in the navel area).

In moments of the most unpleasant pain, the doctor distracted her with stories that in Korea (where this technique came from) they can inject up to 1,000 needles into the stomach and 300 into the face. The whole procedure took just over an hour. On this day, the doctors checked if I was allergic to collost in order to prepare for the next stage. The first two days, healing was accompanied by a slight tingling sensation in the abdomen and small bruises. So far there have been no cardinal changes, but I can already see the difference ”.