How to get rid of wen: tips from a beautician

VRach-dermatologist Victoria Britko told what adipose (lipomas) are, what are the reasons for the formation and why they cannot be treated with folk methods.

What where When?

Lipoma (wen) is a benign formation with clear boundaries, consisting of fat cells. They can appear on any part of the body: face, arms, back, inner side of the forearm. When pressed, the wen does not hurt. In most cases, they are localized under the skin and do not invade soft tissue. Fat can appear at any age in both women and men.

Scientists have not yet figured out the nature of these formations. The alleged causes of their appearance: heredity, vitamin deficiency, lack of protein in the diet, lipid metabolism disorders, bad habits, past injuries, and others.

Studies have shown that lipomas most often begin to form after 40. Although at 20 no one is safe from them. Subcutaneous fat does not cause any discomfort – this is a cosmetic problem. But you need to control their “behavior”. If the lipoma is actively growing and its size reaches more than 5 cm, you need to see a doctor. With a large diameter, it interferes with normal blood circulation in the tissues – it must be removed.

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Types of lipomas

Lipofibroma. A benign tumor, consisting mainly of adipose tissue. It is slow in growth and does not cause any discomfort.

Fibrolipoma… This type of wen is almost 100% fibrous tissue. Unlike lipofibroma, it is harder to touch.

Myolipoma… Formation consisting of muscle and adipose tissue.

Angiolipoma… It most often occurs in men closer to 50 and manifests itself as a knot in the limb area. It is formed from adipose tissue and may include fragments of blood vessels.

There are also other types of lipomas localized in internal organs and tissues.

Why do lipomas form and how to recognize them?

Most often, adipose tissue is formed in cases of lipolysis disorders – the process of destruction of adipose tissue. The starting factor can be: diabetes mellitus, dysfunction of the thyroid gland, hypofunction of the pituitary gland.

Lipoma is a mobile tumor. It is easily palpable, and the palpation process is not accompanied by pain. An exception is wen located along the nerve fiber. When you press on such a lipoma, a person will feel pain.

All wen have one feature: they do not decrease in size during the process of losing weight. When a lipoma is detected, the patient is assigned a number of examinations: ultrasound diagnostics, magnetic resonance imaging and others (prescribed by a doctor and selected individually!). If it is necessary to establish the nature of the tumor, a specialist may prescribe a biopsy.

How to get rid of wen?

Forget about folk methods! At best, they won’t work. At worst, they will harm your health. The lymphoma should be removed by a doctor. Today it is done in several ways: by surgery, laser, ultrasound. Also, wen can be removed by the method of radio wave destruction and radiosurgery.

If there are many lipomas on the body in different parts of the body, only large ones are removed! First, the patient undergoes tests, receives advice from an immunologist, endocrinologist, surgeon, and only after that a treatment program is selected for him.

After removing the wen, the patient must follow a special diet. He is also shown taking vitamins and lipolytic enzymes.

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