Lip concealer and other unusual beauty products from Korea

TPatches, face contours, peeling socks, tattoo tints – what other cosmetics have surprised K-Beauty adherents in recent years?

Face contour mask

Now such masks are ubiquitous, but they were invented in South Korea. The task of each such remedy is to delay age-related changes, which are primarily noticeable precisely on the neck and chin. And given that many people forget or completely ignore these areas in their daily care, masks have come in handy.

The components of all products, plus or minus, are the same: collagen, caffeine, hyaluronic acid, nourishing oils and vitamins. It is convenient that the lifting mask is attached behind the ears, pulling on the chin, this provides a secure fit – it will definitely not slip anywhere. Here here BeautyHack expert dermatovenerologist Angelica Uzhva tested a similar mask, but from the Russian manufacturer Ciel – and she liked it too!

Cleansing silk cocoons for problem skin Blackhead Silk Finger Ball, Сosrx

True to its principle of “Expecting Tomorrow”, the Korean brand Сosrx releases new product after new product, which sometimes become bestsellers on, then fall into the short lists of all famous beauty awards. Cocoons, on the other hand, found themselves in the reviews of beautholics due to their unusual appearance. Created from natural silk fiber, the balls help clear blackheads from the skin. Interestingly, the product is reusable: put the “cocoon” in warm water for 2-3 minutes, then put it on your finger and work on the problem area, after use, rinse it in plain water and dry it. This trick can be done 2-3 times – then you will have to get rid of the beauty product. The cleansing effect is achieved due to a simple but effective composition: silk “cocoons” are composed of two proteins – fibroin and sericin – they cleanse areas with blackheads and remove dead particles – so the manufacturer promises.

Anhydrous system for cleansing pores Pig Clear Blackhead 3-Step Kit (No Water), Holika Holika

Keep kids away from screens: these are not stickers, but plasters to remove blackheads. The set includes three plasters-masks: the first opens the pores, the second removes impurities, the third soothes the skin. This format is not new for Holika Holika. The brand loves to release patches in a cheerful design for sos situations: in addition to plasters, they came up with mini-patches for the cheeks (if you suddenly blush) and patches that mask local inflammation.

Gel patches for lips

Nowadays, you won’t surprise anyone with XL size gel lips, but five years ago, a new product from the K-Beauty range made a lot of noise and cheered up Instagram. The task of the patches is to moisturize the lips, making them even and smooth, due to the marine collagen in the composition. Now the most popular copies are produced by Etude: the brand has pink patches with cherry extract and yellow patches with honey. Conveniently, all such products are much larger than the lips, so they also take care of the thin skin around them. Recommended if you are going to wear matte lipstick in the most unforeseen weather.

If you are not ready to go with an incomprehensible accessory, test night masks in the form of creams that are applied only to the lips.

Night cream in the form of salmon caviar Royal Salmon Egg Sleeping Mask, Besolbo

Nobody would be surprised if the Korean brand Besolbo put real eggs in a cream jar. But the realistic model also helped the brand shoot – it became popular precisely because of this anti-age cream. “Eggs” are capsules with niacinamide, adenosine, extracts of brown algae, calendula, asiatica, chamomile, collagen, peptides and hyaluronic acid. Caviar extract, which is considered a powerful antioxidant, is also found in it. For one application you only need two capsules: “pop” them in your hands and distribute them on the skin – a convenient way to calculate the dosage!

PACKage Monthly New Feet Foot Pack Exfoliating Socks

There are various legends about this tool. If you start reading the reviews of daredevils who have tried socks right now, you will come across conflicting opinions: someone does not see the effect, but someone is faced with a real process of “molting”. Ideally, it should be like this: you put on socks with a special impregnation, walk in them for 60 minutes, wash off the composition, and after two or three days, the skin on your legs begins to gradually renew. The composition of all such products is aggressive: in the first place is alcohol, then acids, however, the list is closed by the usual fruit extracts and oils.

Toner-pads for sensitive skin One Step Green hero Calming Pad, Сosrx

Toner pads were invented by the Cosrx brand, greatly facilitating the system of daily care. These are cotton pads already impregnated with a special compound. There are three types of toner pads: for problem, dry and sensitive skin – depending on this, the composition of the impregnation changes. For example, discs for sensitive skin are dipped in water made from camellia leaves, tea tree leaves, witch hazel, and Asiatica Centella extract. Use instead of a tonic or as a mask, applying to problem areas for 5-7 minutes.

Concealer for lips Face Mix Primer Lip Concealer, Tony Moly

This is the same base for lip makeup, but presented by Korean manufacturers with a different sauce. Concealer is applied before lipstick or tint to smooth the surface of the lips. Outwardly, it resembles a foundation – it even mattifies the lips, slightly hiding the natural pigment (so you need just a pea of ​​the product). One of its tasks is to increase the durability of the lipstick that you apply on top. It is also good because it protects the lips from dryness and serves as a kind of intermediate link between the skin and the cosmetic.

Splash masks

Splash masks have been in the industry for several years. They were enthusiastically received by lovers of Korean cosmetics, and foreign brands took note of the idea. So now even Avon has such tools. Splash masks are, in general terms, a mix of tonic and acid peeling. When choosing a mask, carefully look at the composition. It will definitely contain acid for exfoliating and renewing the skin, and the rest of the components are selected depending on the purpose: moisturize, lighten, remove inflammation. Most often, splash masks are presented in liquid form – such products can be applied in at least five ways (pre-dissolve in water, apply the “clean” composition to the skin with patting movements, add to the bathroom, wipe the skin with a cotton pad with a splash mask – the greater the concentration of the product , the stronger the peeling effect will be). But there are also more complex variations – Mizon made masks in the form of a powder that needs to be dissolved in water.

Lip tints

Outwardly, this is an ordinary gel-like tint: it is applied to the lips in a dense layer, and after 5 minutes it turns into a film that must be removed. Pigment remains under it, which is absorbed into the lips – the feeling as if your natural shade has become much richer! Secret Key, for example, released the Chubby Jelly Tint Pack in five colors – and they all really look bright on the lips. Only one thing: apply the product to moisturized lips, without peeling and wounds, otherwise you can injure them by removing the film.

Melting Patches Focuspot Wrinkle Melting Patch, Dr. Jart +

Korean cosmetics brand Dr. Jart + offered to look at patches in a new way: now they are not only suitable for different zones, but also melt right on the skin. The collection includes fighters against dark circles under the eyes, flaking and wrinkles. Anastasia Speranskaya, senior editor at BeautyHack, tried the latter: “Why are melting patches good? They quickly and effectively deliver the active ingredients, penetrating deeply into the skin when dissolved, creating a protective film on the face that prevents dehydration. Wrinkle Melting Patch also contains a special anti-wrinkle complex – with adenosine and licorice root extract at the top. It is necessary to apply the product in two stages: first, patches-films on the problem area (nasolabial folds, forehead, under the eyes), then – patches-masks soaked in thick essence. After 20 minutes, the film will dissolve, wrinkles will be noticeably smoothed out, and the skin in the problem area will become elastic, tightened and moisturized. “