Secrets of harmony of Elena Krygina

ELena Krygina travels all over the country with master classes and lectures, the schedule is scheduled every minute, but the makeup artist finds time to visit the gym and proper nutrition.

Elena Krygina

Elena Krygina

Star makeup artist, blogger

I eat fully 3 times a day – I have breakfast, lunch and dinner, but I have a norm – I never overeat. Many girls live in constant stress – they “break down” and eat everything, then urgently lose weight and starve. My secret is to be in the middle all the time – not to limit myself, but always to know when to stop.

Skip empty calories

I do not like sweets at all, in this sense I was lucky. The basic rule is not to eat empty calories. For breakfast, instead of some granola (these are sugar, emulsifiers and carbohydrates), it is better to eat a plate of vegetable borscht. And I also advise you to drink a teaspoon of olive and flaxseed oil in the morning – it accelerates metabolism and is good for the skin (we wrote about how to speed up metabolism here).

You can always get to the gym

I go to the Dr. Loder on Belorusskaya is convenient because it works around the clock. I can go there right away from the airport – even at night, it’s not a problem for me. I am a busy person, but I always find time for fitness (if you lack motivation, then here (see tips for loving sports).

No need to work with large weights

It seems to me that the girl does not need a relief – the figure should be fit and slender, but not “swayed”. My rule of thumb is to do more reps with low weights rather than smaller ones with high weights. Of course, everyone has their own beauty, but I like it when the girls are thin, fragile, and for this you need to be careful with the weight.

Do lunges

The best exercise for slimming legs is lunges. I just “kill” myself with them. My gym is pretty long – I put on weights and do a few laps. The main thing is to throw your leg high – a coach once taught me this. Another great leg trainer is the escalator. Climb the stairs until you have enough strength.

Sport is a necessity

I have been playing sports for many years, but I have never learned to have fun. I just hate it! I am surprised at people who say: “I like to feel my body so much!” What do you have in mind? Muscle pain in the morning? For me, the gym is suffering and hard work, but you have to force yourself if you want to be beautiful and fit. If I could keep fit without fitness, I would never do it!

Dress warmly

I notice that many girls go to the gym very smart – leggings with support for the buttocks, sexy tops … I don’t think about it at all. If the goal is to lose weight, then dress warmly. I have regular black leggings, a Nike fiber T-shirt, a warm Kenzo sweatshirt, and compression socks. You need to sweat a lot during your workout!