Spring! 7 rules of a fashionable hairstyle from Alexander Todchuk

O Alexander Todchuk, the leading Russian stylist and author of the Smart Haircut technology, talks about trends in fashionable hairstyles this season.

Alexander Todchuk

Alexander Todchuk

Leading Russian stylist

“Smart haircut”

The hairdressing trends of this spring are natural and natural. These qualities can be successfully emphasized only if your hair length is brought to the correct proportions and shape. The basis and base of any fashionable hairstyle is a quality haircut.

Of course, if you go to a beauty salon to see an experienced stylist, they will give you a fashionable styling, even if you haven’t cut your hair for a long time. But what will you do with your hair at home? That is why, for me, the most important aspect in fashionable hairstyles is “smart haircut” – the author’s technology, in which the hair takes on a shape that can be emphasized without complex and lengthy manipulations.

Structured strands

Straight hair has almost completely gone out of fashion. Hollywood curls are now also irrelevant, curlers can be safely hidden until the next seasons. Slightly curly, as if crumpled strands are in trend, which are created with the help of curls, irons and structuring sprays, for example, with the effect of “sea salt”.

Length by volume

When styling your hair, you do not need to strive for strongly raised roots, especially at the temples. Uniform volume along the entire length of the hair is in vogue. This effect is achieved with a light fleece along the length or beating the strands.

Creative chaos

Smoothly combed strands, neat curls of curls, clear lines in the parting – all this is no longer relevant. Deliberately emphasized naturalness, unruly hair and light creative mess are in fashion. Looking at your styling, people should have the thought: “She just woke up, didn’t really comb her hair, but she looks very cool!”.

Why do these seemingly tousled hairstyles look so well-groomed and graceful? Behind the apparent simplicity, there is meticulous work on the details and structure of the hair! If you look closely, you will notice that the loose and careless strands of bangs are specially released and processed with a curling iron. And the hair, collected in a regular ponytail, is pre-treated with styling and very successfully retains the raised volume at the crown.

Clean head

Yes, this is an important rule, especially in the context of the above hairstyle trends! Slightly tangled and curly strands are in fashion. They are created using a wide variety of styling products. “Why should I wash my hair after styling, because the next day I can correct everything with styling,” some girls think. How wrong they are! You will not get beautiful structured strands if you apply styling in layers to already stained hair.

Like Brigitte Bardot

The hairstyle worn by Bardo is suddenly returning to fashion. But, of course, in a new and modernized version. The hairstyle was included in the new collection of hairstyles “Spring-Summer 2017” of the salons “Alexander Todchuk Studio”, which we created in collaboration with my colleague, the famous stylist Konstantin Kochegov.

What has changed in the famous Bebetta? There is no need to aim for too high a height in this installation. An important detail – the hair is not raised at the back of the head, the volume starts almost from the forehead area. The strands are collected at the back, but some of them remain loose, falling over the shoulders and face. This style is ideal for medium length hair.

“Thoughtful chaos” on short haircuts

If you have short hair, you don’t need to brush it in one direction. Do not try to “argue” with the direction of hair growth, which is laid by nature. On the contrary, accentuate it with matting paste and a light gel. This spring, tousled bangs and strands chaotically going in different directions are welcome in short haircuts. Smooth shapes and a cool wave on short hair are appropriate for evening styling.

And in conclusion, I will give one more important advice: try to choose a hairstyle for your image, and not for existing trends. Each person has his own unique style, which consists of how he moves, talks, what facial expressions, gestures, temperament he has, what clothes he prefers.

If you are a modest and neat “gymnasium student” who prefers a strict business suit, you should not try to pretend to be a creative person with confused locks on your head. In this case, the hairstyle will look alien and unnatural on you, like clothes from someone else’s shoulder. When choosing a hairstyle, always focus on your image, personality and inner state!

Author: Veronica Shur