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MCan wash soap replace foam or even hydrophilic oil? What components to look for in proven tools? And why is tar soap in the past?

Marseille soap Savon Liquide, Concept Provence

Choice of BeautyHack Editor-in-Chief Karina Andreeva

A very interesting composition of soap: it attracted by its simplicity, lightness and consistency. It contains only a few components: water, coconut (cocos nucifera oil) and palm (elaeis guineensis oil) oils, sodium hydroxide and sodium chloride. The main ingredient is palm oil. When we analyzed this tool with expert Angelica Baklaga (all analysis of funds can be read here), she explained that palm oil can both saponify (decompose when exposed to water or alkali) and saponify other oils (in this case, coconut).

What is the plus of this tool? Due to its simple, light composition and oils, the soap delicately cleanses the skin surface without drying it out. It does not wash the skin “to a full squeak”, which is very cool, but unusual for the consumer. Together with dirt, it does not wash away the protective lipid layer, thereby preventing drying out. Also, there is no thick foam here – the soap is 100% natural.

Price: about 1,000 rubles.

Black face soap with charcoal, Erborian

The choice of BeButterfly blog author and BeautyHack columnist Yulia Petkevich-Sochnova

In the black-black room, you can find the black-and-black Erborian Coal range, which includes black cleansers. There is also Erborian bar soap for the face – it deeply and efficiently cleanses the skin. I love to use it after a day on my feet around the city and before applying masks. It is consumed so sparingly that, I think, one piece will be enough, if not for the whole life, then half for sure!

Price: 1 350 rub.

White soap with lactobacilli and sponge konnyaku, Black Paint

Editor’s Choice BeautyHack Sofia Vorobyova

For most people, just the thought of cleansing the face with lumpy soap, there is an acute desire to apply the cream fatter. But the Japanese brand Black Paint offers a new look at soap.

To use this remedy, you need a whole ritual: put the soap in a bowl of warm water and wait about a minute. When it becomes soft and creamy, you can cleanse your face – and this should be done in circular movements for no longer than 30 seconds. The kit includes a sponge for konnyaku – a sponge made from the roots of an Asian plant. By the way, in Japan, Korea and China, konnyaka has been used for washing for more than 1500 years – and now it is clear why. The sponge creates a light peeling effect, but thanks to the silk powder in its composition, it does not irritate the skin – even sensitive skin like mine. The face after washing is very soft and smooth – this is the merit of the lactobacilli in the soap. They produce lactic acid, which helps flush out toxins and support the skin’s immune defenses.

The price of both funds: 800 rubles.

Black detox soap for washing “Concretely clean”, Organic Kitchen

Editor’s Choice BeautyHack Julia Kozoliy

Organic Kitchen “jars” remind me of a candy with a surprise: you chew it, and inside are exploding bubbles with sourness. So it is with means: each is a new emotion. Either the shower gel stretches like chewing gum, the face mask smells incredibly delicious of grapefruit and pleasantly cools the skin, or the soap resembles Halloween props. Despite the fun “wrapper”, many of them really work great! For example, I use this detox soap once a week for a deeper cleansing of the pores. It is delicate, but still after the skin “creaks”. I apply it all over my face, massage it and rinse it off with water – if blackheads do not disappear, then they become smaller (this is how bamboo charcoal works in the composition), and the complexion is smoother (lime juice is responsible for this effect).

Don’t be intimidated by the appearance of the soap, it has a non-sticky gel texture that spreads easily on wet skin – no problem to apply or wash off.

Price on request

Nordic detox soap based on activated carbon, Natura Siberica

Choice of BeautyHack columnist Ksenia Wagner

There will be no beauty horror: in fact, soap that looks like soot cleans 10 out of 10. The sponge feels like a pebble – until you wet it.

Then it softens, but, frankly, because of its super-density, the product does not foam very well. I managed to turn the thick “nigella” into a relatively airy soap from the third run.
The composition, as always in Natura Siberica, is in the genre “my native land is wide”: oils of Sakhalin raspberry seeds, Siberian cedar and other natural ingredients. For sensitive skin I would not recommend all this flora. On my normal one – really good cleansing and a lush pinkness like after a bath. Oh yeah, and it smells delicious too.

Price: 708 rub.

Natural soap “Alpine flowers”, Vegetable Beauty

Editor’s Choice BeautyHack Natalia Kapitsa

Soap with excellent composition, delicate texture and incredible aroma. It is made on the basis of high-quality olive oil, vitamins and fatty acids – it gently cleanses the skin and can even replace shower gel and foam for washing (including if you have problem skin). After using it, a subtle scent remains on it, which I associate with vacation – an excellent reason to arrange a relaxing aromatherapy for yourself after hard working days.

And one more piece of advice to those who are still faithful to the recipes of grandparents: washing with tar soap is a thing of the past, for such care the skin will definitely not say thank you (according to link Olga Gurkina, chief physician of the Lasmed clinic, explains why)!

Price: 316 rub.