We speak and show: 10 beauty novelties in April

Multra-functional mascara, long-lasting lipsticks, fashionable highlighter, comfortable eyebrow pencil and much, much more – the editors of BeautyHack tried the beauty novelties of April and told which ones you should go for right now.

Liquid Tonal Cream, Liquid Control, Eveline Cosmetics

Tested by BeautyHack special correspondent Ana Lipartia

Unfortunately, I have problem areas and areas on my face that require correction, so I always look for products that hide imperfections as effectively as possible.

Eveline Cosmetics’ Liquid Foundation has become one of my favorites on the way to creating the perfect tone. The first thing that attracted me to it was a very light consistency, the product is almost not felt on the skin. You can even apply it under the eyes, so I just forgot about concealer with this foundation!

Second, the Eveline Cosmetics foundation has a convenient dropper-like dispenser, with which it is easy to get the right amount of funds and spend it as economically as possible.

I was also pleased with the fact that after applying the foundation, I did not notice the effect of the mask – due to its liquid texture, the cream spreads easily and quickly on the skin. And if you apply it with a wet beautyblender sponge, the layer is completely thin and completely invisible.

Foundation from Eveline gives a very natural effect – the product does not fall into the pores and does not emphasize flaking. It also masks well any redness, acne, circles under the eyes and other minor imperfections.

Price: 380 rub.

Pencil for eyebrows New Green Me, KIKO MILANO

Tested by BeautyHack special correspondent Alexandra Grishina

It seems to me that I have already tried all the formats and textures of eyebrow products: pencils, tint gels, waxes, shadows. But I still think that a pencil is the most convenient and versatile makeup tool. And if the eyebrow pencil has a special brush – it’s just luck!

Pencil from KIKO MILANO in shade 102 was perfect for me – its shade is beautifully combined with my coloring: dark roots and light blond hair in length.

I also use a pencil from KIKO MILANO for eye makeup – a beautiful brown shade is ideal for daytime makeup. The pencil has a soft texture, it is easy to draw the mucous membrane with it and draw neat arrows.

In addition, the pencil from KIKO MILANO has a natural formula, 98% composed of ingredients of natural origin with organic jojoba oil in the composition, so it does not dry out or damage delicate skin.

Price: 550 rub.

Liquid labial pomade, Matt Magic Lip Cream, Eveline Cosmetics

Tested by BeautyHack special correspondent Ana Lipartia

I am a fan of matte lipsticks and lip glosses: I believe there are never many of them, and I regularly add to my collection.

This time, my attention was drawn to lipstick from a new line of lipsticks from Eveline Cosmetics – the collection features six natural shades with different undertones. I chose a lipstick in the shade Peach Flatters – a pleasant light nude with a cool undertone. (You will learn how to choose a nude lipstick by skin color here).

I can immediately note that the lipstick has a pleasant aroma with gentle caramel notes and a gel-creamy consistency, which I also liked right away. The coating turns out to be quite dense, a couple of minutes after application, the lipstick acquires a noble matte finish. On the lips, it feels very comfortable and does not roll into an unpleasant strip. Also, lipstick does not dry lips at all and does not leave prints.

Eveline Cosmetics lipstick is my favorite makeup product right now, so I wear it every day. I noted that by noon I don’t even think about lip tinting, which indicates the good durability of the product.

Price: 200 rub

Highlighter Highlighter Chubby, Stellary

Tested by editorial assistant BeautyHack Arina Zarudko

Admit that you love highlighters and glowing products too!

For me, a highlighter is the finishing touch to my makeup: a couple of strokes and a radiant look throughout the day!

I like to try different textures, but lately I prefer creamy highlighters – they fit better and spread on the face.

In a versatile shade of dusty rose with a subtle shimmer, this stick from Stellary will suit any skin tone and brighten any everyday make-up. Thanks to its soft texture, the highlighter is easy to apply – it fits beautifully and adjusts to your natural tone.

The convenient highlighter format allows you to take the product with you to correct your makeup during the day if necessary.

The Stellary Highlighter can also be used as a creamy eyeshadow for a fresh look and a feminine look.

Price: 250 rub.

Matte lipstick, shade RD 189, Shu Uemura

Tested by BeautyHack editor Sofia Vorobyova

What girls in a cosmetic bag definitely never have much is lipstick!

My cosmetic bag is no exception – her collection is replenished quite often. This time my heroine was a matte lipstick from Shu Uemura in shade RD 189. The color of a young scarlet rose beautifully emphasizes all the advantages of plump lips and is ideal for both romantic dates and parties.

Shu Uemura lipstick has a nice creamy texture and, what I especially liked, it is well pigmented. The lipstick is easy to apply and lies flat, completely covering the lip pigment the first time.

The product feels comfortable on the lips throughout the day and does not dry them out. It does not spread, does not crawl out of the lip contour and does not roll. I sometimes wear Shu Uemura lipstick for 5 hours, and it survives coffee and light snacks.

It can be applied in several coats for a slightly brighter makeup. It is easy to remove the product – with the help of conventional make-up removers.

Price: 2 238 rub.

Concealer Touche Eclat High Cover, shade Ivory, Yves Saint Laurent

Tested by BeautyHack editorial assistant Arina Zarudko

Circles under the eyes, redness on the face and other minor imperfections will be hidden only by concealer. For me, this tool is “number one” in a cosmetic bag and is simply an irreplaceable element of it! Having tried a huge number of concealers of different densities, textures and levels of resistance, I have compiled for myself a list of those properties that an ideal concealer should have. First, its task is to blend perfectly with the skin tone. Secondly, do not dry it, but, on the contrary, take care of it. And, thirdly, to cover all the shortcomings.

Concealer Touche Eclat High Cover from Yves Saint Laurent brilliantly copes with all of the above tasks. The tool is presented in six shades, so every girl will definitely find her savior.

Among the features of the concealer are an updated formula and a convenient packaging in the form of a gold case with a brush. The concealer has a fairly dense coverage, so it masks well and covers all traces of fatigue on the face. In addition, the reflective particles in the concealer give the skin a natural glow.

I love that Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Eclat High Cover Concealer doesn’t overload the skin at all. The product is moderately light in texture and takes care of it due to vitamin E, Moroccan calendula extract and caffeine in its composition. Concealer can be applied both to the delicate skin under the eyes and to inflammations – the product will hide imperfections and give the face a healthy glow.

Price: 3 064 rub.

Liquid lipstick Crushed Lip Color, Bobbi Brown

Tested by senior editor BeautyHack Anya Sherstneva

If you’ve been looking for a liquid lipstick with rich color, beautiful shine and a pleasant balm-like feel, then you must try Bobbi Brown’s Crushed Lip Color.

The lipstick is made in the form of a lip gloss. It is easy to apply and spreads evenly. Despite its almost weightless texture, the shade on the lips turns out to be quite saturated.

Also, the lipstick turned out to be quite persistent – my color lasts at least three to four hours. The product has an emollient formula with a complex of fruit extracts of cranberry, raspberry and blueberry, so it feels comfortable on the lips, does not dry them or tighten them.

I was also very pleased with the fact that the lipstick does not contain parabens, mineral oils and ingredients of animal origin.

Price: 1900 rub.

Pearl satin blush Marshmallow Touch Pearly Satin Blush, L’Etoile

Tested editor BeautyHack Natalia Kapitsa

I’m not a big fan of decorative cosmetics – even when preparing for important events, I often limit myself to only concealer and lip gloss. But I never forget about the blush. This tool is always in my purse and helps out great when you need to quickly put yourself in order.

To be honest – when I saw the Marshmallow Touch Pearly Satin Blush from L’Etoile, I first fell in love with their cute mother-of-pearl box, and then with its contents.

This blush is just a godsend for those with dark skin or those who are already successful in getting a little tan. The blush has a pleasant silky texture and a complex shimmering pink shade. Thanks to this unique color, the blush creates a beautiful effect of a fresh, rested face.

I love to apply blush with a fluffy brush, but if suddenly it is not at hand, this blush is ideally applied with the pads of your fingers.

And my main beauty advice: if necessary, blush can easily replace shadows – use it!

Price: 2049 RUB.

Concealer to conceal redness and dark circles under the eyes Corrector Stick, Stellary

Tested by editorial assistant Anna Khobotova

I have known the Swiss brand Stellary for a long time, and not a single product has disappointed me yet.

Lately, I often have to hide small imperfections on my face, so I decided to try Corrector Stick to conceal redness and dark circles under the eyes.

The corrector is made in the form of a retractable pencil and is presented in three shades, so it is very easy to choose your own shade. A light yellow tone suited me – it perfectly hides dark circles and swelling of the eyelids from lack of sleep. The corrector does not roll down during the day, and the face looks fresh and rested with it. (How to apply the concealer, read here).

In addition, the stick is easy to use, the product spreads on the skin in a thin, almost invisible layer. Therefore, the Stellary corrector is always in my purse and helps me out in an emergency in a couple of seconds.

Price: 250 rub

Mascara Sexy Ultimate Lashes Mascara, Romanovamakeup

Tested by senior editor BeautyHack Anya Sherstneva

I am always on the lookout for the perfect mascara. I want her to lie down easily, not glue the cilia, make them longer and more voluminous. Multifunctional mascara Sexy Ultimate Lashes Romanovamakeup coped with all these tasks. I was especially captivated by the fact that mascara can give the effect of light natural eyelashes or, conversely, make them expressive with a visible bend, length and volume: do not be afraid to layering to achieve the desired effect.

The mascara Sexy Ultimate Lashes Romanovamakeup has an unusual plastic texture and a brush in the form of balls of different sizes, thanks to which it colors every lash. It is easy to paint over even the shortest eyelashes in the corners of the eyes with the tool – the eyes will appear larger and more expressive.

And also Sexy Ultimate Lashes Romanovamakeup mascara is presented in two volumes, one of which is full-size, and the other is a travel-format, so it is very convenient to take the tool with you on a trip.

Price on request