You can’t forget to buy: top 10 new products of the week

NSampoo and conditioner for perfect hair, a night cream that erases wrinkles with an eraser, new lines of antiperspirants for men and women with caring formulations and bright fragrances, and other products that you definitely need to get acquainted with.

Shampoo for men against dandruff Phytotechnology, Clear Men

While MARVEL fans were looking forward to the premiere of the blockbuster Avengers: Endgame, Clear Men took inspiration from famous comics and developed a super line of anti-dandruff shampoos. Each episode is decorated with images of superheroes. For example, the Ultimate Control 2in1 shampoos feature Iron Man and Ant-Man, while the Fresh Energy series features images of heroes such as Thanos and the Warrior.

“For my boyfriend, I chose Phytotechnology with the image of the Hulk,” says BeautyHack editorial assistant Arina Zarudko. – Thanks to the special technology ClearVitaABE and extracts of medicinal plants, this shampoo effectively fights dandruff. In addition, the formula is enriched with taurine to supplement scalp nutrition. The shampoo perfectly cleanses, leaving a pleasant sensation of freshness. “

Clear Men is a brand that you can be sure of its effectiveness, and the updated line of Clear Men shampoos is not only effective care for men’s hair, but also an ideal gift for fans of MARVEL heroes.

Price: 270 rub.

Hair oil Brazilian Murmuru, Alan Hadash

Brazilian Murumuru Hair Oil is ideal for damaged, colored, brittle, curly and coarse hair. In addition, thanks to vitamin A (retinol) in its composition, it will also be a good helper in the restoration of sensitive and irritated scalp.

“I have naturally curly hair, it is very dry and porous,” says Anya Sherstneva, senior editor at BeautyHack. – I love trying different hair oils, because only they can return shine and smoothness to my curls. This oil really surprised me! Three drops were enough to turn from dry and brittle hair to flowing and silky. “

You can apply Brazilian Murumuru oil both wet and dry to give your hair a neat and well-groomed look.

The oil owes its effectiveness to a special nano-technology that enhances the effect of natural oils and a vitamin cocktail on the hair and scalp for the best nutrition and rejuvenation at the molecular level with a targeted effect on problem areas.

Also oil “Brazilian Murmur” has a pleasant oriental aroma that remains on the hair throughout the day.

Price: 1000 rub

Cream for hands My Orchard Cactus Hand Cream, Frudia

“I have a lot of small tubes of hand creams – I carry them with me in my purse to moisturize my skin throughout the day,” shares BeautyHack editorial assistant Arina Zarudko. – This is true at any time of the year, in any weather and under any circumstances. Creams from the Korean brand Frudia are my old favorites. I have long considered them the best for their incredible fruity aromas, pleasant texture and instant absorption. “

Cream with cactus My Orchard Cactus Hand Cream from Frudia not only smells good, but also perfectly nourishes the skin of the hands without leaving a greasy feeling. The secret is in its light texture, the product is quickly absorbed and instantly moisturizes. In addition, the cream has regenerating and healing properties, and also removes dryness and any flaking.

“The cream also gives a good mood,” says Arina. – How to resist such a sweet aroma and bright packaging! “

Price: 209 rub.

Antiperspirant series “Bright and Floral”, Rexona

“Hot summer days are just around the corner, so I want to be completely confident in my antiperspirant,” says BeautyHack special correspondent Ana Lipartia. “The bright floral novelty from Rexona was my discovery and the perfect option for the summer.”

The deodorant comes in two formats: roll-on and spray. The mild formula of the antiperspirant effectively fights against the appearance of unpleasant odors within 48 hours, and the vitamin E in the composition of the product cares for the delicate skin of the armpits. In addition, the deodorant does not leave marks on clothes, and the sweet, bright and floral scent unobtrusively accompanies all day long.

“The deodorant spray is pretty strong,” says Ana. – But it dries quickly on the skin, so you can put on in a minute. The deodorant does not leave stains, which is very important for me, but protects all day long. With him I am not afraid of either morning jogging or long workdays. “

Price per spray: 180 rubles.

Price per roll: 140 rubles.

Antiperspirant aerosol and roll-on “Fresh and powerful”, Rexona Men

Rexona Men has delighted men with a new line of Fresh and Powerful antiperspirants. They differ from the previous brand’s products in a soft formula with vitamin E, which takes care of the delicate skin of the armpits (if you sweat a lot, our article with life hacks will come in handy – look here -meste-22-layfhaka-dlya-teh-kto-silno-poteet).

“When I bring home new items for my man, I see his face breaking into a smile,” says Sofia Vorobyova, editor of BeautyHack. – He already had time to test these novelties and shared his feelings. He was especially impressed that the products do not leave marks on clothes. In addition, the aroma of antiperspirants is very masculine with notes of cedar, sandalwood, vanilla bark and fresh citrus notes. But the smell of the deodorant is so delicate that it doesn’t interrupt the perfume at all. “

The “Fresh and Powerful” series is available in two formats: aerosol and roll, while the roll-on deodorant is so compact that it is convenient to carry it with you if necessary, for example, for training.

Price on request.

Matting fluid, Weléda

“I have long loved the Weleda brand for its natural compositions and pleasant aromas,” admits Beautyhack special correspondent Daria Mironova. – This fluid is no exception. After the first application, I realized that this is my remedy. “

Weleda’s Matting Fluid contains Babassu and Jojoba Oil, known for their moisturizing properties, as well as licorice bark and root extracts, which have an anti-inflammatory effect and even out skin tone. In addition, the product has a pleasant herbal aroma and miniature packaging, which is why it is so convenient to take it with you on trips.

“Despite the fact that the fluid contains several oils,” says Dasha, “it is quickly absorbed and instantly mattifies the skin. Within five minutes after application, the skin is smooth and soft. For me, the fluid was an intermediate step in my departure. Usually, right after it, I apply a regular moisturizer, after which I start makeup. (Five cool novelties for makeup and preparation, you will find – here). I noticed that with the use of the fluid, the make-up holds better, and the oily sheen on the skin appears only in the late afternoon. “

Price: 1 090 rub.

Highly effective retinol night cream Retinol 0.3, SkinCeuticals

Whether you are worried about pigmentation problems, acne, or already showing signs of skin aging, SkinCeuticals Retinol Night Cream is your go-to.

The product contains pure encapsulated retinol, which penetrates deep into skin cells and works in three directions at once: improves skin texture, evens out complexion and reduces already visible wrinkles. It is clinically proven that after 8 weeks of use, the skin is smoothed and softer and smoother.

The product has a light texture and an almost imperceptible aroma, which is why it is so convenient and comfortable to use in the evening before going to bed. This night cream also contains chamomile extract, which soothes the skin and protects it from possible irritation caused by the rejuvenating action of retinol.

Unfortunately, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, you will have to choose another remedy to fight wrinkles.

Price on request

Television Perfect Hair Shampoo & Conditioner, R + Co

“With hair like that, you can advertise the coolest hair products! – a friend told me after I changed my usual shampoo and conditioner for new products from the Californian brand R + Co, – says the editor of BeautyHack Sofia Vorobyova.

The R + Co brand was created by three high-end professionals: Howard McLaren (the former creative director of Toni & Guy and Bumble and Bumble, who introduced the right razor technique to hairdressers 20 years ago), Tom Priano (one of the most respected grooming specialists) and Garren (a master who has worked with many Hollywood celebrities and styled Vogue covers). All three masters made sure that it was impossible to make a single claim to the formulas of the funds.

The products contain no parabens, sulfates, gluten, they do not harm hair after keratin care, they protect against UV rays, and are also suitable for vegetarians and even vegans. The packaging of the funds also deserves special attention – its design was influenced by the photographs of photographers with whom the masters worked during the filming: Richard Avedon, Stephen Meisel, Irving Penn.

It is important for every girl that her hair is shiny, voluminous, strong, soft and smooth – is it worth buying different shampoos? No, because there is a line of funds that can solve all these problems.

“Direct Ether” Shampoo & Conditioner for Hair Perfection will do whatever it takes to make your hair your pride! – Sophia admires (about how to properly wash your hair, we wrote in an article on link). – Convenient dispenser of shampoo and conditioner dispenses a pea of ​​the right size, the product foams perfectly. It contains juniper berry extract to maintain an ideal balance of scalp and hair hydration, as well as babasu seed oil, a natural moisturizing ingredient (famous for its powerful regenerating and moisturizing properties). “

Price for shampoo: 2,430 rubles.

Price for air conditioner: 2 430 rubles.

Moisturizing sorbet gel DayWear SPF 15, Estee Lauder

DayWear SPF 15 sorbet gel – salvation for dehydrated, dry and sensitive skin! It is instantly absorbed into the skin and seems to saturate it with moisture, and the effect of such hydration lasts up to 72 hours.

The product owes its effectiveness to a unique complex of antioxidants such as vitamins E and C, as well as ergothioneine and eukarion, which neutralize the negative effects of the environment and protect the skin from pollution, as well as help maintain the required moisture level and restore its protective mechanisms.

In addition, cream sorbet has a very light, whipped texture, so it is pleasant to apply and quickly absorbed into the skin. After just a few days of use, you will notice that the skin looks fresher, smoother and more radiant.

The gel has a pleasant signature scent with notes of fresh herbs, cucumber, violet petals and jasmine, which is why it is so pleasant to use on hot days – the tool gives a feeling of coolness and renewal.

Also, sorbet gel does not contain fats, therefore it is suitable for the care of normal to combination skin and does not cause acne and rashes. And SPF 15 in its composition additionally protects the skin from the sun.

Price on request

Long-lasting base coat Bond 14 Days, New Look

What girl does not dream of a perfect and long-lasting manicure. If you enjoy experimenting with different shades of nail polish and gel polish is not your choice, then Bond 14 Days Long Lasting Basecoat will definitely come in handy!

This product acts as a base coat and instantly smoothes the surface of the nail when applied, creating the ideal base for all subsequent layers to adhere.

The base coat Bond 14 Days contains unique micro-particles that provide a strong adhesion of the varnish to the nail plate, and the synthetic resin gives the manicure special strength.

In addition, it effectively protects nails from yellowing, white spots and fungus. It also dries very quickly – ideal for a quick manicure or pedicure.

Price: 250 rub.

Text: Anya Sherstneva