10 best Brazilian TV shows of your childhood

V In 1988, the first Brazilian TV series “Slave Izaura” was shown in the USSR. The love story of Izaura dos Santos and Leoncio Almeida was followed by the whole vast country. In the early 80s, Susana Vieira, Vera Fischer, Antonio Fagundes and other popular actors became “members” of almost all families in the post-Soviet space, with whom they met every weekday in prime time. Stock up on popcorn! BeautyHack has collected the best TV shows from your childhood.

“Secrets of the Tropicana”

The world premiere took place in February 1993. The series, scripted by Ivany Ribeiro, is a remake of the black-and-white “soap opera” shown on TV Tupi in 1973. Gloria Perez played the main role.

The series tells the story of two sisters, exactly the same on the outside and diametrically opposite on the inside. Raquel dreams of a carefree and prosperous life, Ruth dreams of loving and being loved. A Brazilian TV show wouldn’t be Brazilian without a love story. You don’t need to be Nostradamus to guess: the sisters had one object of desire for two. Of course, all the vicissitudes will end well – love will save the world!

The most popular and memorable character in the film was not the twins at all, but Tonya, nicknamed the “sleepwalker”, brilliantly played by Marcus Frota. Just don’t say you don’t remember this character. For the role, Marcus had to gain 7 kg. What you will not do for the sake of the viewer!

“New victim”

The series, shot by the Globa TV company, was released in 1995. In Russia, the premiere took place a year later – on July 15, 1996. The plot of the series was different from the usual Brazilian telenovelas. There was a detective line in it, very similar to the novel by Agatha Christie “Ten Little Indians” – the same allegorical list of victims in the form of animals in the Chinese horoscope.

The “new victim” touched upon a lot of topics that were still talked about in our country in whispers at that time: drug addiction, prostitution, homosexuality. Many companies applied for the purchase of the telenovela, but they were not satisfied with the final. Especially for the European audience, the authors filmed the last episode separately, where the name of the killer was changed.

In the telenovela “A New Victim”, the actor Alishandri Borges made his debut, whom the audience saw in the “Tower of Babel” a few years later. The series was shown on four Russian channels. Remember the killer’s name? You will have something to do in the evenings for the next month (if not two).

“Fatal legacy”

Screenwriter Benedito Rui Barbosa has built a storyline around his favorite topics: the life of Italian immigrants in Brazil, the intricacies of the relationship between man and land, rural life and, of course, love. Telenovela became one of the highest rated on Brazilian television in the 90s.

The plot is based on the story of two warring families (Medzenga and Berdinatsia) who own coffee plantations. Several generations, war, irreconcilable disputes and hatred … Spoiler: it all ended with a wedding.

To create the image of Luana, the performer of one of the main roles, Patricia Pilar, took dozens of courses with reed carvers, and Raul Cortez, who played Benedito Rui Barbosa, had to master the Italian accent.

“Cruel Angel”

And again a remake! For the first time, the story of the obsessive love of the daughter of the chauffeur Nisi for the businessman Rodrigo and her “dirty game” to satisfy her own ambitions was shown in 1976. The main roles were played by Susana Vieira and Jose Vilker. According to statistics, the show was then watched by 90% of the Brazilian population. The ending of the original is sad: at the end of the film, Nishi dies in childbirth. The scriptwriters of the remake, released in 1997, turned out to be more humane, leaving the heroine alive and even “giving” her female happiness.

“In the name of love”

The script for the TV series “Globe” was written by Manuel Carlos. The film tells the story of how a mother replaced her daughter’s deceased child with her own. Despite the seemingly not burdened with high meaning, the series touches upon serious problems: alcoholism, domestic violence, treason and unrequited love.

The film brought together a stellar “troop” of popular Brazilian actors: it was played by Susana Vieira, Regina and Gabriela Duart (yes, yes, they are real, not on-screen mother and daughter), Viviana Pasmantes. The first episodes of the soap opera were filmed in Venice, a city in which you breathe in love and breathe out happiness.

“What are you ready for in the name of love?” – this was the slogan of the advertising campaign timed to coincide with the release of the series in Russian distribution. Think carefully before answering this question for yourself.

“Tower of Babel”

The plot is based on the biblical parable of the Tower of Babel, in which people were punished for pride and misunderstanding of each other. The heroes of the series behaved no better: hypocrisy, betrayal, aggression, revenge – these are just a small part of what the audience was immersed in. Released after twenty years in prison, Jose Clementino decides to take revenge on his former boss, on whose testimony the prosecution was once based. He decides to blow up the Tropical Towers shopping center, owned by the hated enemy, and sets the plan into action. It would seem that the facts are on the surface: the criminal is obvious. But not everything is so simple – the writers leave the viewer in the dark and make them doubt until the last episode (for more on how to stop being a victim, read here).

The same “beauty from Morumbi” is the heroine of this particular series. It was played by two married couples: Gloria Menéses and Tarsisiu Meira, Edson Selulari and Claudia Raia. Everything is grown-up!

“Mistress of Destiny”

The premiere of this series took place in the early 2000s. The main character, played by Susana Vieira, has five children. She herself had to punch her way in life in order to ensure a comfortable future for everyone. Many years ago, her newborn daughter was stolen from her, for whom she is fighting, being already a respectable lady.

The plot is based on a real story, taken by the scriptwriters from the “Incidents” section of the local newspaper. The article described a woman who kidnapped a child in 1986 and raised him as her own until the police found her. The kidnapper’s second child also turned out to be stolen – it was discovered 17 years later!

One of the most memorable was the role of the villainous Nazara, for the performance of which the actress Renata Sorra received more than one prestigious award.

“Family bonds”

Elena (forever young Vera Fisher) is a beautician. She is 44, and she has two grown children: an unemployed engineer Fred, married to an eccentric person, and 22-year-old Camilla, who is studying in London. At the beginning of the film, Elena meets a young doctor, Edu, who has just graduated. And then everything is as if in a fog: gossip, intrigue, kisses, meetings and partings.

Do I need to explain that mother and daughter fell in love with the same person? There was a happy ending, of course. But at what cost did the main characters get it?

“Castles in the air”

It was released in Russia on January 3, 2001. The series tells about three sisters: Julia, a successful journalist, Beth, chasing millionaires, and Seli, who dreams of becoming a nun. Their father is seriously ill – after a coma, his memory is lost. On the way to recovery, the head of the family and his daughters will face serious trials. Which? Life hack: for those who are especially curious, you can watch the last three episodes – you can do it in the evening.


One of the highest rated TV series ever! The leader’s “bandage” has not been taken away from him until now – it is difficult to repeat such a deafening success. Not surprising. The story of the rebellious Muslim woman Jadi, played by Giovanna Antonelli (read about how the actresses from the series look now here), even representatives of Generation Z know.

Telenovella is worth seeing and revisiting because of the outfits alone – costume designers want to give a standing ovation. The scenario deserves special attention. The popular actress Gloria Perez became its author. She did not twist the plot around love from different social strata or lost children, having relied on Islamism and the complex topic of cloning people. Boldly for 2001!

The series was shown in 90 countries of the world – numbers speak better than any words.