10 facts you need to know about mesotherapy

WITHHow many types of mesotherapy exist, with what “beauty injections” it should be combined and can a mesoscooter replace a salon procedure? Cosmetologist Sergey Barsukov (@sergeybarsukoff) – about ten important facts you need to know about mesotherapy.

Mesotherapy is an injection of active substances (hyaluronic acid, phospholipids, vitamins, minerals, acids, etc.) performed by a beautician intradermally. These components are present in almost all creams, gels and serums, but they cannot penetrate into the deep layers of the skin – this is what mesotherapy is needed for. It is she who helps the necessary components to reach the place where they are so lacking. Thanks to this, the skin acquires a younger, toned appearance, it is filled with freshness and toned.

This procedure has been pleasing girls since the middle of the 20th century, medicines are constantly being improved, and mesotherapy is becoming an increasingly effective procedure. In addition, it stimulates metabolic processes in skin cells, activates natural collagen, enhances the protection of nerve tissues, and smoothes scars and scars.

Fact # 1: there are two types of mesotherapy

Mesotherapy can really be divided into two types – allopathic and homeopathic. Allopathic mesotherapy is the most common type of procedure in its standard form. The cocktail contains both natural and synthesized components. Often hyaluronic acid is present in the cocktail, the lack of which leads to dryness and aging of the skin (you can find out your type of aging here).

Homeopathic mesotherapy is used much less often. There are those who have not even heard of her. This is because the homeopathic cocktail is very low in concentration. This, of course, has its advantages: no side effects, addiction or allergic reactions. Homeopathic mesotherapy has a therapeutic effect, and the cosmetic effect is not immediately noticeable, unlike allopathic one.

Fact number 2: mesotherapy can be performed on any part of the body

Mesotherapy can be done on any part of the skin, since it has a huge range of therapeutic effects – a specialist can carry out the procedure even from head to toe. Mesotherapy for the face helps to cope not only with aging and loss of skin tone, but also minimizes all age-related damage: wrinkles, ptosis, localized fat deposits and dry skin.

Hair mesotherapy improves blood circulation in the hair follicles, saturating the follicles with nutrients. This stimulates the growth of new hair and normalizes sebum secretion. As a result, hair does not split, looks thick and healthy.

Body mesotherapy also effectively combats the manifestations of aging on the body, cellulite, and also localized fat deposits. But it all depends on the cocktail you choose.

Fact number 3: there are several technologies for administering the drug

Manual therapy is the most common and involves the introduction of active substances under the skin with a syringe.

Mechanical – is carried out using a mesoinjector, that is, using a special pistol with needles, or using a mesoscooter (roller with thin needles).

Using the non-injection technique, various types of procedures are carried out – fractional, oxygen, hydro-mesotherapy and nanomezotherapy.

Fact number 4: the course of treatment is selected individually

The course of treatment is determined purely individually and before determining its duration, it is imperative to consult and choose a qualified doctor. The number of procedures depends on the condition of the skin, how much the situation is neglected. It is advisable to start carrying out prophylaxis with active substances at the earliest stages of aging. Also, it all depends on the contraindications for cocktails and the place of introduction of the procedure.

The optimal course of treatment ranges from 5-10 sessions, then, to maintain the result, it is worth carrying out supporting procedures once a month.

Fact number 5: mesotherapy is combined with other “beauty injections”

Mesotherapy and Botox not only comprehensively solve the problem of aging, but can also prevent it (personal experience of our correspondent, who tested Botox, read here). For this, first of all, facial mesotherapy is performed, then botulinum toxin injections are given. This sequence is explained by the fact that microinjections of cocktails actively promote the regeneration of skin cells and nerve endings of facial muscles, including, which leads to an accelerated restoration of facial activity.

Mesotherapy and fillers are compatible in this order: in the first half of the month it is worth taking a course of meso cocktails, and at the end of the month you can do contour plastics (the interval between procedures should be about 10-15 days). We recommend such a break because of the possibility of complications and faster disintegration of active substances.

Fact # 6: mesotherapy has minimal side effects

There is a myth that the effectiveness of the procedure depends on the time of day, but for women it will more likely depend on the cycle. Mesotherapy is best done in the second half of the cycle – during this period, the sensitivity is less, and the risks of getting complications are much lower. If the situation is critical, then women are no longer worried about the pain – they are ready to endure, just to quickly achieve the effect.

The marks on the skin after light mesotherapy disappear in 20 minutes. But it all depends on the hand of the master – it happens that slight redness can stay with you for two hours. As for biorevitalization, papules remain on the face for one and a half or two days.

Fact number 7: after the procedure, it is worth giving up makeup

Mesotherapy is still skin damage, therefore cosmetologists advise not to resort to the use of decorative cosmetics on the day of the procedure. But if a girl needs to apply a foundation, then she can do it as soon as the traces of the procedure on her face disappear. But, of course, if there is no such need, then it is better to postpone the day and walk around with a clean face.

Fact number 8: mesotherapy has a minimal list of contraindications

During pregnancy and lactation, you should abandon the procedure. Also among the main contraindications: inflammation and infection of the skin, oncology, allergy to the injected drugs.

Fact # 9: mesotherapy can be done at home

Mesotherapy with a mesoscooter can really be done at home. The effectiveness of the device is due to the effect of microneedles on the skin. Usually, the length of the needles is not very large for a home mesoscooter – 0.2-0.5 millimeters. This helps nutrients to penetrate the epidermis. But in order to achieve the maximum effect from home care, you need to overcome the epidermal layer of the skin, thereby delivering the components to the necessary areas (where they are lacking). Of course, the effect of a home procedure is much less than that of mesotherapy from a beautician, therefore, the mesoscooter cannot completely replace the procedure, but it is perfect as a prevention.

Fact number 10: the effect of mesotherapy lasts up to a year

If a course of mesotherapy from 6 to 8 procedures has been completed, then we can safely say that the effect will last from 6 months to a year. But everything is individual – it depends on the type of skin and the cocktail injected. I also advise you to carry out maintenance procedures once a month or every two months, then the effect will delight you for more than a year.

Text: Anastasia Speranskaya