10 main villainous beauties from TV series

TOovarious Maiza from the TV series “Clone”, the hypocritical Esmeralda from “Dream Coast” and 8 more memorable roles of villains.

Daniela Escobar (Maiza). The series “Clone”

The role of the insidious and very unhappy Maiza is the first big work of the then beginning actress Daniela Escobar. The character turned out to be ambiguous: on the one hand, the viewer felt sorry for the mother of the drug addict Mel, who did not develop a relationship with her father, who was in love with Zhadi. On the other hand, her intrigues and dark affairs with Said evoke disgust and aggression.

In the last episodes, the writers decided to give Maize a positive color. At a group therapy session where she takes her daughter, Maiza meets a man with the same problem – his son suffers from drug addiction. She finds her female happiness with him, realizing that for many years she fought not for “her” man (you can find out how your favorite TV series ended here).

After “Clone” Daniela began to be invited to other projects. Escobar considers his best work to be the role of the Jewish girl Bella in the series “Brazilian Watercolors”.

Flavia Alessandra (Christina). The series “Voice of the Heart”

“Voice of the Heart” is a Brazilian telenovela released in 2005. The series has a twisted and non-trivial plot. According to the script, a rich young man (Raphael), engaged in the breeding of rare varieties of roses, meets his true love (Moon). After a magnificent wedding, the couple has a child. It would have been possible to end there and show the last episode without strain and suffering, if the villainess Christina, Luna’s cousin, in love with her husband, had not intervened in the matter.

She hates her cousin so much that she asks the young criminal Gutu to steal the family jewels given to Luna after the birth of her son. During the robbery, there was a force majeure: Raphael entered the room. The criminal fired. The moon overshadowed her husband. The wound turned out to be fatal and the girl dies, but her soul is reborn in the body of Serena, who was just born in the Indian village.

Despite the angelic beauty, Christina is a deceitful and ambitious materialist, for whom there are no barriers. Appearance is deceiving – it is difficult to dispute this fact!

Leticia Sabatella (Ivoni). The series “Roads of India”

The role of the submissive Muslim woman and exemplary mother Latifa in the TV series “Clone” has become one of the most memorable – the name of the actress is still associated with her in the viewer. A few years after the end of this telenovela, Leticia was invited to the series “Roads of India”, which won an Emmy award.

In the story, a young girl Maya falls in love with a representative of the lower caste Bahuan. Her family is against the wedding – the lovers break up.

In parallel, the creators narrate the “Brazilian” line. In the center of events are two brothers: Ramiru and Raul, who are fighting for power in business. They have completely opposite personalities. Ramiru is domineering, tough and despotic, Raul is a man who dreams of change.

In a difficult period for him, Ivoni appears on the horizon – a cunning and insidious friend of his wife, offering him a new, happy life. A girl suffering from a mental disorder convinces him to divorce, steal his father’s money and flee to another country. Indeed, beauty is a terrible force.

Camila Pitanga (Esmeralda). The series “Dream Coast”

Camila Pitanga has been recognized many times as one of the most beautiful actresses in Brazilian TV series. In the telenovela, which tells about the life of a small fishing town, lost in the wilderness of Brazil, she got the role of Esmeralda – a girl who is unrequitedly in love with the main character.

For the sake of her feelings, she is ready to do anything, even to meanness. Beautiful, slender and, at first glance, gentle and sweet, Esmeralda is actually hypocritical and deceitful. She loves to bathe in the attention of men and manipulate people. She even pretends to be a friend of her rival, secretly doing nasty things to her. What women are not capable of for the sake of love.

Mariana Arias (Andrea). The series “Wild Angel”

Miles was brought up in a church parish. At the age of 18, a girl who famously plays football and received the nickname Cholito gets a job as a housekeeper in the family of Federico Di Carlo, whose members do nothing but quarrel among themselves. The main character, Ivo, is a young and handsome guy who suffers from a lack of love from his father. And, as it turned out, there are reasons. Luisa Rapallo – Federico’s wife, married a pregnant woman, and the groom knew about it.

And after 270 episodes, viewers learned that Mili is the daughter of the head of the family, born of the servant Rosario Bernardo, who continues to do the family’s housework.

Mariana Arias played in the series the role of Milagros’ rival, Andrea, who skillfully knew how to intrigue and send life to other people.

Claudia Oana (Isabella). The series “New victim”

The series, shot by the Globa TV company, was released in 1995. In Russia, the premiere took place a year later – on July 15, 1996. The plot of the series was different from the usual Brazilian telenovelas. There was a detective line in it, very similar to the novel by Agatha Christie “Ten Little Indians” – the same allegorical list of victims in the form of animals in the Chinese horoscope.

The “new victim” touched upon a lot of topics that were still talked about in our country in whispers at that time: drug addiction, prostitution, homosexuality. Many companies applied for the purchase of the telenovela, but they were not satisfied with the final. Especially for the European audience, the authors filmed the last episode separately, where the name of the killer was changed.

The main villain, Isabella, was played by Claudia Oana. The mixture of fatal beauty and cruelty caused a storm of emotions in the viewer – the heroine fell in love, despite the sharply negative color. What she did not do: she portrayed a loving niece, and openly used men, and poisoned the life of the main character Anna.

Renata Sorra (Nazare). The series “Mistress of Fate”

This series premiered in the early 2000s. The main character, played by Susana Vieira, has five children. She herself had to punch her way in life in order to ensure a comfortable future for everyone. Many years ago, her newborn daughter was stolen from her, for whom she is fighting, being already a respectable lady.

The plot is based on a real story, taken by the scriptwriters from the “Incidents” section of the local newspaper. The article described a woman who kidnapped a child in 1986 and raised him as her own until the police found her. The kidnapper’s second child also turned out to be stolen – it was discovered 17 years later!

One of the most memorable was the role of the villainous Nazara, for the performance of which the actress Renata Sorra received more than one prestigious award.

Claudia Raya (Angela). The series “The Tower of Babel”

The plot is based on the biblical parable of the Tower of Babel, in which people were punished for pride and misunderstanding of each other. The heroes of the series behaved no better: hypocrisy, betrayal, aggression, revenge – these are just a small part of what the audience was immersed in. Released after twenty years in prison, Jose Clementino decides to take revenge on his former boss, on whose testimony the prosecution was once based. He decides to blow up the Tropical Towers shopping center, owned by the hated enemy, and sets the plan into action. It would seem that the facts are on the surface: the criminal is obvious. But not everything is so simple – the writers leave the viewer in the dark and make them doubt until the last episode.

Claudia was 32 when the series was released. She got the role of a cold and calculating woman with a masculine and unbending character. Fans did not approve of Angela’s image, believing that business suits are incompatible with the actress. But film critics did not agree with this, calling the role one of the most successful in Claudia’s career.

Gloria Perez. Raquel “Secrets of the Tropicana”

The world premiere took place in February 1993. The series, scripted by Ivany Ribeiro, is a remake of the black-and-white “soap opera” shown on TV Tupi in 1973. Gloria Perez played the main role.

The series tells the story of two sisters, exactly the same on the outside and diametrically opposite on the inside. Raquel dreams of a carefree and prosperous life, Ruth dreams of loving and being loved. A Brazilian TV show wouldn’t be Brazilian without a love story. You don’t need to be Nostradamus to guess: the sisters had one object of desire for two. Of course, all the vicissitudes will end well – love will save the world!

The most popular and memorable character in the film was not the twins at all, but Tonya, nicknamed the “sleepwalker”, brilliantly played by Marcus Frota. Just don’t say you don’t remember this character. For the role, Marcus had to gain 7 kg. What you won’t do for the sake of the viewer (what other sacrifices did the actors make for the role, we wrote here).

Patricia Pillar (Flora). The series “Favorite”

The series “Favorite” was released in 2008 – one of the last creations of the Globo film company. Telenovella tells about two friends who were inseparable from childhood and even performed as a duet on stage, and then became bitter enemies, falling in love with the same guy – Marcelo. The latter was thrown from side to side – both girls gave birth to children from him. And then Marcelo was killed under mysterious circumstances. The charge was brought against Flora, with whom he was living at the time. The girl was convicted of murder and imprisoned for 18 years. When she was released, the fun began. Flora came up with a plan of revenge and put it into action.

The series went on Brazilian television for almost a year and consistently collected from 50% to 60% of the population on the screens – this is how success looks like.