14 best mascaras

BBestsellers from Сlinique, Сhanel, L’Oreal Paris, Vivienne Sabo and other brands – in the reviews of BeautyHack readers.

1) Universal mascara High Impact, Сlinique

Leah Gamidova, @_beautyway__:

I have thick but short lashes, so natural volume and length is what I expect from a mascara. Firstly, I have a warm and long-term relationship with the Сlinique brand, I am glad that their concept is based on the focus on the care properties of any products. During the use of High Impact, the lashes have become visually longer, fall out less and look much better. The mascara has a comfortable fleecy brush, when applied, the eyelashes do not stick together, and this is a common problem with other products from this category.
Secondly, the pricing policy pleases. For a Lux class mascara, it has an affordable and pleasant cost, as well as an economical consumption. And Elena Krygina loves her (for which – read on link)!

Price: 1 950 rub.

2) Mascara, increasing the volume of eyelashes, Mascara Supra Volume, Clarins

Shabalin’s love:

This mascara belongs to the category “vanlav”. The brush is flexible, its incredible shape allows you to easily paint over the smallest eyelashes in the corners of the eyes. The color is saturated. Volume – 5 out of 5! Supra Volume also conquered me with a pleasant sweet fragrance – it smells of honey or flowering acacia …

An added bonus: it is enriched with special ingredients that strengthen the lashes. But this effect will not be noticeable until after four weeks of use. The key phrase here is “will be noticed”!

Price: 2 050 rub.

3) Mascara Smoky Eyes, Luxvisage

Tatiana Korneevets:

– “Oh, have you extended your eyelashes?”

– “No, everything is mine, everything is native.”

This kind of dialogue happens to me in every new company. And all because this mascara can really make an impression and shake your eyelashes so that they fluff up with joy like a peacock’s tail. No, they will not be multi-colored, but with the effect of a panoramic volume.

Despite numerous updates to the cosmetic bag, this mascara remains the most beloved. Even one stroke of the brush will be enough for the desired effect. And if you want to completely “flap your eyelashes and fly away”, then you can safely apply layers 2-3! The mini format allows you to paint over even the smallest eyelashes. The mascara contains natural wax that cares and nourishes.

Price: 204 rub.

4,5) Mascara Telescopic and Volume Millions Lashes Feline, L’Oreal Paris

Angelina Dovzhenko:

I tested the products of different brands, but L’oreal Paris mascara was pleasantly surprised by the price-quality ratio. For me personally, the most acceptable silicone brush, it allows you to maximally stretch and separate the eyelashes along the entire length. If you want to get the effect of false eyelashes, I recommend Telescopic mascara – super lengthening will delight!

If you want something very special, Volume Millions Lashes Feline will come to the rescue. It has an excellent texture that prevents mascara from clumping, and a unique brush shape – will add even more volume and evenly separate the lashes.

Price: Telescopic – 873 rubles, Volume Millions Lashes Feline – 590 rubles.

6) Volume mascara Better Than Sex, Too Faced

Patylya Mugutdinova, @pmbeautylovers:

Better Than Sex magic mascara was given to me for my birthday, and it was one of the best gifts ever! Sweep the brush – and you get the effect of eyelash extensions. This is definitely love from the first application!

A beautiful “girly” case, a large fluffy hourglass brush, incredibly soft texture – it’s all about her! It is applied very easily, as if it glides along the eyelashes, separating them, does not stick together even when layering. Leaves no lumps or marks on the eyelids.

Super-lengthens, curls and lifts lashes perfectly without weighing them down. Very effective mascara! One of the best – 5 out of 5!

Price: 1 790 rub.

7) Extending mascara Jalouse Dramatic Lash, Vivienne Sabo

Violetta Shemarova:

This mascara is love at first … swing! At first glance, the strange silicone brush may seem hopeless, but no! Even if you have short eyelashes, with this magic wand they will become longer and darker at times. During the day, the product does not crumble, and the effect of “false eyelashes” lasts until late at night. Plus, there is no feeling of heaviness in the eyes. For fans of the drama effect, I recommend one of the best mascaras in this category.

Price on request

8) Mascara with volume effect Cabaret Premiere, Vivienne Sabo

Natalia Dubrovina:

As Marilyn Monroe said: “Women have only two weapons: mascara and tears. But we cannot use them at the same time. ” But with this mascara it is quite! I have been using it for a year and Cabaret Premiere makes perfect lashes!
I think it will be of interest to those who naturally have thin rare eyelashes. Mascara makes them long to heaven, painting over the shortest eyelashes. If you use mascara for a long time, it may start to crumble, then I can easily change it to a new copy right there (an attractive budget price and availability in any cosmetic store allows this to be done). The manufacturer promises to separate and lengthen the eyelashes. Mascara undoubtedly copes with this. I would add that it even tightens the eyelashes to a reasonable degree.

If you love silicone fine brushes, you will appreciate it. Perfectly paints eyelashes the first time and rinses off easily. I work at the computer, but with it by the end of the day there is no feeling of heaviness on the eyelids.

Price: 227 rub.

9) Mascara Noir Couture Volume, Givenchy

Daria Lazarchuk, @ style.inside.you:

It was love at first sight. The ink tube has a ribbed, multifaceted surface that effectively refracts light and gives the anticipation of something special.

Noir Couture Volume has an interesting brush with a small indentation in the center. It is convenient for her to paint over the thinnest and most inconspicuous eyelashes in the corners of the eyes. And the center section of the short bristle brush helps to distribute the mascara evenly. The result is very elegant and good

dyed eyelashes. They can be positioned towards the outer corners of the eyes for a feline look. And in the evening – add another 1-2 layers for additional volume.

Price: 2 530 rub.

10) Mascara Le Volume de Chanel, Chanel

Marina Kichigina:

My absolute favorite and favorite is Le Volume de Chanel mascara. Fell in love with her at first sight, or rather from the first stroke of the brush. This wave alone is enough to make the look more expressive. And those who like thicker and fuller eyelashes can safely make a few more strokes.

Thanks to the quick-drying acacia resin included in the composition, the mascara fixes the shape of the bend, and with each new touch, the volume of the eyelashes increases – they become noticeably longer. At the same time, they do not stick together, and you will not achieve the effect of “spider legs”, even if you really want to.

The mascara’s durability, like that of a tin soldier, easily withstands both a working day and an active evening: it does not crumble and does not imprint on the eyelids (even with my combined, oily skin), snow and light rain are not a hindrance to it either. At the same time, it is quite easy to remove with any makeup remover. And, to be honest, it is just pleasant to hold it in your hands: you get some special aesthetic pleasure from using all Chanel products. There is a special charm in these exquisite black and white bottles, tubes and vials.

And now the main sensation – recently, an updated version called Le Volume Revolution de Chanel was born. Having preserved and increased all the advantages of their predecessor, the manufacturers really surprised by creating a brush (attention!) On a 3D printer. Its structure has special micro cavities that help to collect the optimal amount of mascara for even more even distribution without lumps. This is a real revolution and a future that you can touch today.

Price: 2 570 rub.

11) Mascara PIN UP Mega Size, Luxvisage

O. Lebed, @lebed__cosmetics:

I always prefer silicone brushes (more about all types of brushes – here), it is they who can adequately paint over my eyelashes. But the other day I was amazed: what does mascara do to them with the usual (!!!) PIN UP Mega Size brush from Luxvisage.
Its advantages: beautiful design, good limiter (there is not a lot of funds), does not fall into lumps, perfectly dyes eyelashes, lengthens well, the brush is not small and not large, convenient for painting, does not imprint on the eyelids, does not crumble.
I did not find any cons!

Price: 163 rub.

12) Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

Dilyara Mirgalimova:

Here it is – the best mascara of all time! You come back to it again and again when you get bored with new items. I love absolutely everything about it: laconic luxury packaging, classic brush, smell and color intensity. There are several shades in the line. My favorites are plum (perfectly accentuates green eyes), burgundy and chocolate. It is the last color that will appeal to blondes and fair-haired girls who do not want to overload the image, choose natural in color, but at the same time fluffy eyelashes.

It should be said that the composition of the mascara pleases with the caring components: castor, safflower, argan and almond oils, which, in turn, strengthen the eyelashes and heal them. Moreover, it does not crumble and gives an incredible volume.

Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils has a very light consistency, does not feel like a heavy load on the eyelashes, can be washed off without unnecessary friction with micellar water or hydrophilic oil. My absolute (time-tested) favorite!

Price: 2 630 rub.

13) Mascara Lash Sensational, Maybelline

Christina Dimitreva:

In fact, no other brand has such a cool mascara!

She does it all: gives the lashes an intense black tint, lengthens and separates them – the eyes are instantly expressive.

I would recommend using it for evening makeup when you want to highlight your eyes. In my opinion, it requires a special mood and makeup.

Only now it is better to wash it off with warm water or a two-phase agent. If you still have some mascara particles, just warm your fingers under warm water and run them over your eyelashes – you will see how Lash Sensational melts and rinses off easily.

Price: 364 rub.

14) Mascara Extended Play Gigablack Lash, MAC

Christina Dimitreva:

This mascara gently paints the lashes, separating them. The consistency of the product is very light, literally envelops every eyelash. It works very well on the bend, even without the curling iron! Suitable for everyday make-up and will appeal to those who love perfectly colored eyelashes with a thin layer of mascara.

It is washed off the same way as it is applied: quickly and easily.

Price: 1 480 rub.