20 best cushion for spring

TOHow to get the lightest coverage and which cushion covers under eye circles and other signs of fatigue? Makeup artists and bloggers talk about the tools they use in work and life.

Cushion Air Fit, A’pieu

The movement of cushons started with this brand, and at the moment it is the cheapest similar product on the market. Available in three textures. The first is classic, very shiny and a little wet. She merges with the skin – that’s why I love her. There is also a very long-lasting matte XP texture (good for filming) and finally the middle in between is called the Korean word Pposong. So this cushion benefits from a variety of textures, low prices and lightest coverage. It is applied so simply that it will be convenient to use it even in a taxi.

Price: 580 rub.

Cushion Do Do Cat, Holika Holika

The special thing about this cushion is that you get the tone and strobing at once: a product with a very shiny texture. Immediately attracts with its cheerful design in the form of a cat’s paw. When applied, it cools the face and tightens pores. Made with botanicals that soothe the skin. And the silicon dioxide in the composition helps to get rid of oily sheen.

Price: 2 190 rubles.

Cushion Double Wear Cushion Stick, Estee Lauder

Although there is usually a small amount of product in all cushons, in this case the manufacturers decided to isolate the sponge from the liquid by distributing them in different compartments. Provides the kind of finish that Russian girls prefer: a finish that matches the skin tone, but a little more matte. We are still afraid to apply highly shining products, and this cushion gives just a very delicate glow. Another advantage is that it is presented in a large number of shades. For comparison: Korean cushons are usually presented in a maximum of three.

Price: 3500 rub.

Cushion Cover King Powder Cushion, Nakeup Face

A find for those who want to mask acne and redness scars – it gives an unprecedented dense coverage (the Internet is full of shocking before and after photos). It has three shades that are very different from each other, and most girls will find the right tone here. For those who don’t have any skin problems, this is a good economical option – you can apply it a little at a time and stretch one cushion for several months. Nice accessory: the rose gold packaging (like the iPhone) is finished in matte plastic.

Price: about 2600 rubles.

Blush-cushion Wonderful Cushion, Sephora

Available in five shades – from soft beige pink to rich fuchsia. Apply with a comfortable pad to match skin tone and leave a slightly damp finish. They like it because they are very sparingly spent – you need one small pea of ​​funds on both cheeks. Quite persistent – you do not need to update during the day.

Price: 499 rub.
Egor Kartashov

Egor Kartashov

Top makeup artist

Miracle Cushion SPF23, Lancôme

I have been using it for two years now, and it has never let me down. Perfectly moisturizes and refreshes the skin, gives it radiance and protects it from the sun (there is an SPF filter 23). The make-up is obtained without the mask effect. The porous pad is impregnated with a tonal fluid that resembles water in texture. I especially recommend it to fans of BB and CC creams.

My friend Natalya, who works as a consultant for the Lancôme brand (at TSUM), instilled in me a love for this tool.

Unfortunately, I cannot use this foundation in my work, because it is not hygienic. Makeup artists can only use products with dispensers, but despite this, I am a huge fan of this cushion. If a client asks to choose a tone for home use, then I always advise him.

Price: 4100 rub.
Andrey Shilkov

Andrey Shilkov

Star makeup artist

Cushion Le Cushion Encre De Peau Fusion Ink, YSL

Among European cushions, this is my favorite. It consists of 30% mineral water, which makes the texture light. The cushion leaves a beautiful satin finish. At a time when everyone is already talking about glossy skin to antipathy.

Tip: use the cushion only with the puff that comes with the kit, because applying the product with a brush or sponge will not create the right result!

Price: 5003 rub.
Mila Klimenko

Mila Klimenko

Official makeup artist of L’Oréal Paris in Russia, founder of the Nikk Mole school of makeup artists

Cushion Nude Magique Cushion, L’Oréal Paris

Very light and comfortable on the skin tone “in the pillow”, in the summer I use it every day. Despite its transparency, it visually evens out the complexion and creates the effect of naturally radiant skin. This is the remedy that a man will never notice on a girl’s face, but he will definitely compliment her beautiful skin.

Price: 940 RUB.
Moore Soboleva

Moore Soboleva

Blogger, creator of the telegram channel fierceandcute

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Gel Touch Foundation

Formally – not a cushion, but a gel foundation, but it looks like a cushion and is applied the same way. In the Les Beiges series, the brand proclaims maximum naturalness, and the Gel Touch Foundation fully corresponds to this paradigm – it is literally a transparent product that, nevertheless, evens out the complexion and makes it healthier. Summer ideal for owners of good skin.

Price: 4590 rub.

Cushion Air Mesh, Dr. Jart +

At one time, it was Dr. Jart + who made America fall in love with BB creams, and then they showed the market cushion – and opened Pandora’s box. The brand has several cushons, but the one that belongs to mine adored Series Time Returning, unfortunately, is a bit dark for me (I have extra-light, almost white skin). Therefore, my option is Air Mesh, which is completely invisible on the face, but at the same time gives it a vigorous and healthy look.

Price on request

Cushion Mineral Wear Cushion, Physicians Formula

The Physicians Formula Cushion comes in just three shades. Which, however, with a not too dense application, more or less adapt to the skin tone. The finish that is semi-matte can be layered from light to medium. The composition contains mineral sunscreens.

Price: 951 rub.

Cushion Aqua BB, 3Lab

An expensive American brand specializes in care, and it has only two foundations – but both are of the highest quality. Aqua BB is a classic Asian cushion (by the way, 3Lab was one of the first to release its version on the western market) with a thin, but overlapping redness, coating. The tool is, to put it mildly, not cheap – you can console yourself with the fact that the cushion is really beautiful, and the kit includes a spare block.

Price: 10 545 rub.

Cushion Skin Foundation Cushion Compact, Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown’s cushion is a slightly thicker cushion than usual for such products. However, otherwise everything is classic – a good thin sponge and an even, translucent, semi-matte finish. The brand also announces the possibility of achieving a dense coverage using a brush with the self-explanatory name Full Coverage, which is in their range.

Price: 3800 rub.

Lazy & Joy Face 2 Change Photo Ready Cushion Foundation, Holika Holika

I do I do not hide, what love Holika Holika and their lazy egg line named Gudetama in particular. I used the cushion from the first launch, Lazy & Easy, to the end, and I plan to do the same with that – I love the medium glowing coverage and the feeling of hydrated skin that lasts all day. Well, the packaging, of course.

Price on request
Yulia Petkevich-Sochnova

Yulia Petkevich-Sochnova

Blog author BeButterfly and columnist BeautyHack

Cushion Liquid BB Crème Au Ginseng Cushion Compact, Erborian

Following the popular BB-creams in regular tubes, the Korean-French brand Erborian has released another one – Liquid BB Crème Au Ginseng Cushion Compact. It’s not just their BB cream with ginseng in a different format: it has changed its texture – it has become lighter. The number of skin care ingredients has also increased. At the same time, the degree of coverage has decreased, so this foundation looks even more natural on the skin, but does not hide any flaws.

Price: 3850 rub.

Cushion Blush Subtil Cushion, Lancôme

Lancôme is noticeably hooked on cushions, so more than one product has been released in this format. I find the Lancome Blush Subtil Cushion blush especially interesting, which the brand first launched in limited quantities as part of the Sonia Rykiel collection, and later they came out in the regular line. They are distinguished by beautiful shades and a natural look on the skin. Another plus is that they do not smear the foundation when applied.

Price: 3138 rub.

Sponge-cushion Skin Foundation Cushion Compact Sponge Applicator, Bobbi Brown

The Bobbi Brown brand went further and released the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Cushion Compact Sponge Applicator! They can be applied as a tonal cushion, which is also in the range, and any other tonal means.

Price: 270 rub.

Cushion Wonderful Cushion, Sephora

Cushion-mania noticeably affected the assortment of the Sephora brand – they released a whole line of Wonderful Cushion, which included: foundation, blush and matte lip mousse. Most of all, I liked the foundation, which is tolerant to skin imperfections. Provides medium concealment, ideal for everyday makeup.

Price: 1450 rub.

Cushions Color Correcting Primer Miracle CC Cushion, Lancôme

The cushion format is suitable for any liquid product, so Lancome decided to combine two trends in one – color correction and, in fact, cushion. This is how the four Lancôme Color Correcting Primer Miracle CC Cushion was born. Green fights excessive redness of the skin, purple – against yellowness and dullness, peach is good for masking dark circles under the eyes, and yellow can mask signs of fatigue. Unfortunately, they are not represented in Russia, but in the USA it will not be a problem to find them.

Price: about 3500 rubles.