9 most unusual face masks

REditors BeautyHack spent the day wearing the funniest, most unusual and interesting face masks. We tell about our impressions – who needs them and why?

Two-component bubble mask for cleansing and nourishing the skin Double Dare, OMG!

Korean masks Double Dare OMG! Bloggers love it – for the spectacular packaging with the “branded” lady of the brand and interesting formats and textures. Double Dare OMG! there are even four-step masks (everyone loves it in Korea), the same bubble mask is a two-step one.

Step 1 – you apply an oxygen detox mask, which begins to foam on your face after three minutes. As noted by the senior editor of BeautyHack Karina Andreeva, the skin becomes a little ticklish. What happens at this moment? While the skin is exposed to natural ingredients and oxygen bubbles burst, it is cleansed of impurities and begins to breathe. After 3 minutes, you remove the mask and wash your face with warm water.

Step 2 – you apply a sheet mask with collagen and organic extracts. After 15-20 minutes, remove, and the skin is filled with radiance.

This whole procedure is the first step in skin care, that is, cleansing, so you can apply the mask (step 1) over the makeup. After the mask, use your favorite moisturizer and go to bed for a better complexion in the morning.

The brand’s products can be bought not only in online stores, but also in the Mapteka.Shop pharmacy on Malaya Bronnaya, in the Beauty Level store in the Evropeyskiy shopping center and in the Golden Apple perfume supermarkets.

Price: 590 rub.

Mask with bamboo charcoal Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask, Origins

Care brand Origins with a 20-year history, we love for minimalistic packaging, natural compositions, pleasant textures and aromas. The concept of the brand is to use only natural ingredients. Among them are the most unusual: apricot pulp, chamomile flowers, carrots, edelweiss, grapefruit and even goji berries.

Clear Improvement Bamboo Charcoal Mask – Origins bestseller. Black, but not too viscous, slightly tingles the skin when applied. What’s in the line-up? Bamboo charcoal (like a magnet, pulls out all the dirt from the pores), white Chinese clay (removes toxins) and lecithin (relieves inflammation).

Prices: 1,000 rubles. (50 ml), 1 750 rubles. (100 ml).

Gel mask with vitamin E Vita Genic Hydrating Jelly Mask, Banobagi

Banobagi was founded at the Center Yee Aesthetic Surgery Clinic in Korea, taking into account the needs of customers and the latest scientific developments. Jelly masks (gel masks) are one of the latest trends in skin care, especially for dry and dehydrated skin.

In a package with a bright blue vitamin E capsule – a mask made from 100% cotton, but processed into a very thin material. So thin that it forms one piece of cloth and 30 ml of jelly serum. The serum contains a moisturizing cocktail of vitamins and amino acids, at the head of which is vitamin E, hiauluronic acid, niacinamide and others.

After the first 15 minutes of use, the skin becomes smoother, softer and lighter, and if you apply the mask regularly, age spots and dark circles under the eyes disappear. Sold in L’Etoile.

Price: 169 rub.

Clay mask Purple Clay Mask, Sephora

If you love clay masks but are intimidated by the feeling of tight skin, the 8 Multicolored Masks from Sephora are what you need. Masks with different formulations and for different purposes, so they are ideal for multi-masking – you can combine them and choose the place of application depending on the problem. BeautyHack photographer Asya Zabavskaya tested a lilac mask – with lilac clay and edelweiss to moisturize the skin. She applied it all over her face – after 15 minutes, the skin freshened up, the pores became less visible, while there was no feeling that the skin was “thirsty.”

Price: 390 rub.

Mask for cleansing and narrowing the pores Dermask Porecting Solution, Dr. Jart +

The Korean brand Dr. Jart + our favorite is the Illuminating Brush highlighter. But you should also pay attention to care cosmetics. Dr. Jart + was the first to come up with alginate fabric masks and moisturizing patches just for the cheeks, and each of their products is a collection of the strangest ingredients – from donkey milk to asparagus.

What surprised us with the Dermask Porecting Solution mask? Firstly, in black – the mask has a carbon fabric base. Secondly, by oxygen bubbles, which we talked about above. And of course, the composition: in addition to oxygen and coal byangtan (the highest quality for the skin), among the ingredients there are mastic gum, extracts of avocado, eucalyptus, Chinese sumac and asparagus. All of them cleanse and refresh the skin, control sebum production, even out tone, renew cells and improve skin elasticity. The brand is represented in the Ile de Beaute.

Price: 2 817 rub. (pack of 5).

Anti-aging mask with snail mucin Time Returning Facial Mask, Dr. Jart +

Another mask from Dr. Jart + was tested by the senior editor of BeautyHack Karina Andreeva: “I don’t use anti-age products yet, but about the Dr. I’ve heard Jart + Time Returning more than once. This is a brand’s skincare collection, created specifically to combat age-related skin changes, and the main ingredient in the products is mucin (snail mucus). Now about the mask: it is really slippery to the touch, but it adheres tightly to the skin and cools it a little. In 20 minutes after removing the tissue base, the remnants of the product (serum) were distributed over the skin. The effect is visible immediately: the skin appears rested and very smooth. If you use a mask before makeup, you can do without primers. “

Price: 5 115 rub. (10 pieces in a package).

Green Mud Mask, I’m Sorry For My Skin

Another Korean mask that all the beauty lovers have recently started talking about is I’m Sorry For My Skin. It all started with a funny idea: each mask of the brand offers to “forgive” for different “sins” – from the abuse of coffee and sweets to smoking, alcohol and lack of sleep. Now the brand has released a collection of clay masks – and not just clay masks, but also cloth masks, which has never been done before.

The novelty with green clay was tested by BeautyHack photographer Asya Zabavskaya and noted that the mask is very functional. There are many slots in it, thanks to which the fabric base can be adjusted so that it fits perfectly tightly, like a regular non-fabric mask. In addition to natural clay, the composition contains moisturizing and soothing components – amino acids, watercress extract and the patented AMF long-term hydration complex (retains the moisture level in the skin for 120 hours). It is better to remove the mask after 30-40 minutes (gently from bottom to top), and rinse off the remains with warm water.

Price: 3 200 rub. (pack of 5).

Mineral volcanic clay Ghassoul to eliminate inflammation on the face and body, BeautyBuzz

The site of “proven cosmetics” BeautyBuzz created by journalist and beauty blogger Anna Hecht. There you will find only #means that work – a selection of “best of the best” and an online beauty store all rolled into one. For example, on BeautyBuzz you can order the aforementioned Dr. Jart + or products from brands such as Mene & Moy System, Professional Solutions, Avalon Organics and Cefine (they are rarely found in Russia). Once upon a time, Anna herself was cured of second-degree acne and was fired up with the idea of ​​helping others. Using her experience and knowledge of combating acne, she has developed her own line of cosmetics with organic ingredients and very detailed instructions with life hacks for use.

Anastasia Lyagushkina, a special correspondent of BeautyHack, tested organic powder for the preparation of medical masks for the face and body: “The site offers to dilute the powder in different ways: non-carbonated mineral water, micellar water, unrefined coconut oil, chamomile or oak bark infusion, as well as strong green tea. I diluted two tablespoons of clay with water, mixed until smooth and applied to clean skin for 25 minutes (for dry or combination skin, 5 to 15 minutes will be enough). After washing, the skin becomes matte and super clean, but slightly red – this will go away in 10 minutes. After the mask, be sure to apply a good nourishing cream – by the way, when you do this, you will notice that the skin looks like polished. “

In the composition of clay powder: silicon, magnesium, iron, zinc, sodium, potassium, vitamins A, B, C, D, E, F and K. It can be applied not only on the face, but also on the body and even hair (for them growth and fight against dandruff / oily scalp).

Price: 1 660 rub. for 305 g.

Alginate mask with acerola Modeling Take-out Cup Pack, Ettang

Just like Banobagi (we wrote about their jelly mask above), Ettang is another Korean brand that was recently brought to L’Etoile. The word Ettang means “we and the earth” – it is important for the brand to use the maximum of natural ingredients. One of the most popular products is the Modeling Take-out Cup Pack alginate mask. The masks are poured into weightless disposable containers that resemble cans of yogurt.

The containers contain a delicate powder, into which you need to pour a little water. You will get the same alginate mask that you get in the beauty salon. You can choose from ten varieties with different ingredients: mint, charcoal, propolis, yogurt and more. BeautyHack correspondent Anastasia Lyagushkina tried a mask with acerola (Barbados cherry). Like all alginate masks, it is applied in a thick layer all over the face completely, even covering the eyes. After 20 minutes, the peach cream hardens and you peel it up from the bottom up. The skin under it becomes soft, the complexion is fresh and uniform (we did not need tonal means afterwards).

Price: 289 rub.