All about makeup for brown eyes: the most important rules

Zvisiting makeup artist and founder of the Mosmake school Natalia Vlasova says that when choosing shadows, first of all, you need to pay attention to the color of the iris. “A safe bet is a shade that matches your eye color.” In the case of brown eyes, this option is good for evening makeup, but may not work during the day. Plus, girls want variety, and everyone can interpret the phrase “one to one repeating” in their own way.

The most common shades for brown eyes are bronze, hazel, sand and beige. Plum color favorably sets off the iris. Below are specific makeup techniques from makeup artists.

It all depends on what kind of makeup you have in mind.

Any color suits your eyes. I like to apply shades to match (perfect for smoky eyes) and contrasting the color of the iris. For example, pink and peach are great for refreshing the face.

The main rule: do not forget to make high-quality shading, and if you draw arrows, try to make them symmetrical.

Place accents

For girls with brown eyes, I recommend highlighting accents in makeup. If the lips are bright, then the eyes are neutral. And vice versa.

Since the color of the iris itself is intense, it’s easy to overdo it. In your case, the phrase “Less is more” is especially important.

My version of the eyeshadow palette is Too Faced Sweet Peach. It is impossible to be mistaken with a shade! Moreover, it is suitable not only for eye makeup. I accentuate her eyebrows and even use it as a blush.

Olesya Erokhina

Olesya Erokhina


Turquoise shadows

The warm amber shade of the iris is accentuated by turquoise shadows. And light colors in the corners of the eyes will refresh the look. The photo shows the beautiful makeup of Alessandra Ambrosio.

Don’t be afraid of color

Dark green arrows are the accent of the image of Gwen Stefani. By the way, this is a good start for experimenting with colored makeup. Dark green, turquoise, deep blue, purple, maroon, brown-bronze shades are suitable for brown eyes. In this case, the texture can be either matte or with the addition of mother-of-pearl or sparkles.

Taupe shades

My favorite shades of taupe (a mix of gray, brown, lilac) beautifully highlight the green undertones of brown eyes.

Experiment with smoky eyes

Classic smokey is not the best option for dark brown eyes. Add colored glitter eyeshadow to the dark backing and brush over the brow area with a little blush. A black pencil on the mucous membrane and false eyelashes will create depth and contrast.

Colored arrows

Paint over the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid with a colored pencil and blend with a small, not hard brush. Reception is good for both daytime and evening makeup.

The everyday option is to apply a bronze pencil to the lower lash line to add expression and shine to the iris. What other shades of pencils are suitable for girls with brown eyes, look here.

Avoid dark accents if you have blonde hair and brown eyes.

Blonde girls with brown eyes should not overload daytime makeup with bright and dark accents. Thick wide eyebrows can be styled with colored gel or shadows, paying attention to the “tails”, and carefully blending the beginning of the eyebrows. Volume mascara and blended arrow highlight the depth of the eye.

Don’t apply dark shadows too high

Thick dark eyebrows and brown eyes look contrasting, so when applying shadows in saturated shades, do not go high behind the crease of the eyelid, but add highlights to the moving area – you will get a beautiful neat makeup.

Peach shades

To visually enlarge brown eyes, try peach eyeshadow: apply it to the crease and blend over the lower eyelid.