How to use eyeliner: 10 important rules

HIndependent makeup artist Yulia Kupriy told why you need an eyelid primer, why a cosmetic bag must have a white pencil and how to make neat arrows.

Tip # 1: determine the type of pencil

Today in corners there is a large selection of pencils of different shapes and sizes. They differ in the method of application, color, consistency, softness and other parameters. Most popular: kayal pencils made on the basis of powder, pencils based on gel or cream, liquid pencils. The choice depends on the desired effect, type of makeup and skin type. Kajal, for example, is most often used to create a haze effect. Gel pencils are good for drawing arrows, while liquid pencils are the most intense in color.

Tip # 2: warm up the pigment before using

Before applying the pencil to the eyelid, squeeze it in your palms and rub. It will become softer and easier to apply – the golden rule of makeup artists!

Tip # 3: don’t let the inside of your eyelid down if you have sensitive eyes

In the modern beauty market, you can find products for any request. If you have sensitive eyes, use special pencils and avoid lining the inside of your eyelid. Avoid pencils with large glitter – they can cause an unwanted reaction from the mucous membrane.

CTip # 4: find a fulcrum when creating arrows

To draw perfect arrows, the hand does not need to be overhang. Rest your elbow on the table – support number one, and with your working hand on your cheek – support number two. And don’t forget to sharpen your pencil well. It is impossible to make a beautiful “tail” at the arrow with a blunt tip. How to draw perfect arrows, read on link

Tip # 5: don’t forget about space between eyelashes

To make the arrows look neat, and the look was deeper, do not forget to paint over the space between the eyelashes. You don’t need to draw a solid line. It is enough to apply the pencil pointwise.

Tip # 6: get the tip right

To make the corner of the arrow sharp and beautiful, attach a pencil to the corner and make a sharp abrupt upward movement.

Tip # 7: don’t be afraid of the white pencil

A white pencil is a versatile tool that should be in every beautician’s cosmetic bag. Sliding the lower eyelid down can help mask signs of sleep deprivation or a long flight.

A white pencil along the hairline will help open up the eyes and slightly raise the eyebrow visually.

Tip # 8: use an eyelid primer

This rule is especially true for women with oily dermis. Cleanse the skin, apply the primer to the upper eyelids, and pat in lightly with your fingertips. Let it soak and use a pencil. By the way, the latter can easily replace shadows. Choose a soft kajal with an applicator on the tip and put it in your purse with you – it will come in handy.

Tip # 9: a pencil that is too soft can make it harder

If you don’t need feathering and want to draw a clean line, place the pencil in the freezer for 10 minutes – it will become harder!

Tip # 10: Choose a waterproof pencil for the gym

The holiday season is coming soon! This is the time for waterproof cosmetics. For a trip to the sea or going to the gym, choose pencils that will stay with you after contact with moisture. Otherwise, you risk turning into a cute panda with characteristic dark circles in the periorbital area.

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