stars who were “crumpets” in childhood

V childhood, these famous “pyshechki” aroused affection among others: oh, those ruddy cheeks. Having matured, they decided that it was time to get rid of the “folds” and turn into stately beauties. Celebrities who were chubby in their childhood – in the BeautyHack compilation.

Jennifer Goodwin

The audience fell in love with the cutie Jennifer after the release of the youth comedy “Promising is not getting married.” Goodwin gained worldwide popularity by playing Snow White in the TV series Once Upon a Time.

Jennifer has been prone to obesity since childhood, and her life since elementary school was held under the auspices of the “fight of fats.” Once the actress admitted: it was very difficult for her to limit herself in something, so she joined the organization “Weight Watchers”, in which she has been for more than 20 years.

After the pregnancy, Jennifer dialed again. But she quickly got into shape. Her secrets: ballet, cardio for at least forty minutes a day, brisk walking in the fresh air, morning workouts and a balanced diet.

Kelly Osbourne

The daughter of the “great and terrible” has never been slender. Until a certain point, Kelly was tired: why not have breakfast with a hamburger? Several years ago, Kelly unexpectedly for everyone appeared in a new role of an obedient, slender “excellent student”.

The first and most important step of Kelly towards the “wasp” waist was the rejection of chips, sweet soda and fast food – and immediately minus 15! Impressive? Kelly eats small meals 5-6 times a day, drinks 6-8 glasses of water a day and exercises regularly.

Kate Winslet

Oh, the aristocrat Kate with impeccable manners and taste. She has been included in the list of the most beautiful women in the world more than once.

As a child, the future star differed from her classmates in curvaceous forms, for which she was repeatedly ridiculed. She even had to leave school in order not to earn a nervous breakdown. In high school, Kate decided to take up the figure and switched to proper nutrition. Her main rules: the last meal – three hours before bed, vitamin B and calcium, 20 minutes of Pilates a day and a busy work schedule. Read more beauty facts about the star here

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer is an Academy Award winner for Best Supporting Actress. Remember assistant Carrie from Sex and the City? Yes, yes, that pretty fat woman and the smart performer of the main role in the musical “Dream Girl” are one and the same person.

As a child, Jennifer was plump. In adolescence and adolescence, the XL size did not bother her either. And then Hudson took it and lost weight. Who or what became the motivator is unknown. But the fact remains: Jennifer looks great. For this it is worth saying “thank you” to an hour of jogging every morning, strength training and proper nutrition.


In her youth, Kesha could not boast of model parameters. And her ideal figure in early 2000 is the result of hard work. Kesha managed to maintain the weight for a long time, until there was a loud lawsuit with the producer, during which the singer seized stress with sweets and chips. The result was not long in coming – plus 30 kg. When the debriefing was over, Kesha pulled herself together again and instead of the trial went to the gym.


“I change minus to plus” – it seems that this is how the life credo of a popular singer sounds. Ves Adele is the main “newsmaker” in beauty publications. The tendency to be overweight went to the singer by inheritance – our genes are everything. She was never thin, but that did not stop the girl from building a brilliant career.

After the harassment on the Internet, Adele decided to listen to the fans and take up the figure. In an interview, the singer admitted that she was embarrassed in front of the coach for her appearance during classes.

Want a waist – down with embarrassment. Training and giving up junk food gave an excellent result. True, short-lived. After a couple of months, Adele recovered again. And then she lost weight again. We hope the “vicious circle” is over once and for all.

Jenny Farley

Jenny is the star of the reality show “The Beach”, where she showed the audience a fit, slender figure that can only be envied. But this was not always the case.

From Jenny’s childhood photos, a cute “little dumpling” looks at you, which turned into a bigger “dumpling” in high school: “At school, I dreamed of being slender like the rest of the girls. They also ate a lot, but this did not affect the figure in any way. At the age of 16, I decided that I had enough and signed up for swimming. From that moment on, I lost weight and started to control weight. “