the first signs of aging and what to do with them

Vdermatologist, cosmetologist, trichologist, laser therapist Victoria Filimonova – about what signs of aging appear at the age of 30 and what procedures you need at this age.

Thirty years is a wonderful age when you want to start doing many procedures that are on the cosmetic market, try all kinds of anti-aging cocktails, improve skin tone, as age-related changes are already beginning to appear.

It is very important to remember to take proper care of your face, neck and décolleté skin! Your daily ritual should include: makeup remover, cleansing, toning, nutrition / hydration and protection. Without proper care, there will be no beautiful skin and no glowing effect from the inside.

Any technique has its own indications, so I propose to consider a problem that you may face in thirty years and find a way to solve it. I want to note that the problems described below can be encountered both earlier and later than this age.

The first signs of skin fatigue are a decrease in its tone and turgor, dryness, and dehydration. Important here:

Competent home care (make-up removal, cleansing, toning, nutrition / hydration and skin protection);
Salon treatments for your skin type;
Massages and self-massage of the face;
Complex of exercises for the face (gymnastics, face fitness);
Various methods of hardware injection-free mesotherapy;
Mesotherapy with vitamin, amino acid cocktails, biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid;
Platelet-rich plasma injections (prp-therapy).

The first mimic wrinkles, for example, eyebrows or crow’s feet, may also appear. Most often, at this age, they are dynamic (that is, they appear only with a smile or surprise), but they can also be static – observed without active facial expressions.

In the case of dynamic ones, we try to change facial expressions and do special exercises. Only botulinum toxin injections will help to cope with static ones.

Due to improper tanning already in 30 years age spots and uneven skin color may appear. How to be?

We are looking for whitening ingredients in cosmetics (phytic acid, kojic acid, arbutin, retinol and vitamin C) and begin to actively use them and prepare the skin for other procedures;
We make chemical peels. Depending on the pigment, superficial (glycolic, retinoic) or deeper (for example, TCA peeling) are chosen;
If the pilgrims did not help, we go for heavy artillery and do photorejuvenation or picosecond laser treatments.

Very often, after 30, “nasolabial folds” begin to disturb. How to deal with them?

Don’t forget about preventive methods! Gymnastics and facial massage are important here;
If it is a small room, then it is possible to make reinforcement with a filler based on hyaluronic acid;
If this is already a deep depression, then you need to understand the reason (dramatic weight loss, anatomical feature, orthodontics). This is followed by a lot of work with the face (someone needs to add cheekbones, someone needs a chin and the corners of the lower jaw), and someone will even need thread-based techniques.

A double chin is a common complaint with which people turn to a beautician at about 30 years old. The reasons are different – individual characteristics, architectonics, orthodontics, divergence of platysma, structural features of the lower jaw, overweight, uneven posture. Consultation with a surgeon and an orthodontist is important.

Therefore, the solutions will be as follows:

We exclude what can be done without a beautician (we monitor posture, lose weight, change the bite);
We use a set of exercises for both posture and against a double chin.

The situation can be improved by:

Modeling massage of the face, neck and décolleté – the technique should be quite intense. I recommend a course of 10-20 procedures;
Radio wave lifting – it perfectly warms up tissues and promotes lipolysis. I recommend a course of 5-6 procedures;
Cryolipolysis – cells undergo apoptosis due to cooling. One procedure is enough;
Lipolytic injections;
Ultrasonic lifting, which can greatly help with reduced tone in this area.

At the age of 30, severe swelling may occur. How to be?

We are looking for the cause of fluid retention in the body (an excess of protein, disruption of the thyroid gland, heart or kidneys, violation of the drinking regime, disturbance of sleep);
We try various lymphatic drainage massage techniques, acupuncture, cryostics massage, cryolift procedures, microcurrents, myostimulation.

Due to the thinning of the subcutaneous fat layer, dark circles appear in the eye area. Here I can offer lipofilling using an autogel (a gel obtained from your plasma using a special method) or filling this area with a filler based on hyaluronic acid. Taking into account your characteristics (skin type, its condition and facial structure), the doctor himself will decide what is right for you.

Hernias can also occur at this age, but this is often due to genetics. Unfortunately, they can only be removed surgically.

Acne can cause acne and scars. There is also an approach to them.

It is important to remember that scars are dermal changes in the skin, so we can improve its condition from 30 to 70%, but it is impossible to completely get rid of a scar. Here will help:

Collagen injections;
Autoplasma injections;
Fractional radio wave lifting;
Fractional mesotherapy;
CO2 laser.

If the vascular network is worried, then you can remove it by an affordable method (photothermolysis, electrocoagulation). remember, that rosacea – this is a change in the state of blood vessels.

The manifestation of the vascular network on the face is a consequence, and the cause itself is inside the body. Therefore, procedures for removing blood vessels should be regular – for someone once a year, and for someone once a month.

In modern cosmetology, there are a lot of methods that have their own indications and contraindications. You always need to start from what bothers you. An integrated approach for solving a particular problem is prescribed by your cosmetologist. Remember that healthy skin can only be if the body is healthy, so do not forget to eat right, exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle, minimize foci of chronic inflammation and glycation. We get enough sleep, do not stress and enjoy life!