what happened to the participants of the first Russian reality shows

V At the beginning of the 2000s, a new format appeared on Russian television – a reality show. Regularly, millions of TV viewers dropped everything for the sake of a new issue of “Behind the Glass” or “The Last Hero”. What happened to the stars of the TV screen, who built love on the camera, tried to get a place in a large company or win a cash prize?

Margo Semenyakina, “Behind the Glass”

Behind Glass is the first reality show on Russian television. It became an analogue of the American “Big Brother”, which beat the popularity ratings.

Six young people lived in a house with glass walls under the sights of TV cameras. The show caused a lot of resonance – many considered it too frank. But at the same time, it attracted more than 40% of the viewers of our country from the screens. Some of them even “lived” at the walls of the “Russia” hotel, where the shooting took place.

Margo Semenyakina became one of the brightest participants, remembered by the viewer for a stormy romance with Maxim Kasymov. After the project, the couple got married, and the guys had a son. Alas, but soon they parted. Margot tried herself as an actress, but her career did not work out.

Several years ago she opened a children’s folklore ethno studio and met a new love. In an interview, the girl admitted: after “Behind the Glass” it was difficult for her to find a job – because of her damaged reputation, Margot was refused everywhere.

Inna Gomez, “The Last Hero”

Who doesn’t remember the long-haired brunette with straight bangs from the Pantene ad? At the age of 27, Inna not only began her modeling career, but also decided to participate in reality. She did not become the winner of “The Last Hero”, but acquired the endless love of the public for her fortitude, courage and character.

After the project, Gomez entered the Moscow Academy of Arts at the Faculty of Psychology and began acting in films. In 2002, Inna gave birth to a daughter, Masha. After a short break, I returned to work again.

Now Inna is 48 years old. She does not go to social events, ignores Instagram and leads a rather closed lifestyle. Looks, by the way, amazing.

Ksenia Kakhnovich, “You are a supermodel”

You are a supermodel – a reality show that aired on the STS TV channel from 2004 to 2007. The host of the first two seasons was Fyodor Bondarchuk. As part of the project, girls from all over Russia fought for a contract with Next modeling agency for $ 250,000.

Ksenia Kakhnovich became the winner of the first season. After the show ended, she turned down her contract. This did not prevent her from building a successful career – Ksenia worked with Versace, Louis Vuitton, Dior and other famous brands, participating in shows with Natalia Vodianova, Natasha Poly, Sasha Pivovarova.

In 2014, the girl married a Finnish photographer. She travels a lot, is filmed for catalogs and enjoys life.

Olga Nikolaevna (Sun), “Dom-2”

On the screen, the girl appeared in the first line-up of the show. And instantly won the audience’s love. The brawler and rebel was famous for her tough disposition and a heightened sense of justice. She spent 1460 days on the project, but never built a relationship.

In 2006, the girl won the title of “Queen Dom-2”, won a car, and in 2008, following the results of the audience vote, an apartment in Moscow. After leaving, the girl took up music. She writes songs that get into rotation on radio and television, tours as a DJ, performing in clubs.

Last year, rumors began to circulate about Olga’s romance with a young marketer named Nikita. How their relationship is now is unknown, but the couple has not yet reached the registry office.

Anastasia Yagailova, “Big Brother”

The Russian version of the popular reality show appeared on TNT in 2005. 16 participants were locked in a windowless house. They regularly received assignments from Big Brother, and viewers could watch the participants on TV, on the Internet, and even call them. The host of the first season was Ingeborga Dapkunaite. The spectacular Anastasia Yagailova became the winner.

A pretty brunette with a bear in her hands manipulated the participants like an experienced psychologist. She even feigned pregnancy to boost her rating.

A few years later, Nastya came to another reality show, Dom-2, hoping to find her other half. Alas, this was not done.

For a long time, nothing was heard about the girl. And ten years later, she became a guest of the program about the stars of the reality show, where she talked about her life today. Nastya gave birth to two children and is happily married. The girl does not lead a public life and is happy to do housework.

Karina Sabirzyanova, “Hunger”

The show aired on TNT. The participants lived in a comfortable home in Germany, where they had everything except food and money. The goal is to get food, feed yourself and (optionally) your “friends in misfortune”. In extreme cases, food could be ordered home (the decision was made collectively). But with each meal, the size of the grand prize dwindled.

Karina Sabirzyanova was one of the most beautiful participants in the show – almost all the boys tried to look after her. On the project, she began to establish a relationship with Alexander Konstantinov. But suddenly her ex-boyfriend flew to Berlin with a ring and a marriage proposal. The girl agreed – upon returning to Kazan, a magnificent wedding was played. After a few years, the couple broke up. And Karina again returned to Alexander, who became the winner of reality (yes, it happens). In 2013, the couple had twins, which she is now raising.

Diana Makeeva, “Vacations in Mexico”

This show is a later “creation” of the writers, which was released in 2012. The young people were settled in a comfortable villa in Mexico, where they built relationships and fought for a cash prize.

Diana Makeeva is one of the most scandalous participants. Almost from the first days, she acquired an army of anti-fans and haters who enthusiastically discuss her on social networks. Diana immediately made it clear: she came to win, and no matter what the cost. The girl weaved intrigues, conspired and fought no worse than the guys from the “Brigade”. Diana managed to carry out her plan: together with Roman Nikitin, she won the show, taking a million rubles.

After a successful “vacation”, the girl hosted a talk show with Dmitry Nagiyev. Then she worked at the TV channel “360” as a correspondent, and then, unexpectedly for everyone, emigrated to Ukraine and became actively involved in politics, supporting the party of Yulia Tymoshenko.