Who do men want?

Fthe journalist Aleksey Belyakov – that men react to movement, to the image, and not to the waist size and the color of the eyelashes.

It was in a restaurant a long time ago. We sat with my friend, drank culturally, talked about the work of Cortazar. Suddenly, at the next table, a friend noticed a lady who smiled at him affably. She sat alone. A friend was worried: “Maybe we will invite her to us?” I looked at the lady. She was, I think, about fifty. Yes, pretty, but … “Hey, are you crazy? – I whispered to a friend. – She’s good for your mom! “

The friend was then twenty-five years old. Tall, handsome, muscular. The girls were thrilled with him. He replied, “But she’s great. And I’m not going to drag her to bed. ” And he invited the lady to us, she had a beautiful name Rose. We chatted, gave her some champagne, she was damn charming. She said that she sits here often. The friend was clearly agitated, began to waste money in order to please Rose, and I hastened to drag him away. On the way from the restaurant, as an older friend, I explained: look, how many cool girls are around, what is this “old lady” to you? The friend nodded and agreed.

A month has passed. We met again with a friend. And in the midst of a conversation about Borges’ work, a friend said: “Do you remember Rosa? I met her again … ”.

The friend did not go into details, he is a gentleman, but it was clear: they were not limited to the restaurant. The friend smiled, he really liked Rose and all the sexual adventures with her.

Then I, as an apologist for youth, began interrogations. I was interested in the psychology of this “meeting”. What a friend found in a Rose, which is very wilted according to my ideas. A friend, being a physicist by training, explained everything from the point of view of dynamics.

Rosa did not have unnecessary movements, fussiness, tiresome impetuosity. And with that filigree precision of manipulation. “And she’s really cool!” – summed up a friend.

I would think this is a separate case of insanity. But I also know a couple of similar stories. Another friend of mine had been dating a lady for several years, almost thirty years older than him. Although the lady was married, they met in secret. The friend could have married, but the lady turned out to be prudent. Still, she has a good husband, with whom she lived for many years. There is no need to destroy everything like that. The story is dramatic and beautiful. Yes, it was love.

We, of course, were completely screwed up. The cult of young elastic bodies. And it is not at all just the gloss that I have been working in for fifteen years. And I heard enough of all this: “Oh, why do we need this heroine, she is old and fat …” I am familiar with several middle-aged actresses, and first-class actresses. There are no big roles for them, even in battered serials. Looking for young and resilient. Even talentless, but young. At best, the aging actress will be offered the role of a silly, absurd mother or a comic chatterbox.

In fact, we have created an ordinary “beauty fascism”. This is no place for old people. Full – a shame!

But the blessed truth of life is that men want all women. And not only Irina Shayk and Svetlana Khodchenkova. Ordinary men, unlike producers, are generally tolerant. They just want sex and don’t dream of seeing a Victoria’s Secret angel in bed.

One of my acquaintances began to lose weight somehow zealously. Yes, she was overweight, what to hide. I suffered from this for many years, but I could not refuse confectionery either. And then I decided: that’s it, I’m losing weight, urgently! She was going to get married a second time, she was already under forty, and she decided that she should go down the aisle just like Shayk. Well, almost like Shayk. She began to kill herself in the gym. And suddenly the groom somehow hugged her and exclaimed: “Eh, you have lost something!” The bride blushed: “Everything is for you, beloved …” The groom was indignant: “Don’t even think! I love you just like that! “

The bride was at first taken aback. Then she came to her senses and rushed to the nearest pastry shop, to gain weight.

Oh yes, I know, I know! Being overweight is terrible, monstrous, and criminal. But you see, girls, it seems so to you or inspired. I think from a primitive male point of view. As my old friend says, “you need to have something to hold on to.” Russian men generally do not welcome thinness too much. Personally, I love, but I have few like-minded people.

Men want something completely different. We react to movement, to the image, and not to the size of the waist and the color of the eyelashes. Do not forget that we and you see the world in very different ways. What is a pinkish fitted jacket with sequins for you, for us “some kind of blouse, like a blue one.” What is strawberry blond for you, for us it is just “some kind of pink hair.” What is extra weight for you, for us “a normal girl with a good ass.” Forgive me for being straightforward.

Beauty fascism was invented by women themselves and they exhaust themselves. We don’t really care about weight and age. We love different people. The main thing is alive, natural, languid. The light gesture with which the woman at the next table tosses her hair is worth the entire Victoria’s Secret show to us. To hell with all these complexes of yours. “I am old and fat, nobody loves me …”. A naked woman next to her in bed is just happiness for us. And stop covering yourself with the blanket. Let me admire your body.

Text: Alexey Belyakov