10 fragrances in mini bottles that will refresh during the day and cheer up in the evening

Recently, perfume brands have been releasing bestsellers and novelties in mini-bottles. And there are explanations for this: firstly, it is convenient to take small packages with you to the office, travel and travel, and, secondly, this way you can test the fragrance you like, and only then buy its full version. Among the huge variety, BeautyHack.ru chose perfumes that are definitely worth paying attention to in the summer. Some will refresh and invigorate on a hot day, the second will add mystery in the evening, the third are interesting for their history (perfumers created them under the impression of a famous resort town or outdoor recreation).

Agua Ella, Loewe

Lemon, passionfruit and water lily petals are the perfect aroma mix for summer. And it is he who can be found in the Agua Elle fragrance, which is dedicated to tenderness and femininity. Apply it on your wrist in the morning (lemon notes will help you wake up faster) and in the evening (water lily petals will create a romantic mood).

And most importantly – a 15 ml miniature will not take up much space in a cosmetic bag!

Price: 2010 rub. (15 ml)

Lemongrass & vetiver, amber, Zielinski & Rozen

Zielinski & Rozen create perfumes with exclusively natural ingredients. For vacation we recommend a miniature of 10 ml. For example, herbal L is especially good for the heat.emongrass & vetiver, amber: it refreshes and will be relevant even in the heat.

Price: 1750 rub. (10 ml)

Lemon Island, Atelier Cologne

The name Lemon Island speaks for itself: the scent is associated with a tropical island where lemons grow. Moreover, the manufacturers say that special lemons were used to create the perfume – from the island of Rodriguez! Also in the composition – notes of Indian jasmine and Madagascar vanilla.

Price: 2470 rub. (10 ml)

La Selection Nomade Set, Byredo

Byredo has sets with three miniatures. The bestseller of any season is the set with Blanche, Bal d’Afrique and Gypsy Water. They can be changed depending on the mood or mixed to create unique scents. Blanche with notes of violet, peony, white rose, musk and sandalwood is dedicated to innocence and purity, Bal d’Afrique with accords of bergamot, lemon, neroli, jasmine and vetiver is inspired by the atmosphere of Paris of the 20s, and Gypsy Water, in which you can hear juniper, incense, pine needles, iris and vanilla, inspired by freedom.

Price: 11,000 rubles. (36 ml)

Portrait of a lady, Frederic Malle

Frederic Malle also has miniatures for almost all popular fragrances. The floral-oriental Portrait of a lady is perfect for the evening, in it the main note of rose is successfully combined with notes of raspberry, carnation, black currant, patchouli and incense. This is a sweetish smell that becomes spicy on the skin, with a slight bitterness.

Price: 5700 rub. (10 ml)

After Sunset, Kilian

Another perfect perfume for a summer evening is After Sunset, Kilian. Kylian Hennessy and French perfumer Calice Becker created it inspired by the magic of the sunset and the anticipation of the party. The fragrance opens with fresh notes of mowed grass, which then turn into a sweet mix of blackcurrant syrup and lychee, and on the skin, sensual accords of rose, musk and patchouli join this combination.

Price: 2770 rub. (7.5 ml)

Blooming Bouquet, Miss Dior, Dior

There are also many miniatures in Dior corners. For example, one of the brand’s bestsellers is Blooming Bouquet, Miss Dior with delicate accords of peony, Damask rose and Calabrian bergamot. The perfect mix for romantic natures!

Price: 3690 rub. (20 ml)

Morning Chess, Vilhelm Parfumerie

A citrus perfume inspired by Jan Wilhelm’s childhood memories of his summer holidays in the resort town of Falkenberg. In the composition – bergamot, Tuscan leather with notes of galbanum, patchouli and black amber. The producers write that Morning Chess conveys the feeling of being on the coast, where the air is filled with the aroma of fresh greenery, the sea and the light of the morning sun. An important point: the miniature is presented in two versions – 10 ml and 20 ml.

Price: 3150 rub. (10 ml), 7950 rubles. (20 ml)

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