10 scents with a fresh note of jasmine for perfect summer evenings

“Moonlight in the grove” – ​​this is how jasmine is poetically described in India and its notes are added to aromatic oils to reduce anxiety and tension, improve relationships with other people. Perfumers also often use this flower in compositions, adding it to the heart of the fragrance. Moreover, in this case, the perfume is associated with summer and relaxation in the Mediterranean. BeautyHack.ru has collected the most interesting jasmine perfumes for a perfect summer evening.

Blond Jasmine, Carolina Herrera

Eau de parfum, inspired by luxury locations in South America, with a distinct jasmine flavor. This flower opens the composition in an invigorating mix of citron and tangerine, and is also the main accord in the perfume. It is both a fresh and sweet scent that lasts on the skin for many hours.

Price: 11 900 rub.

Jasmine Sambac & Marigold, Jo Malone

“The sparkling aroma of snow-white buds, plucked at dawn, strewn with dew drops,” – beautifully said in the description of this cologne. Jasmine occupies the center of the perfume composition, and is ideally complemented by fresh and bright notes of marigold, unusual and exotic accords of ylang-ylang, as well as a sweet and warm mix of benzoin resin, vanilla and amber. Perfect for a summer evening!

Price: from 7300 rub.

Olene, Dyptique

Perfumers dedicated this fragrance to the divine beauty of Helen the Beautiful from ancient Greek mythology. Its main note is wisteria, which is successfully diluted with jasmine. Also added to the composition are honeysuckle, daffodil and greenery. It is interesting that in Arab countries this eau de toilette is preferred by men, and in Europe it is more often used by women.

Price: 8650 rub.

Jasmin Rouge, Tom ford

An oriental floral scent with notes of jasmine, ylang-ylang and neroli in the center of the composition. Also in the perfume are added bright and invigorating accords of cardamom, ginger and cinnamon, as well as a sensual mix of vanilla, amber and leather.

Price: from 19 600 rubles.

Honor, Amouage

Another oriental floral perfume in which jasmine is added to a bouquet of lily of the valley, carnation, gardenia and tuberose. At the same time, piquant pepper, spicy coriander and rhubarb are heard in the top accord, and warm amber, leather, incense and vetiver are heard in the trail.

Price: 45 500 rubles.

Orange & jasmine, vanilla, Zielinski & Rozen

Perfume with a central note of jasmine, top orange and vanilla trail. The perfect mix for a summer evening, fresh and sensual. And most importantly, the scent lasts on the skin for at least six hours and on clothes for about a day.

Price: 4850 rub.

Jasmin Marzipane, Lancome

Incredibly delicate and delicate eau de parfum with notes of vanilla and two types of jasmine – sambac jasmine, which is harvested at dawn, and grandiflorum jasmine, harvested at sunset. “This fragrance is unique for its bright, captivating femininity, leaving a trail of unbridled pleasure,” his perfumers say about Jasmin Marzipane.

Price: 19 560 rub.

Don’t tell Jasmine, Vilhelm Parfumerie

This fragrance was created under the inspiration of the image of a fragile, but at the same time strong girl. Don’t tell Jasmine is both easy and complex composition, but it will definitely not be ignored and will be remembered by others. In it, notes of jasmine are complemented by accords of lemon and musk petals.

Price: 20 800 rub.

Inflorescence, Byredo

In the Byredo collection, pay attention to the Inflorescence fragrance. It contains a bouquet of the most beautiful flowers – jasmine, magnolia, lily of the valley, May rose and freesia. It is ideal for spring and summer.

Price: from 17 650 rubles.

Another 13, Le Labo

The number in the name of the eau de toilette plays up the idea of ​​superstition and luck, and also indicates the number of ingredients in the composition. The fragrance belongs to the floral-fruity, and its main notes are jasmine and moss.

Price: from 13 500 rubles.