5 tricks from her makeup artist

Princess Diana, despite constant flights and conflicts in relations with her husband Prince Charles, looked perfect in public. Her strong character and, of course, impeccable makeup helped her not to show fatigue and bad mood. For many years, makeup artist Mary Greenwell worked with Diana, who compiled a set of rules for the princess when applying cosmetics. Remembering them on Lady Dee’s birthday (she could have turned 60 on July 1).

Pink or nude lipstick shades

Scarlet and dark brown shades are not the best option for a royal person. Also, these colors can accentuate tiredness on the face or an imperfect tone. Mary Greenwell has always chosen soft pink or nude tones for Princess Diana. “Pay attention to the texture: it should look as natural on the lips as possible, not be too shiny or too matte,” Lady Dee’s makeup artist told the British edition of Harper’s Bazaar.

Flawless complexion

Mary Greenwell advises to choose only those foundations that instantly merge with the skin color, look natural. For Lady Dee, she used matte foundations first, and then liquid ones. She also applied concealer to Diana’s skin: darker, like skin tone, in order to hide imperfections, and lighter – for the area around the eyes.

No contouring

Lady Dee’s makeup artist doesn’t favor contouring. According to her, it does not suit everyone, and in some cases does not hide, but, on the contrary, emphasizes the shortcomings. Only occasionally did the makeup artist apply bronzing powder to the princess’s cheekbones. And for this she used a wide brush, moving from the middle of the ear to the corner of the mouth. This technique gave freshness to the image, and also visually made the face narrower.

Cream blush

If the princess wanted to use blush, then Greenwell chose exclusively creamy textures, which, in her opinion, look much more natural on the skin. And Mary applied blush with her finger, not with a brush, shading them well.

Beige or brown shades

For special occasions, Mary Greenwell used black, brown or blue eyeliner for her client, but always used eyeshadow in natural beige or brown tones. An important rule of thumb is to blend the eyeshadow well to create a smoky eye makeup effect.

Also, the makeup artist always applied black voluminous mascara to Lady Dee’s eyelashes. First, she painted over the roots of the eyelashes, and then (with a second layer) applied mascara along the entire length.