collected the main beauty trends of this summer

This summer, we take an example from fashion bloggers, models and stars: we dye our hair red, weave thin braids, draw colored arrows and do not forget to apply self-tanning to the body! – about these and other trends of the season that are worth repeating.


Experts have long been sounding the alarm: Excessive sun exposure is hazardous to health! And the stars now and then share personal stories about how dearly they paid for a beautiful tan in their youth. Recently, actress Brooke Shields stated that due to the abuse of ultraviolet light in her youth, she was faced with a precancerous diagnosis (read about this here). And now she advises everyone to apply products with SPF at any time of the year, and if you need a tan, use self-tanners and bronzers.

By the way, self-tanning products that leave streaks or yellow spots are a thing of the past. Now many brands have really good products that give an even and beautiful olive tone.

In the photo from left to right: Easy Tan self-tanning napkins, N. 1, 365 rubles; water for the face, giving a light tanning shade, Face Tan Water, Bali Body, 4300 rubles; auto bronzant-mousse for the body Develop, St Moriz, 1225 rubles; self-tanner for the face, Sisley, 10 675 rubles.

Green manicure

Nude shades are already classics. Kate Middleton, for example, cannot do without them. But, if not for the royal protocol, this summer she would probably paint her nails in bright colors, like all bloggers. This, firstly, cheers up (which is very necessary in our time), and, secondly, it looks very stylish. All shades of green are especially relevant now – emerald, jade, herbal, light green, khaki. And if you want to be different from the majority, choose blue and orange – these tones in manicure are also often found on Instagram.

In the photo from left to right: nail polish, shade How Does Your Zen Gardern Grow, OPI, 630 rubles; nail polish, Summer Edition, shade 773, Feeling Just, Essie, 694 RUB .; nail polish, shade 502, Rush Hour, Dior, 2090 RUB .; nail polish, shade Noot, Zoya, 880 rubles; nail polish, shade Invite Only, Orly, 595 rubles.

Red hair

One of the first in red (very, by the way, unexpectedly!) Gigi Hadid repainted. But it is interesting that the model decided on this under the inspiration of the series “Queen’s Move”, or rather its main character Beth Harmon. After Gigi, other celebrities began to decide on a fiery shade – Ciara, Sophie Turner, Elizabeth Olsen. And a few days ago, Charlize Theron appeared with red curls. True, only for the sake of the role of a witch in the new Netflix project “School of Good and Evil”.

Photos from left to right: @ciara, @gigihadid, @charlizeafrica

Thin braids around the face

If we talk about the trends in hair this summer, then you cannot do without thin braids around the face. In this case, the hair in this case can be left loose or collected in a ponytail or bun. And put aside the thought that this hairstyle is not suitable for girls in their 30s. The fact that fashion has no age limit has already been shown by 39-year-old blogger Angela Rosas Sais and 54-year-old actress Halle Berry.

Photos from left to right: @halleberry, @madamederosa

More hairstyle ideas with braids around the face look here

Colored arrows

And now we come to the makeup. Face shields are still needed, so the eye-focusing make-up continues to lead. But in the summer we make the image lighter and brighter: instead of shadows, we choose liners for the arrows, and replace black and brown with yellow, orange, pink, blue or light green. For special occasions, mix several shades in the arrow at once and lead it to the line of the temple.

Photo from left to right: waterproof eyeliner, Solar Pulse, Givenchy, 1695 rubles; stick with eyeliner and shadows, Diorshow, shade 1 Gold / Vlue, Dior, 2730 rubles; glitter eyeliner, shade Roxy, Urban Decay, 1890 RUB .; eyeliner Epic Wear Liner, shade 22 Intense Teal, NYX Professional Make Up, 620 rubles; eyeliner Salute Slide & Stay Eyeliner, shade “copper-pink”, OK Beauty, 790 rubles; eyeliner, shade 137, 3INA, 1270 rubles,